Frank Eudy & The Changing Perceptions in the Big Brother House

Last week, Frank Eudy was public enemy number-one both inside and outside the Big Brother house. After making several derogatory and demeaning comments (and butt slaps) to his fellow female house-guests, Frank Eudy not only lost control of his game and fell out of favour with everyone bar Bridgette inside the house, but also lost the respect of fans around North America. But now that Frank has very little play left and very little he can do to get out of the mess that he’s created for himself, the audience is back on his side.

What is it about human nature that makes us root for the underdog? Even when that underdog is a terrible human being, he’s still the person we want to root for. Is it because Nicole and Paulie taking control of the game would be boring? Is it because Frank continuing to get out of his bad spot week after week makes for good TV? Why do we want to root for Frank when he’s done so much to turn us off of him.

Frank Eudy is not a nice person in real life. He makes snarky and rude comments in an attempt to be funny far too often and is totally, completely, socially unaware. He’s unaware of how the things he says come across and affect other people, and he’s unaware of the fact that the way he presents himself comes across in a very negative manner. For example, here’s a gif of him using derogatory language to describe Da’Vonne.

But now that he’s on the bottom and seemingly has very little he can to get of this mess, he’s on his way to being the audience favourite again, just like he was in BB14.

Frank does his best work when his back is against the wall. He thrives under pressure and strives when he has to work extraordinarily hard to keep himself in the game. Whether he’s keeping himself in the game by winning challenges or by being a “kisser-butter” to those in power, Frank knows how to get himself out of danger. In Big Brother 14, Frank was either on the block or the Head of Household every week from Day 5 to Day 62 (except for a one week spell from Day 42-49). He managed to escape the block for such a long time by constantly winning challenges, trying to keep the target off of his back and by being a “kisser-butter”. He thrived in this situation and it was the reason why he was the audience’s clear fan-favourite despite not being the most amazing person in the world on the live feeds.

When he’s in power however, like with what happened earlier this season, he doesn’t know what to do and completely overplays his hand. Early on in the season, Frank had deals with nearly everyone in the house. He was positioned great, almost too great. Other house-guests started to recognize how well-positioned Frank was and started to want to take him out. This started the anti-Frank sentiment but it only got worse as time went on and as Frank continued to run his mouth. The BB14 fan-favourite became cocky, arrogant, started to have confrontations with people like Tiffany and Michelle and started to make conflicting deals with conflicting house-guests. On top of all that though was his lack of self-awareness, failing to see how his actions were affecting people in the house.

Last week, we were meant to root against Frank. He was slapping butts, calling people demeaning words like “hussy” and “slut” and was just completely spiraling down into a bottomless pit of nothing. However, this week, now that Frank is on the bottom and is going to survive this week thanks to Paulie winning HOH, the audience is suddenly rooting for him again.

Frank is unaware of pretty much everything that goes on in the Big Brother house, but is so good at winning challenges that he may just be able to keep himself out of danger for a little while longer and increase his equity in the house.

At the moment, Frank is still almost everyone’s number-one target inside the house, but outside the house he is slowly on his way to becoming the fan favourite again despite all the horrible comments he’s made and ass slaps he’s given. It’s a strange thing that we as viewers always want to root for the underdog, even when that underdog is not a nice person, but if Frank survives a couple more weeks due to his own doing, he may just be on his way to deserving that title of fan favourite.

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