Conspiracy Theory Survivor Cambodia

Recently I had a revelation. Jeff Varner had a pre-game alliance with almost every single person on Ta Keo but with nobody on Bayon. This lead me to believe that Ta Keo was set up intentionally in Survivor Cambodia to force Jeff Varner to pick a side, knowing that he would create amazing drama out of doing so. This is illustrated by a video that CBS released before the season began:

This video not only revealed how big of a liar Vytas Baskuaskas is but also revealed the pre-game alliances that the Second Chance members had before the game even began. In this video, Spencer reveals that he has a pre-game alliance with Jeff Varner, Peih-Gee, Shirin and Kelley Wentworth. Jeff Varner then reveals that he has two pre-game alliances. He says that his main alliance is with Terry, Kelly Wigglesworth, Vytas and Shane Powers who did not make it on to the season. Then he reveals his secondary alliance to us which is the same alliance that Spencer gave reference to, involving the two of them with Shirin, Kelley Wentworth and Peih-Gee. You would usually think that with production knowing this information before the season began that they would split these contestants up to try and break them up from their pre-game alliances. Instead, the opposite happened as both of these alliances had every single one of it’s members put on Ta Keo. Why? Because Jeff Varner was part of both alliances. So knowing that this video was shot before the season began, before they were even at Ponderosa, reveals that production may very well have set this up, putting all of these people on the same tribe, along with two wildcards in Woo and Abi, to force Jeff Varner to pick a side. Now we go in to Ta Keo with a clear division, and Jeff Varner in the middle of all of it.

If this was intentional, it was an absolute knockout decision as the premiere of Cambodia was absolute gold. Jeff Varner wavered between both sides and then ultimately decided to go with the Spencer/Shirin group to blindside Vytas, only to go back to Terry and Kelly Wigglesworth’s group to take out Shirin the very next vote.

All and all, the set up of the Ta Keo tribe was almost certainly intentionally set-up to force Jeff Varner to pick a side between his two pre-game alliances and was a great decision as the premiere of Survivor Cambodia was one of the very best in the show’s history.

So what do you think? Do you think it was set up this way? What are your thoughts on pre-game alliances? Let me know below and check out some of my other articles! 🙂

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