The Amazing Race Canada 4 Episode 4 Recap: Shine Your Light

Another awesome Amazing Race Canada 4 episode is in the books and what a dramatic, engaging episode it was. Episode 4 of this season of the Amazing Race Canada continued the trend of great challenges and exciting moments as the clear-favourites to win it all were nearly eliminated. Let’s get right into the episode.

Episode 4 started off with a pretty easy roadblock that no team had any difficulty with. Fixing a motorcycle could have been a difficult task, but didn’t turn out to be at all as most teams finished the challenge fairly quickly. Apart from Julie’s moment of joy after completing the task, there was no real payoff from this challenge either, it was mostly just go-go-go for all the teams and as a result this challenge won’t be remembered for very long. But, the leg only got better from there as the next challenge was a reality TV classic.

Gross food eating challenges are always a favourite of mine, in both The Amazing Race and Survivor. As Emmett pointed out in his interview, it’s a mind over matter thing. Apart from a vegetarian or someone with religious constraints against eating certain animals, anyone can eat a bug, even a live one. But if you think about it too much, you can easily psyche yourself out. This type of challenge is hard because it’s something you don’t want to do, but at the same time it’s easy because it takes very little effort for you to actually accomplish it if you can get your head straight. What makes it even better though is that this is a delicacy in Vietnam. Something that people eat because they enjoy it. This gross food challenge was unlike any other I’ve ever seen though. Having to eat a bat must not have been the easiest thing in the world. It’s not quite on the level of Gino and Jesse having to eat an entire tray full of tiny crickets and worms last season to get a Fast Forward, but it’s still not the most fun thing in the world. In the end though all the teams got through the challenge with a reasonable amount of ease, especially Kelly and Kate who flew through the challenge, claiming it was nothing new to them thanks to their Chinese heritage. By the time this challenge was finished, Joel and Ashley were well-ahead of the other teams with dating couple Steph & Kristen and exes Jillian & Emmett in behind.

Then we get to the detour and it all goes wrong for Jillian and Emmett. The choices for the detour were karaoke or what was like a mix of bartending and juggling. Joel & Ashley and Steph & Kristen went to the bartending while Jillian and Emmett went to the karaoke. After trying the Karaoke challenge one time, Emmett declared he couldn’t do it and convinced Jillian to let them switch. I’ve always been an advocate of never switching detours. Switching detours is always dangerous and almost never works out well. If the two detours are right next to each other it can make a little bit of sense but even then I would strongly advise against it. In this particular case, the two detours were across town and the two exes had to travel a far distance through the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City just to get there. This meant that in the time that it took Jillian and Emmett to arrive at the other detour, they could have already attempted the Karoake song two or three more times. Switching the detour not only turned out to be a costly move, but nearly resulted in their elimination. Luckily for them though, Anne and Tanya were so far behind that the exes were able to survive another day. Their seventh place finish was far too close for comfort though and had they not stayed so relaxed and positive through their struggles they could have easily been eliminated. Surprisingly, the two exes remained uncharacteristically calm even despite having over 50 attempts at the bartending challenge and that certainly helped them stay in the race. All it would have taken was one Jillian freak-out to force them to switch detours again and get eliminated. If they stick to one detour next time they should be fine to climb back up the pack.

Over Before It Even Started

As already mentioned, Anne and Tanya were so far behind the rest of the teams the entire leg that even Jillian and Emmett’s catastrophic mistake didn’t matter that much in the end. The pair of best friends hadn’t even eaten the bugs by the time Kelly & Kate and Steph & Kristen had finished the leg. In the end Anne and Tanya did close the gap on Jillian and Emmett but were still so far behind that they never had any real chance of catching the exes. No one thing went particularly wrong for the two best friends this leg, but instead it was just a bad start that resulted in their demise. They were so far behind right from the start that it’s actually very likely that their performance in the previous leg is the reason they finished last this leg. Last leg they finished so far behind seventh place finishers, Julie and Lowell that Stephane and Antoine actually arrived at the mat while they were still serving their penalty despite spending hours longer at the duck roadblock. Due to Anne and Tanya’s penalty not even being up by the time Jon checked them in to the mat last leg, it’s likely that they had to serve the rest of it this leg, pushing them even farther behind the rest of the teams where they weren’t ever able to recover.

A Remarkable Comeback

Kelly and Kate are making me eat my words two weeks in a row. They actually are equipped for the race much more than I thought and I guess they deserved to be saved by the non-elimination leg two episodes ago after all. They chomped down those bugs like champs, and then mastered the karaoke challenge on their first attempt to glide to first place. The best friend pair struggled in the first two legs in Canada but since moving out of the country to Vietnam they’ve risen above the pack and have performed better than any other team. To come back from two back-to-back ninth place finishes including a last place finish on a non-elimination leg to finish in third place and then in first place in back-to-back legs is an outstanding achievement. Now this doesn’t mean that I have faith that they can win the race, but I do expect them to stick around a little while longer.

Who Finished Where? – Leg 4

For the first time in the Amazing Race Canada and USA history, all top four teams were female-female pairings. This stat is amazing and the female dominance is likely to continue in this season as Emmett, Lowell and Joel are the only males even left in the race at this point. Emmett and Jillian just narrowly escaped elimination after Anne and Tanya couldn’t recover from their late start, but the other female-female pairings all did remarkably well during this leg of the race.

8th Anne and Tanya – Eliminated 
7th Jillian and Emmett
6th Julie and Lowell
5th Joel and Ashley
4th Frankie and Amy
3rd Rita and Yvette
2nd Steph and Kristen
1st Kelly and Kate – 1st place (trip to Los Angeles, California)

Next Time on the Amazing Race…..

I fear for Julie and Lowell next leg. We haven’t seen too much from the married couple over the course of the race and their inevitable early elimination could be a reason why. I have a strong feeling that they will finish in last place and that they won’t be saved and will be eliminated. Elsewhere, I expect Joel and Ashley and Steph and Kristen to battle it out for first place, with the losers finishing in third behind Jillian and Emmett who will finish in second. The middle of the pack will stay relatively the same with Kelly and Kate dropping back down being the main change.

Predicted Finish for Leg 5:

7th Julie and Lowell
6th Frankie and Amy
5th Kelly and Kate
4th Rita and Yvette
3rd Joel and Ashley
2nd Jillian and Emmett
1st Steph and Kristen

Last week, I correctly predicted that Anne and Tanya would be eliminated in this leg. Will I be right again with my prediction of Julie and Lowell being last place finishers in leg 5? Stay tuned to find out! See you next time after the teams head back to Canada and travel to beautiful Haida Gwaii, British Columbia for the very first time. We’ll see you there! Keep on racing!


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