What Happens In Survivor All Stars if Amber Goes Home Instead of Jerri

None of this would have happened if it weren’t for that tribe swap. But, the tribe swap ensued and Amber, Rob’s closest ally was sent to Chapera, away from all of her allies and with a group of people that were seemingly against her. The moment Chapera lost the immunity challenge, Rob knew Amber would be the intended target, so as a last ditch effort he pulled Lex aside and told him “if you keep her around I’ll help you out later in the game”. So at the vote, Lex and Kathy decided to keep Amber and vote off Jerri instead, in the hope that they’ll be able to create a powerful foursome with Boston Rob.

But Rob immediately goes back on his word and Lex and Kathy immediately become the first two voted out after the merge. This move by Rob is still one of the most talked about moments in Survivor history. In the episode after Jerri goes home, “A Thoughtful Gesture or a Deceptive Plan”, Lex is adamant that he would have had the numbers had he sent Amber home instead of Jerri. But what really would have happened if Amber had gone home instead of Jerri that night?

Well, let’s start off by taking a look at who would have been left in the game. Jerri was voted out just before the merge, which meant that when the two tribes reconvened after her elimination, Amber was able to go back with Rob and his allies. But if Amber had been voted out, now there’s one less number for Rob, and one more number for Lex. Here’s how the two different alliances would have looked had Amber gone home instead of Jerri.

Rob’s Alliance (5)
Big Tom

Lex’s Alliance (4)
Shii Ann

That’s right, despite the math that Lex had done in his head, Rob would have had the numbers to advance in the game, with a five-four numbers advantage. After Amber goes home, Lex goes home, then Kathy, then Jerri, then Alicia or Shii Ann. In this scenario, Jenna Lewis is given more power and can try and pull in Alicia, but Rob still has Big Tom and persuading Rupert to go against Rob might have been difficult to achieve. In this hypothetical scenario, Tom Buchanan or Jenna Lewis become Rob’s new Amber and depending on who he goes up against, Rob might actually win, especially since he would have never broken any deal with Lex and Kathy.

The main difference in this alternate scenario is that Amber obviously wouldn’t be the winner, and in her place is possibly Jenna Lewis but possibly Rob himself, you never know! So despite this being one of the most historic moments in Survivor history, it actually doesn’t change all that much in the grand scheme of things. In reality, Rob probably still loses the game in second place, Lex and Kathy probably still get voted first out at the merge and the boot order is relatively the same, just the season ends with a different, possibly not as worthy winner in Jenna. So there we have it, Jerri’s elimination in Survivor All Stars probably doesn’t actually change all that much besides who the winner of the game is. It just gives us one of the best and most memorable TV moments in the history of the show and gives us Amber Brkich as the winner of Survivor All Stars.

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