Big Brother Canada’s Emmett Blois and Jillian MacLaughlin Headline a Diverse Amazing Race Canada 4 Cast

EMMETT AND JILLIAN ARE ON SEASON 4 OF THE AMAZING RACE CANADA! WHAT A SCOOP THIS IS! Given the success of Big Brother Canada and the recent decline of both The Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada this could increase viewership drastically! Obviously Jillian and Emmett are the headline act of the show, but there are many more teams to look forward to this season on the Amazing Race Canada. This cast actually looks amazing, it features a visually impaired man and his wife, a pair of single moms who have been friends for over 35 years and a fit lesbian couple that claim they are like Natalie and Meaghan! This cast looks amazing and I can truthfully say that I am really excited for this upcoming season of the Amazing Race Canada! Now on to the cast assessment….
Here are the 10 new teams for Season 4 of the Amazing Race Canada.

Joel and Ashley 

Joel (42) and Ashley (26) are a father/daughter duo from a town no one has ever heard of called Enoch Cree Nation. My inside source tells me that is somewhere in Alberta. They describe themselves as confident, fast learners and hard workers, which are three things that will definitely be beneficial to them on the show if they are true. They both look fit and ready to go and could be a dangerous team. Joel is actually Ashley’s stepfather and Ashley says that she had a rough childhood until Joel came in to the picture and changed her whole view on men and life. Joel has a fear of heights which definitely will have an impact on his performance in several road blocks while Ashley is afraid of bugs, which won’t matter one bit. Ashley is the current Mrs. Universe, and is the first Canadian and First Nations woman to win the title. I expect them to race hard, get really flustered in the heat of the moment but work well together as a team.

Claim They Are Most Like: Simi and Ope
Probably Are Actually Most Like: Neil and Kristin…but slightly better
Predicted Finish: 4th. Given how fit they look, they may just go farther than any father/daughter duo has ever gone on the show.

Anthony and Brandon 

Anthony (21) and Brandon (21) are a pair of best friends who currently reside in Windsor. The duo met only a year ago while working together as servers at a restaurant but have since grown extremely close. Anthony originally from Congo, seems really cool and upbeat, while Brandon’s claim to enjoy rapping may get really annoying if he decides to bring that to the show. They seem like really sweet guys though as they plan to use the money to help a co-worker buy a van for her niece who suffers from several chronic illnesses. Brandon is another one that may have a tough time with a few roadblocks as he claims to be afraid of heights. I expect them to be one of the top competitors in this race but they may just be prime targets at every U-turn. They also have the look of the type of guys that might just make one really bonehead decision that knocks them out of the race way too early. They should most-likely go far though.

Claim They Are Most Like: Mickey and Pete
Probably Are Actually Most Like: Gino and Jesse…but slightly worse
Predicted Finish: 2nd. I actually don’t have a good feeling about them, but this type of team usually makes it pretty far so I’m going to put them as my runners up.

Rita and Yvette 

Rita (23) and Yvette (23) are a pair of french-speaking twin sisters from Montreal.
They claim to owe a lot to their mother, who raised six daughters all on her own! With the money they plan on helping their mother retire in Congo, where their family originates, so that’s nice. They believe their biggest roadblock will be getting too much inside their own heads, and I agree. I expect them to just be in a constant sass war with each other and not get along well at all. Their best possible scenario is that they are like Amazing Race USA legends Natalie and Nadiya. The more likely scenario though is that they are a slightly worse version of Season 1’s somehow finalists, Vanessa and Celina. If for whatever reason they manage to make it far they may have a really tough time at roadblocks as Rita is afraid of heights and Yvette is afraid of large bodies of water. Given that pretty much 2 out of every 3 roadblocks has one of these elements they may be in serious trouble.

Claim They Are Most Like: Brent and Sean
Probably Are Actually Most Like: Vanessa and Celina.
Predicted Finish: 7th. They might have what it takes, but this type of team has a horrible track record in The Amazing Race Canada and I’m not sure they have what it takes to beat some of these teams.

Steph and Kristen

Steph (27) and Kristen (25) are former varsity softball athletes who are currently dating. This couple met years ago, but with Kristen on a scholarship in Pittsburgh and Steph in Detroit, it wasn’t until they reconnected after university that the sparks began to fly. At first they had to settle for a long distance relationship, but eventually Kristen persuaded Steph to move in with her in Toronto after she graduated law school. These two claim to be competitive by nature and as former varsity athletes, we can probably take that as canon. Steph and Kristen hope to prove that two women can win and would use the prize money to invest in a property together. If they were to be the first ever female winners of the Amazing Race Canada, I’m sure they would go down as one of the most popular teams of all time. They seem really amazing! Steph claims to only be afraid of snakes while Kristen is only afraid of sharks, so they should be fine to conquer any challenge with ease! Without even appearing on the race, they are already one of my favourites. They claim that they are most like Natalie and Meaghan and if that’s true, they could seriously not only be contenders to win it but will instantly be fan favourites. I expect them to work well as a team, not get into too many arguments and be really solid especially for the first few legs.

Claim They Are Most Like: Natalie and Meaghan
Probably Are Acutally Most Like: Natalie and Meaghan (fingers crossed!)
Predicted Finish: 3rd. If Jillian and Emmett weren’t on this season, Steph and Kristen may very well have been my winner pick. Instead, I predict that they will go all the way to the finals and will break the curse of lesbian couples going out early in the Amazing Race Canada. They look like one of the fittest teams and definitely look in it to win it, but I’m still not convinced they have what it takes to be like 2nd place finishers Natalie and Meaghan.

Julie and Lowell 

Julie (33) and Lowell (34) are a married couple from Lethbridge, Alberta who conquer obstacles in their every day life. Lowell suffers from Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and is legally blind. He has no peripheral vision, reduced central vision, and no vision in low light. Lowell has adjusted to decreasing sight his entire life and has found passion in sports. He is currently training to one day compete in the Paralympic Games. By participating in the race Lowell hopes to inspire others who suffer from visual impairment and travel with his kids before he goes fully blind. In their introduction on this team, CTV virtually said nothing about Julie, so Lowell is probably going to be the star man of this team and most likely will outshine his partner who seems really supportive and lovely in her own right. We do know that Julie is afraid of snakes, but even that is outshone by Lowell’s fear which is “Not being able to help my wife and kids because of my disability”. You have to love this team already. I expect them to be really sweet to each other and work really well as a team on the race. I think they may be slow on road blocks but could be a dangerous team.

Claim They Are Most Like: Jody and Cory
Probably Are Actually Most Like: Hamilton and Michaela
Predicted Finish: 6th. They look like they could go far but I’m predicting a Hamilton and Michaela type run where they go out far too early for what they could have accomplished. It will be fun to see how they cope with Lowell’s visual impairment though!

Anne and Tanya 

Anne and Tanya, both 40, are a pair of best friends who love wearing matching outfits.
They are both single moms and have been best friends for more than 35 years. They claim to have met after having a quarrel over a princess crown at the age of five. There will likely be more quarreling from these two to come on the race, which we should all look forward to. They both claim to be good at sports, and given their matching uniforms they probably are amazing at all sports to ever exist. For Anne and Tanya, crossing the finish line would mean helping secure their children’s future and “give them every opportunity possible” so they seem really nice at least. This positive pair intends to show Canada that 40 year-old single moms “can run The Amazing Race Canada and look good doing it!” Unfortunately, they will probably only be showing Canada that 40 year old single moms can run “The Amazing Race Canada” for a maximum of three legs. They most likely will be fun to watch during those first three legs though, so that’s a plus. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t expect them to make it far, but I’m certainly willing to be proven wrong.

Claim They Are Most Like: Mickey and Pete
Probably Are Actually Most Like: Dana and Amanda.
Predicted Finish: 8th. At first I had them last, until I saw a few other teams. They don’t look fit enough for the race to me but could have enough in the tank to stick around for longer than expected.

Stephane and Antoine 

Stephane (51) and Antoine (25) are a father/son duo from Montreal, Quebec. They are our second French Canadian team, highlighting our Canadian bilingualism and diversity. They claim to be emotional and humorous and we genuinely hope that they are as of right now, they look like one of our only contenders for humour at this point (not that this cast isn’t amazing). They claim to be confident and want to win at everything they do, which always goes down well on the race. BUT, I expect them to be a really nice pair of guys who will race hard and hopefully provide some humour. There best case scenario is that they are the next Brent and Seasn, but I think that’s probably a stretch. Antoine already reminds me of Mitch from Big Brother Canada 4 and if he’s anything like the super-smart house-guest, he’ll be a joy to watch. A little background information on this team, Stephane grew up without a consistent father figure in his life, which he says presented challenges for him when raising three children of his own. Antoine meanwhile claims to have faced his biggest challenge two years ago when he came out to his family and friends. Since coming out, Antoine and Stephane say their relationships has blossomed and has brought them closer together. They are probably already a lock to be one of the top three fan favourite teams. They claim to be most like Sukhi and Jinder, which is just like come on, nobody will ever be like Sukhi and Jinder on this show, don’t even tease us. We wish you were Sukhi and Jinder though…can Sukhi and Jinder just come back already? I actually do think they will be like Sukhi and Jinder in one way, which is that they’ll have the luck of getting last place on non-elimination legs. In conclusion, they’ll probably go decently far but will likely be at the bottom of the pack for the majority of the race…Stephane’s fitness from his picture looks a little bit of an issue.

Claim They Are Most Like: Sukhi and Jinder
Probably Are Actually Most Like: Brent and Sean…but slightly less funny.
Predicted Finish: 5th. They’ll go far and will have the luck of surviving by only finishing last on non-elimination legs until the final five.

Kelly and Kate 

Kelly (25) and Kate (25) are another pair of best friends who also like to wear matching outfits. The fact that Kelly and Kate are the first Asian female team probably doesn’t look so good on TAR Canada as we are now four seasons in, but better late than never! Kelly and Kate are close friends and business partners who share a love for fitness and competition. They both immigrated to Canada at the age of 11, and have endured their fair share of challenges with language and culture. They both grew up with strict, traditional Chinese families and as a result may be a little timid on the race. The animal that Kelly claims to be most like is a sloth, which is definitely not a good look for a show where you’re running around on your feet all day competing in challenges. I expect them to be hard workers but ultimately just not have what it takes to go far. I foresee a race to the mat in the first episode against the single moms and mother/daughter duo down below, where Kelly and Kate just narrowly beat both of them out to avoid elimination. Then in leg two, it will all be for nothing as they finish dead last by quite some margin. I don’t get the feeling that they’ll be entertaining or be on the race for very long at all.

Claim They Are Most Like: “No one, because we are so unique!”
(AKA They have never watched the show and were recruited to have a more female heavy season to ensure a female finally wins The Amazing Race Canada) 
Probably Are Actually Most Like: Shahla and Nabeela.
Predicted Finish: 9th. We still have no evidence that they have even seen the show before, they really don’t look set to do well in my opinion.

Frankie and Amy

Frankie (41) and Amy (25) are a mother daughter duo who love “spunky” pants, just check out that photo! After getting pregnant at 15, Frankie was kicked out of her house and forced to raise her daughter all on her own. Growing up Amy struggled with the perception of having a young mother, yet despite these challenges Frankie and Amy claim to now be closer than ever. They claim to have a role-reversal in their relationship where Frankie is the young, rash one and Amy is the mature, more conservative one. That will be fun to see in the first episode up until they get knocked out. Working in a hair salon, they have come accustomed to clients complaining about their boring lives, and have since become “masters of conversation”, I can’t stress how important this skill is to have on the Amazing Race Canada. When asked what animal they are most like Frankie said “mermaid” and Amy said “unicorn”, which, you know, is always good! Amy would probably do okay on Big Brother but unfortunately, this is Amazing Race Canada and they are the likeliest of contenders to be eliminated first.

Claim To Be Most Like: Tim and Tim
Probably Are Actually Most Like: Cormac and Nicole…but nowhere near as fit.
Predicted Finish: Last. Yeah, I don’t think we’ll be seeing too much of these two on the show, they’ll probably be out first.

Jillian and Emmett 

I can hardly contain my excitement right now as I write about Jillian and Emmett competing on Amazing Race Canada. Jillian, a 30 year old teacher and Emmett, a 28 year old Dairy farmer, are two of the most popular and best players from the first four seasons of Big Brother Canada. They are easily the favourites to win this race and I expect them to live up to that billing and bring home the $250,000 prize. In case you know nothing about them, Emmett from Gore, Nova Scotia and Jillian from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, met on Big Brother Canada Season 1 and started dating immediately after. They aligned with each other on Day 1 and made it all the way to the end of the game where Emmett finished in 3rd and Jillian was the winner of the season. While Emmett was a challenge beast, Jillian was the strategic mastermind of the season, so this duo could be as good as any female/male pairing ever on The Amazing Race and will likely fly through every single challenge. The biggest concern with Jillian and Emmett is being perceived as strong competitors by their fellow cast-mates if people recognize them from Big Brother. The teams could easily band together to take out this strong duo at a u-turn like what happened to Brodie & Kurt on the most recent season of the Amazing Race USA. Also, being exes is certainly not the easiest type of relationship to go into the Amazing Race with but exes actually tend to do well (Everyone’s favourite Tim and Marie for example). They are also both deathly afraid of heights and might have a similar problem to other teams on those kind of road blocks. However, they seriously are the real deal and very well could end up winning this season.

Claim They Are Most Like: No One Else
(Probably true but still not the best choice, at least say Mickey and Pete like everyone else who doesn’t know what to say)
Probably Are Actually Most Like: Flo and Zach (From Amazing Race USA 3).
Predicted Finish: Winners! They have the capabilities to dominate every single challenge and will likely get along well enough to fly through any obstacle that stands in their way.

Predicted Finish For First Leg

10th Frankie and Amy
9th Anne and Tanya
8th Kelly and Kate
7th Julie and Lowell
6th Rita and Yvette
5th Stephane and Antoine
4th Anthony and Brandon
3rd Joel and Ashley
2nd Steph and Kristen
1st Jillian and Emmett

Predicted Finish For Season 

10th Frankie and Amy
9th Kelly and Kate
8th Anne and Tanya
7th Rita and Yvette
6th Julie and Lowell
5th Stephane and Antoine
4th Joel and Ashley
3rd Steph and Kristen
2nd Anthony and Brandon
1st Jillian and Emmett


I alluded to it earlier but there are 7 males compared to 13 females on this cast. This is also the first season of TAR Canada without a gay male team, but luckily we still at least have one gay male, Antoine. This seems suspicious and is most likely CTV trying to ensure we do have a female winner of this show in case it flames out and goes off air soon. It took Amazing Race USA just three seasons to have their first female winner, famous Flo Pesenti from Flo & Zach, so Amazing Race Canada is definitely a season behind on that front. Jillian and Emmett could very well be the Flo and Zach of Amazing Race Canada (albeit Flo is a one of a kind crazy character) and could win this season. Having said all that, this cast is really diverse and does have a wide variety of people from all different walks of life, which is always fun to see. I am really looking forward to this Season of the Amazing Race Canada, and can’t wait for Premiere night, June 28, 2016. WOOO GO AMAZING RACE CANADA!

Who do you think will do well? What are your thoughts on this cast? Let me know in the comment section below!

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