Casting Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 2

Season 20 of Survivor, Heroes vs. Villains, was the best season ever. Hardly anyone ever argues with this opinion, so much so that it’s practically a fact. Ever since season twenty, fans have been longing for this classic theme to return. As of March 5th, 2017 these are the twenty players that I would cast for a Heroes vs. Villains 2 if I was a producer of the show. Enjoy!


Jeremy Collins 

Everything Jeremy did out in Survivor Second Chance was for his family. That sounds like a hero to me! We also can’t forget his job as a firefighter, his work ethic in the game and how he won Second Chance in a respectable, clean manner in which he didn’t burn any bridges and won all ten jury votes. Amazing player and amazing hero of the game!

Joe Anglim 

Joe makes camp life amazing. He goes out of his way to build amazing hammocks, make fires without flint and make camp life fun and enjoyable. He’s also one of the greatest ever challenge competitors and he’s someone that both the fans and the players love.

Mike Holloway 

Mike Holloway is the only player to ever win his way to the end and then actually win the game. After Joe was voted out, Mike went on a series of impressive immunity wins to keep himself alive and then did what Terry Deitz couldn’t do and took himself to the end based solely on his performance in challenges. He also has that blue-collar, “I’ll give a hundred and fifty thousand percent” type attitude that you can’t help but admire.

Keith Nale 

Keith is just kind of there, having a good time, doing his thing, not really worrying about the game and everyone loves him for it. He also came desperately close to winning San Juan del Sur after a series of incredible challenge wins and just has a fun, lovable attitude about life that everyone can admire.

Earl Cole

Earl was just a fun-loving dude who didn’t even really know the game of Survivor before he played it. He was sociable, well liked by all, and just spoke with such a calm, relaxing, voice about everything. He easily won Survivor Fiji, sweeping nine/nine votes to win without any blood on his hands at all. That’s a hero for ya.

Aubry Bracco 

You simply just can’t dislike Aubry Bracco. Her fun-going energy, amazing social skills, bold strategic play and hilarious dance moves warmed the hearts of America and the rest of the world and it was devastating to many when she didn’t win her season. Aubry Bracco is the hero of her season even if she didn’t win and it seems like any fan around the world can find a different way to relate to her. After having a meltdown on day one on the island, Aubry turned into an assured and dominant force on the season, going toe-to-toe with Kyle Jason in an individual physical challenge, leading the charge from a strategic standpoint and leading her alliance all the way until the end of the game. But it wasn’t just Aubry’s amazing gameplay that won her millions of fans worldwide, it was also her beautiful way with words, ability to take the game by the scruff of the neck and tough demeanor in challenges that won her a deserved place high up in Survivor folklore. Aubry Bracco is a hero of this game and should be the first player that Survivor call on a Heroes vs. Villains 2.

Kim Spradlin 

Kim is one of the greatest winners of this game ever and even though she eliminated people in a flashy way, they all still respected her for it and voted for her in the end which is definitely the trait of a hero. She’s just so incredibly nice and has this uncanny ability to get every single person to trust and respect her even though she was so dangerous. She also won four immunity challenges and was by far the most likable person on her season. She’s one of the greatest winners of this game and managed to win in a relatively clean way despite playing one of the best strategic and social games of all time and that to me, makes her a hero.

Danni Boatwright

Danni Boatwright is just such a sweetheart. In Guatemala, everyone trusted her and everyone loved her, which is why she won the final vote 6-1. Danni overcame a 5-1 numbers disadvantage in which she was the one, won a couple of challenges, made strong social bonds and then took herself to the end. She’s definitely a hero and she’s definitely someone that needs to return as soon as possible.

Denise Stapely 

Denise went to every single tribal council in her season, and avoided being the person voted off every single time, only to somehow win the game despite never being the one in control of the situation. To be able to avoid the vote every single time is incredible an it’s what makes her a great winner and hero of this game. She also works hard in challenges, works hard around camp and is very sociable and likable to the extent where everyone wants to keep her around. Definitely a hero.

Natalie White

Maybe I’m crazy, but I want to see Natalie White back on Survivor. She won the game in such an amazing way against Russell and I’d be really interested to see how well she would do on a second go. Natalie’s a hero because she talks with such a sweet and soft voice and everyone always wants to trust everything she says. She makes incredible social bonds with the members of Galu while Russell alienates every single one of them and then she triumphs over the evil Russell. I don’t think CBS is ever going to give her the chance to play again but I’d love to see her if she was ever given that chance.


Tony Vlachos 

Tony might be the only true Survivor villain to ever win. Tony voted off every single person he was ever aligned with and proved to be only loyal to himself as he navigated his way to the end of the game by constantly changing who his closest allies were. He was also able to use fear and intimidation to ensure he was never the one going home, like walking around camp wearing his super-powered immunity idol. He then absolutely ripped Kass to shreds when he spoke llama to her during the finale and somehow managed to manipulate Woo into taking him to the end. Tony is the definition of a villain and should definitely return for a second go at the game in Heroes vs. Villains 2.

Chris Daugherty

Although Chris was an underdog that overcame one of the greatest odds to win Survivor, he was still probably more villainous than heroic. He lied to every single one of the women and manipulated them all into somehow taking him further in the game. He also made this huge alliance of older men at the start of the game to keep himself safe and then had a hand in voting most of them out. The way that Chris was able to create chaos in a group of seven women certainly gives him his name as a villain and he’s also one of the few great winners that hasn’t returned.

Todd Herzog

Todd Herzog is probably the greatest ever old school winner that hasn’t returned. Todd was amazing in China, making strong social bonds with several different people just to vote them all off and keep along only those that he was truly loyal to, Amanda and Courtney. Eliminating James, a strong ally with two idols in his pocket, was certainly a villainous move. Other than that he doesn’t do anything incredibly villainous besides talk not so nicely about people behind their backs in confessionals. He’s certainly still an amazing winner and villain of this game though and hopefully some day he returns.

Rodney Lavoie Jr. 

Although Rodney didn’t do anything extremely villainous in his season, but he still certainly falls under the Villain category. He probably would have blown the million dollars in Las Vegas had he won for example. He just so many different characteristics that make him a villain. First, Rodney lied about being a furniture mover when he was actually a contractor cause he didn’t want people to know that he was “a hustler” and he got into a few spats with Mike over firewood and then over who the real “flipper” was. Then he refused to vote for Mike and voted for Will Sims of all people. He also gave hilarious impressions of other players and had a few slightly misogynistic comments in the game. He just kind of talks in a villainous way and him constantly complaining about how he didn’t win any rewards, even on his “damn birthday” doesn’t help his title as a villain either. Unless some better male villains come along in the future, Rodney certainly makes my cast.

Brian Corridan 

I know this isn’t going to be the most popular choice. Some of you are probably even saying “who?”. But Brian Corridan is possibly the best pre-merge player of all time and it’s a mystery to me how he hasn’t returned. His game-play in Guatemala was masterful and his incredible “Bait Blake” was an incredible piece of Survivor strategy that still hasn’t been used ever again despite there being multiple times where someone could have done it. Brian was cast on the show to be the villain of the season and he certainly didn’t disappoint. If he ever returns, he’ll probably do amazingly well as he has all the tools that a good Survivor player and villain needs.

Natalie Anderson 

Natalie Anderson is absolutely incredible. She’s one of those that could be classified as either a hero or a villain. She made bold strategic moves (trait of a villain) while also making enormously strong social bonds while keeping in good faith with the jury (trait of a hero). I’m going to classify her as a villain though because of those amazing moves she made. Natalie made three incredible moves on her way to the end, blindsiding Alec, Jon and Baylor before winning the game 7-2-1. The Alec and Baylor moves weren’t even really necessary, but she did them to advance her own position in the game and give the jury two more reasons to vote for her. Natalie is the person I want to see back on Survivor the most and no matter which tribe she’s on she’s going to do well.

Natalie Bolton 

Natalie Bolton has been on the shortlist for every single All Star season since she left the beach in Micronesia, yet she still hasn’t returned. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that she hasn’t returned when people like Sarah Lacina and Sierra Thomas are going to be given another shot at Survivor 34. Natalie is a one of a kind. She manipulated Erik into giving up his immunity idol, so that the others could vote him out. She also manipulated Jason into thinking he was safe, just so it would be that much sweeter when they voted him out with an idol in his pocket. She is savvy, gives amazing confessionals, and so good at this game. What makes her a villain? Her horrifyingly graphic confessionals like “It would be brilliant for Jason to go out just like Ozzy, blindsided, no idea what’s hitting his face, flossing my teeth with his jugular”. Natalie Bolton is incredible, one of my favourite players of all time and I really hope she gets her chance to play Survivor again someday.

Kelley Wentworth 

Kelley Wentworth is just about one of the savviest Survivor contestants of all time. She could fit into either the Heroes or the Villains category but I’m classifying her as a villain because of her impressive idol plays and cutthroat attitude towards the game where she’s not afraid to eliminate anyone at all. She’s certainly an incredible player and strategist and she’s destined to return to Survivor sometime very soon.

Ciera Eastin 

Ciera is a villain because she’s not afraid to go against anyone or anything that opposes her. She voted out her mom and forced a rock draw, knowing that she could very well end up being the one that would go home. She also constantly fought for her place in the game of Survivor, refusing to roll with the punches and go along with Andrew Savage’s way of thinking. She was probably single-handedly responsible for voting off Woo in Cambodia and Katie in Blood vs. Water and is definitely a great female villain.

Kass McQuillen 

At first I was nervous about putting Kass, Kelley and Ciera all on the same tribe due to their Cambodian connection. But I just can’t leave out any of these three women including Chaos Kass. Kass is possibly the greatest ever female villain. She even has the word “chaos” in her nickname, to tell you a little about the way she played the game. At the merge of Cagayan, Kass flipped on a massive alliance of six other people to go with a different alliance of six other people, making every single one of them loathe her in the game. She also gave Trish the finger on her way out of the game and pissed Tony off so much that he spoke llama to her. Kass is a true Survivor villain and even though she’d likely be one of the first out, she definitely should be brought back just in case she could go far and create some more chaotic moments.

Just Missed Out: 
Kathy Vavrick O’Brien (Hero)
Adam Klein (Hero)
Jay Starett (Hero)
Yul Kwon (Hero)
Abi Maria-Gomes (Villain)
Marty Piombo (Villain)

So there it is! My cast for Heroes vs. Villains 2! Hopefully this is an actual season that happens some day! With this cast, I think this would end up being one of the best seasons of all time. What do you think? Who’s missing? Let me know below!

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