Castaways Most Likely to Return to Survivor from Kaoh Rong and Second Chance

With Survivor 33 on the horizon and Survivor 34 being confirmed as an all star season, the recent seasons of Kaoh Rong and Second Chance should provide a heavy amount of the cast. With both of these seasons being so amazing, there are several contestants from both seasons that could get a return some day. Here are the contestants most likely to return from the past two seasons of Survivor.

Kaoh Rong 

5. Julia Sokolowski 

With Julia Sokolowski being only nineteen when she played, she still has a lot of game left in her and could do even better on a second chance. She was probably the best teenager the show has ever had and certainly has the ability to create drama as well as pull off some big moves and provide for good TV.

4. Debbie Wanner

Debbie was one of the most original characters the show have ever had. She had her high and low moments in the game and for a couple of episodes was absolutely the star of the show. Debbie was incredibly entertaining to watch with amazing confessionals and hilarious moments throughout the season. She also had quite a bit of strategic sharpness to her and proved herself to be an astute player in the Liz vote. If Debbie wants to come back, she’ll be back, but the tough thing is knowing if she truly would want to return to Survivor or not.

3. Aubry Bracco 

The show obviously feels incredibly bad that Aubry lost the season. Kaoh Rong told the story of how Aubry won the game, even though Michele was the winner. That must have been hard for her to take. She was funny, she gave killer confessionals with amazing metaphors and her social and strategic game was second to none in Kaoh Rong. Aubry is pretty much a certainty to return for season 34 and hopefully she can take her game to the next level and win this time.

2. Caleb Reynolds 

In the first four episodes of Survivor Kaoh Rong, Caleb was presented to us as a hero and hero he was. The man gave everything in challenges, so much so that he nearly killed himself trying to get salt and pepper for his tribe. After his shocking and emotional medical evacuation from nearly dying of heat exhaustion, he’s definitely coming back. Immediately after he was taken away by helicopter we were presented with a black screen saying: “Caleb is fully recovered, is 100% healthy and hopes to play again”. Then in his final words at the end of the episode he said “It’s one of them experiences I would honestly do again”. With all the hints that CBS gave us and just the sheer nature of his personality, Caleb will be back to Survivor, no question. Even if it’s not for season 34, it’ll happen sometime very soon.

1. Tai Trang 

Production loves him, the fans love him, Sia loves him, everybody loves him! Tai Trang was the most popular player of the season by far. His lovable personality and adorable connection with Mark the Chicken gave fans every reason to cheer for him throughout the season. Tai is the type of person that would have definitely reflected about his game time since returning from Cambodia and he’ll definitely be eager to correct all of his mistakes. Although not the best player strategically, he’s certainly entertaining and was far and away the fan favourite. He will definitely be back on Survivor, probably even more than once. Like Debbie and Aubry, Tai is one of the shortlisted castaways for Survivor 34 and he’s almost certainly going to get on. But also, if there’s ever a Heroes vs. Villains 2 count him as a lock for the heroes tribe.

Second Chance

5. Terry Deitz 

After waiting so long to return to Survivor, Terry Deitz’s stint in Cambodia was cut short in when he had to leave the game due to his son being in critical condition back home. Now that his son Danny is all better, Terry would certainly be on the producers minds as someone to bring back in the near future. He’s a challenge beast, a workhorse around camp and he’s just a lovable guy with a great return story already written for him.

4. Kelley Wentworth 

Kelley Wentworth was the star of Survivor Second Chance and emerged as one of the best players the show has ever seen. Even though it would have been tough for her to win, she had so many incredible moments and game-play moves that the audience saw her as the most likely winner throughout the season. Being a student of the game, an amazing player and a beautiful woman who gives great confessionals, CBS and Survivor would absolutely love to have her back. Kelley would without a doubt be eager to return as well and she almost certainly will be back someday. Hopefully she can even win this time.

3. Ciera Eastin 

Being one of the greatest female villains ever on Survivor is certainly going to help Ciera’s case to get back on the show. She’s destined to come back for Season 34 but if for some reason she doesn’t make the final cut, expect her to also be a lock for a Heroes vs. Villains 2 just like Tai. She’s not the best player ever, but she’s amazing television as she’s never afraid to back down and always puts up a fight against those that oppose her. She’s definitely fun to watch and although Season 34 might be too soon to bring her back, her return looks inevitable at this point.

2. Joe Anglim 

Joe Anglim has two things going for him in his quest to return to Survivor. First of all, he’s one of the greatest challenge competitors of all time and the story-line of the beginning of the merge in both of his seasons revolved around him winning challenges. The other thing that is going to help Joe a lot is his massive public following. As a dreamy guy, who children aspire to be like and woman want to be with, he’s one of the most popular players ever and will certainly be back to Survivor someday, possibly even multiple times.

1. Jeff Varner 

Jeff Varner was the star of the first four episodes of Survivor Second Chance and what a fun first four episodes they were with him being an amazing narrator and such a shrewd player. After waiting fifteen years to get his shot to play Survivor again, Jeff will probably not even have to wait one more year before he’s given his third chance to play. As one of the most likely contestants to return to Survivor for Season 34 from the shortlist, he’ll certainly be back soon. Hopefully this time he can even make the merge. We’re rooting for you Jeff!


There it is! The most likely contestants to return to Survivor from two of the greatest seasons of all time, Second Chance and Kaoh Rong. Hopefully all of these players will be back some day and in terms of Survivor 34 we simply can’t wait!

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