Why Cassandra Shahinfar Should Win This Season of Big Brother Canada

Why Cassandra Shahinfar Should Win This Season of Big Brother Canada

It’s final four time in the Big Brother Canada house and one fantastic contestant, Cassandra Shahinfar (pictured above in the middle), has taken the season by storm and is now the front runner to win it all.

Talking Tactics

Cassandra has been the standout surprise of this season of Big Brother Canada. Her outgoing personality and hilarious demeanor have caught the attention of viewers around the globe, but what really sets Cassandra apart from her fellow contestants, is her strategic mind. Like the other clever players of this season of Big Brother Canada, Cassandra started the game off by not picking a side and riding the middle. For the first five weeks, there were two warring factions in the BBCAN Grand. Jared, Raul, and Kelsey were on one side of this warring faction and Dallas, Loveita, Ramsay and Maddy were on the other side. These two sides constantly fought for power inside the house, while the rest of the contestants, also known as the ‘Mighty Middle’, let them duke it out until most of these contestants named above had eliminated each other, leaving the large group in the middle still intact. After the Dallas elimination, the so called Mighty Middle began to dissolve and a new alliance was formed by Casandra. Cassandra pulled in her two best friends in the house, Tim Dormer (pictured above on the right) and Joel Lefebvre (not in the picture) to form the Threak Show. Everybody knew that Cass was friends with Tim and Joel but no one knew that they were working together as a three-person alliance. While this new alliance was being formed, there were still bigger fish to fry in the house and Cassandra remained open to everyone’s ideas. Cassandra maintained relationships with every single person left in the house at final nine, which is something that can’t be said about anyone else other than Joel. In fact, every single person in the final nine, trusted Cassandra and came to her constantly for advice on what to do in the game. Maintaining relationships with your fellow houseguests is absolutely essential to avoid being on the block and to winning the game.

Remaining Under The Radar

The under the radar strategy is probably the most popular strategy used in Big Brother Canada. For the first nine weeks of Big Brother Canada, Cassandra perfected the under the radar strategy and was never in any real danger of going home, even when she was on the block as the target in week three. But when day 57 rolled around in the BBCAN Grand, it was finally time for Cassandra to step out of the shadows and start making a push to win the million dollar prize, and push she did. Thanks to her father, Cassandra won week 9’s HOH Competition and unlike the previous two HOH’s, Maddy and the Brothers, Cassandra actually had a plan, which was to put up Brothers Nick & Phil as the target and then international wildcard, Nikki, as the pawn. But after the brothers won the POV competition, Cassandra was forced to put up King Jared as the new target. Unsurprisingly, Jared, who was the biggest target left in the house, went home, which left Cassandra’s alliance with all the power in the house. For weeks and weeks, houseguests were trying to get Jared out of the house, but none of them could do it. Cassandra can now say to the jury that she was the one who got the biggest threat to win this game, out of the game. At the following HOH competition, Phil & Nick won, and foolishly put up Tim and Nikki. Cassandra then won the POV and took her strongest ally off of the block which ended up resulting in Nikki going home after Joel was named the replacement nominee. Now Jared and Nikki both walk into the jury house and back to back, they say to the rest of the jury, ‘Cassandra was responsible for eliminating me’. The jury now knows who is in control of this game.

The Final Push 

This past week, things were really looking bad for Cassandra and her alliance. Tim and Cassandra were up on the block together and one member of the Threek Show was definitely going to be going home. After Tim won POV, Joel was named as the replacement nominee, and Cassandra began wheeling and dealing and working her magic to send Joel home instead of her. Cassandra used Joel’s insecurities against him, so much so that he even considered self-evicting. Then Cassandra convinced the whole house that Joel was equally culpable for getting Jared out of the house and that Joel was the bigger threat to win the game. Moreover, thanks to the good relationships that Cassandra had built throughout the game, Kelsey saw her as someone she could still potentially work with and so she decided to keep Cass. Shockingly, Cassandra’s magic worked yet again, and Joel was sent packing. Now Cassandra sits pretty in the final four with her best ally, Tim, the more likely target to go home this week. If Cassandra can just win the final competition at final three, or work her magic once more, she will win this season of Big Brother Canada and just might go down in the history books as one of the greatest winners of this game.

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