Casting Survivor Winners vs. Runners Up

Is a Survivor Winners vs. Runners Up season plausible? Yes! In fact it is probably even more plausible than an all winners season. At least in a Winners vs. Runners Up season, the Runners Up have a shot at redemption, creating a great story-line as they come up against the very people that beat them the first time around. Also, it would end the fear of not enough winners agreeing to play again as most runners up are hungry and dying to play this game again. If this season was ever put into action, I don’t believe it would be most beneficial if they brought back the runners up and the people they lost to. So in other words, if they bring back Todd, they don’t need to bring back Courtney for a third time and Amanda for a fourth time. If they bring back Danni, we don’t need to see Stephanie again for a fourth time either. So with that out of the way, let’s get to it. If I was going to cast a season of Winners vs. Runners Up, this is who I would cast.


Kim Spradlin

One of the best players of all time who played one of the most dominant games of all time. She still hasn’t returned and could produce another masterclass in how to play Survivor if she were to ever return.

Jeremy Collins 

Another one of the most dominant winners of all time. Jeremy played the game with honesty and integrity and everyone loved him. Jeremy would go into the game with his heart set on winning, but wouldn’t be desperate to win. He would just remain, calm, cool and be able to always keep himself out of danger.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Would she be able to win a third time? My gut says no, but stranger things have happened. On top of her being one of the stealthiest players to play the game she’s also amazing TV and often gives hilarious confessionals. Sandra knows how to escape being voted off better than anyone else and it would be very interesting to see if she could win the game again.

Tony Vlachos

The craziest winner of all time. Tony is often referred to as a once in a lifetime Survivor player who would never be able to play the game the same way and win again. But what if he did return and what if he found the hidden immunity idol right away and what if he used it to create fear in everyone else just like he did the first time. Tony is one of the best winners of this game but pitting him against some of the other best players of all time would certainly be interesting to see if he truly belongs with the elite players of this game.

Parvati Shallow

One of my favourite contestants of all time and one of the great legends of this game. I’d doubt she’d say yes, but she’s certainly worth the call. Parvati dominated both Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains and many would argue that she should be the only two-time winner of this game and not Sandra. In both of her previous returns she was targeted right away but managed to escape and make it to the end of the game. Would she be able to do it again? That’s the main question and it would certainly be interesting to see.

Yul Kwon 

One of Survivor’s all time top strategists and greatest mathematicians. Although he wasn’t the most exciting winner, he was one of the best and it’s a little unfair that he hasn’t returned to the show yet given some of the other people that have. He likely wouldn’t be targeted at all in the game and might just be able to slide under the radar and win it all again.

Natalie Anderson

Another one of my all-time favourite players. I love Natalie Anderson with all my heart and was heartbroken that she didn’t make Survivor Season 34’s cast. She absolutely should return in this hypothetical season as she is not only one of the best winners of this game but one of the best players as well. She made three incredible moves in her post-merge explosion to win the game and would be one of the most likely contenders to win it all again.

Earl Cole 

Knew almost nothing about the show going into this season and then somehow waltzed to victory playing one of the most incredible and commanding games Survivor has ever seen. One of just four players to sweep all the jury votes and destined to do well again on another season as no one would see him as a threat.

Danni Boatwright  

One of the nicest contestants to ever play this game and an amazing winner. Everyone loved Danni in Guatemala and it showed as she overcame all odds to win the game by a 6-1 vote. What makes Danni even more interesting is that she is probably the winner who would be most likely to win again from this crop, as she could play the exact same under the radar game and secure all the votes just like she did the first time.

Todd Herzog 

One of the greatest all time players yet still somehow hasn’t returned. He should’ve been a lock for Heroes vs. Villains and should still be a lock for the Villains tribe if there’s ever a Heroes vs. Villains 2. He was incredible socially and strategically in China and has a way with words like none other. Could be a dangerous player to watch out for in this season.

Runners Up

Aubry Bracco 

Dominated Survivor Kaoh Rong and arguably should have won. Now she would be going into this season on a quest to prove why she is up there with the elite players and prove how good of a player she is. I think she’d be able to do it.

Woo Hwang

Hilariously fun TV and destined to do well in any given Survivor season. Solid in challenges and hopefully would have learned how to play the game after his poor performance in Second Chance.

Carolyn Rivera 

She’s now narrowly missed out on returning for two All Star seasons but there’s no reason why she should miss out a third time. Carolyn is one of the best finalists of all time and definitely would be able to avoid being targeted early on as she knows how to play the mother role and get the numbers around her.

Dreamz Herd

Highly underrated player and amazing TV, would make for an interesting return as he would have no doubt learned some valuable life lessons from the first time he played. No longer homeless but would likely still be willing to do anything for the million dollars. Would he be a goat or would he be a highly dangerous player this time around?

Chelsea Meissner 

Played a solid game in One World but was completely outshone by the amazing Kim Spradlin. She was able to feel safe the entire time she was on One World and thus didn’t focus enough on building personal bonds with other people. On a return, she’ll have likely learned from her mistakes and could do well once again.

Benjamin “Coach” Wade

One of the most hilarious and entertaining characters in the history of the show and after getting better and better with every passing season he might even just be able to win this time.

Jaclyn Schultz

Jacyln has potential to be a good Survivor player and a dark-horse to win in this hypothetical season. Could do even better without her boyfriend holding her back and she definitely would have taken notes from Natalie Anderson’s game and could come back looking to emulate her.

Spencer Bledsoe 

Narrowly gets on this season due to there being a lack of solid male finalists that lost the game. Spencer is certainly one of the best players to ever play the game and it would be interesting to see how he does on a third go around.

Neleh Dennis

Came so close to winning Survivor Marquesas as only a 21 year old. How she hasn’t returned already is a mystery to me and being such a likable and personable person she would likely do very well on a return.

Matthew Von Ertfelda

Known as the creepy-guy from Survivor Amazon, Matthew Von-Ertfelda would certainly be an interesting choice for a returnee. Although he wasn’t amazing TV, he was an interesting character in the sense that he didn’t understand how to play the game and was only on the show for the adventure. It would be interesting to see if he learned from his best bro Rob Cesternino and figured out how to play the game.


So there it is! There is my cast for Winners vs. Runners Up! Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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