The Amazing Race Canada 4 Episode 2 Recap: Deal Guys? Deal! Deal!

Amazing Race Canada 4 is starting off by hitting all the right notes. Episode 2 was another entertaining and high-pressure filled episode with good challenges and a few funny moments.

The Challenges

The challenges have been amazing so far. The first challenge of the episode was to scale down the Calgary Tower, a 191 metre-tall building in Calgary. Although it was probably horrifying, it didn’t take that much physical strength if any at all and no one had any trouble with it. It was still an amazing shot though and could have troubled someone with a greater fear of heights.

The second challenge was even cooler and was my favourite of the episode. Not only did teams have to navigate around the city of Calgary, they also had to chase around a bus and look for a musician and they also had to constantly ask strangers for help on where the bus was going next, adding a different element to the difficulty of the challenge. Steph and Kristen and Jillian and Emmett unsurprisingly finished the first two challenges in the lead, making for an interesting scene to come.

Then we got to our first detour of the season, Sim or Swim. Swim involved no swimming at all and instead involved corralling fish. The teams that finished this challenge quickly were able to finish the leg quickly. Sim meanwhile involved operating a crate around a set of obstacles. This challenge seemed to be a more daunting task as even though Joel and Ashley arrived at Sim around the same time that Stephane and Antoine arrived at Swim, the father-daughter duo finished well behind the father-son pair.

This was not the most entertaining detour in Amazing Race Canada history. Besides Jillian and Emmett yelling at each other in Swim, neither detour provided much entertainment at all. In fact in Sim it looked like one partner was just standing there watching the other one operate the crate. YAWN! Both challenges looked like they would be fun and interesting to do, but didn’t provide a lot of entertainment.

Strategy – The Good

After leading the entire beginning of the leg, Jillian and Emmett and Steph and Kristen decided to go to the extra challenge to get to the Express Pass. But after arriving in their taxi, the moment they saw the Detour card they smartly decided to abandon the extra task to get the Express Pass and decided to move straight on to the Detour. It is possible that Steph and Kristen did not see that Detour card as well but it is good that they stuck it out and got the express pass rather than going all that way just to turn around. In the end, it was a win-win for both teams. Not going for the express pass allowed Jillian and Emmett to finish their detour before some teams even arrived at the place, and allowed them to finish in first place again. Steph and Kristen meanwhile ended up avoiding elimination and finishing 6th and they now have a couple of express passes in their back pockets to use to their advantage. As long as they don’t give the other Express Pass to Jillian and Emmett, they should be fine to bounce back from this and get back in that top three.

Strategy – The Bad

Oh Rita and Yvette. Clearly not the sharpest tools in the shed. They got so confused about finding the bus early on that they asked a Help operator where the bus was going to be. I’m not even sure if they actually even did what they were supposed to do to find that bus in the end. The teams were supposed to “Follow the bus on social media” and we never saw them actually do that. Nonetheless, that slow-up ended up killing their hopes of doing well in the leg and for the rest of their time in Calgary they were just playing catch-up. But that wasn’t the end of it. Choosing the detour that no one else was doing could have been enough to save them but then after already going there and then switching when they were already so far behind, they ended up being in a race for last with Kelly and Kate. Rita and Yvette only ended up beating the Fitness Gym girls by being slightly faster running up a set of stairs. They got extremely lucky, but not as lucky as Kelly and Kate who were saved from elimination by the leg being a pre-determined non-elimination leg.

The Cast

All these teams are so polite and kind! There are no villains this season! No Pierre and Michel, not an even a slightly devious team like Brian and Cynthia. The moment Jillian and Emmett thought they did something wrong to Steph and Kristen they almost got sad about it! Oh well, that provides a much cleaner race where nobody gets screwed over badly like Frisbee boys, in Amazing Race USA 29 or the Abby and Ryan double u-turn screw over in Amazing Race USA 22. I’m really enjoying the cast overall. The diversity in the cast is good, there’s a mix of explosive personalities and relaxed people just having a good time enjoying the race. The one difference that is evident this time around is that there is so far, no clear team of funny guys. Season 1’s Jet and Dave were two of the funniest guys on any show in reality TV history. Season 2’s Mickey and Pete were adorable, fun to root for and hilarious guys just having a good time, not to forget about Sukhi and Jinder’s hilarious brother-sister dynamic and not amazing skills at the race that provided some amazing TV moments. Meanwhile, season 3’s Brent and Sean were just so upbeat and kind to everyone that they were fun and funny to watch. I don’t know where the humour is coming from so far this season. I had fun laughing at Jillian when she said “Deal!” to Steph and Kristen ten times in a row and then again when Jillian and Emmett were freaking out at each other over something so minor but it was no “CORY CHECK THE CANNONS!” from Season 1 that gets me cracking up just from writing it. Hopefully someone like, Stephane and Antoine can start to show their humour and provide some more entertainment.

Who Finished Where? 

9th Kelly and Kate (Non-Elimination Leg)
8th Rita and Yvette
7th Julie and Lowell
6th Steph and Kristen
5th Anne and Tanya
4th Joel and Ashley
3rd Frankie and Amy
2nd Stephane and Antoine
1st Jillian and Emmett (trip to Paris, France)

Frankie and Amy continue to surprise and impress. They seem a lot more cut out for the race than I would have ever thought and are definitely very race-focused. After finishing third in this leg, they could have enough momentum now to stay at the top of the pack. Anne and Tanya were also surprisingly good in that they finished 5th, but the two teams at the bottom of the pack were not surprising at all. It was also no surprise that Jillian and Emmett finished first again. Just like in leg one, they were in the the lead for the entire day and never lost their lead, finishing first by quite some margin this time.

Waste of A Non-Elimination Leg

If you don’t have a non-elimination leg on the first episode, I never see a point in having one within the next few episodes. The teams that suck at the race aren’t fun to watch unless they’re so bad that it’s funny like Sukhi and Jinder. We could have just eliminated Kelly and Kate or Rita and Yvette. Heck we could have had a double-elimination leg and wouldn’t be missing anything with those two teams. Now when there’s a good team in danger of going home later on, they will go home because we had a non-elimination leg so early and wasted it on Kelly and Kate.

The Preview & Predictions For Next Week

The most striking thing about the preview was that the heat was going to play a massive factor. The last time we saw someone in a preview getting checked out by medical in Amazing Race Canada it was season 2 when Shawn from Jen & Shawn separated his shoulder. The moment you saw that clip of him sepearting his shoulder on that surf board in the preview, you knew they were going to get last. This time though, the medical emergency looks slightly less minor. The preview said that the “heat was going to be a factor”, meaning that Tanya probably just gets dehydrated, maybe heat stroke and is fine to continue, rather than something as terrible and race-ending as a separated shoulder.

Predicted Finish For Leg 3:

9th Kelly and Kate
8th Anne and Tanya
7th Rita and Yvette
6th Julie and Lowell
5th Frankie and Amy
4th Stephane and Antoine
3rd Steph and Kristen
2nd Joel and Ashley
1st Jillian and Emmett

I predict that Jillian and Emmett will get first again and that Kelly and Kate will be eliminated after their speed bump is just far too difficult for them to handle. Anne and Tanya meanwhile will struggle to cope after Tanya’s medical emergency slows them down. However, they will overcome the setback and stay in the race. Can’t wait for Vietnam next week! Hope to see you next time!

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