Top 10 Moments from The Amazing Race Canada: Seasons 1-4

Well what a disappointment. Not only do we not get an episode of the Amazing Race Canada 4, but instead we get a top 20 moments episode. Oh well, I guess it’ll be fun to relive the best moments of the show’s history. Wait…it’s just this season’s best moments? What? The season’s not even over?…Wait they just put Anthony and Brandon’s decision to take a penalty in the first episode of the season at number 18??? What is this? A disappointment. That’s what this was. Clearly their viewership had dwindled due to the Olympics and as a result they delayed the showing of Leg 8 so that more people would watch it and not be pre-occuppied. However, this was a really lame half-assed attempt to fill a time slot and was a real disappointment. So in light of this disappointment, I decided to take matters in to my own hands and do what The Amazing Race Canada should have done with this episode and talk about some of the best moments in the show’s history. These are my top 10 moments in the Amazing Race Canada’s four season history.

10. Hamilton & Michaela Lose Passport, Get Eliminated (S3 Ep4)

Hamilton and Michaela were one of the stronger teams of Amazing Race Canada 3 and seemingly had all the tools needed to make it far in the race. But after Hamilton accidentally lost Michaela’s passport, they fell way down the pack in leg four and were eliminated in one of the most unfortunate set of circumstances in the show’s history. On the bright side, if the Amazing Race Canada ever decides to do a USA Season 18 “Unfinished Business” type season they are probably going to be one of the first teams to get the call. You could just see it in Jon Montgomery’s face when they arrived at the pit stop in last place that he just really did not want to eliminate this team.

9. Brent & Sean’s First Place Finish (S3 Ep7)

Brent and Sean were two of the nicest guys to ever participate in the Amazing Race, for all versions of the show. But having said, they weren’t the best team and at times really struggled to accomplish tasks. But in episode six on Brent’s birthday, with a better use of the express pass than most other teams in the show’s history, they shocked everyone with a surprise first place finish. From that point on were real contenders to win the race. But the real memorable thing about this first place finish is the way Sean checked in at the pit stop. On their way to the pit stop, Sean dropped his bag, immediately fell over it, then stumbled his way to the pit stop and before Jon could check the team of brothers win, he stumbled away to a set of bushes, preparing to throw up. Jon Montgomery couldn’t contain himself and burst out laughing as he watched on. When he finally told them that they were the first team to arrive, they were absolutely delighted.

8. Jet & Dave’s Elimination (S1 Ep9)

Jet and Dave were probably pretty much everyone’s favourite team of the Amazing Race Canada 1 and were certainly the top team, the team to beat in the race. But, after a ridiculous almost “dance for money”-esque challenge at the final four, that Dave just couldn’t get done, he was reduced to tears and they were eliminated in place of teams that had been saved several times by non-elimination legs. The final task of the Amazing Race Canada 1 was basically to show off your talents in the streets, gather donations from locals in an attempt to earn 50$. Celina had an easy time with the roadblock, dancing with a hula hoop around her waist for money. Dave on the other hand had a much harder time with it and was just grasping at straws for any way of gathering donations, at one point even singing, “Row, Row, Row your boat”. Unfortunately the silliness of the final roadblock before the finale resulted in everyone’s favourite team getting eliminated and falling short of being the winners. Jon Montgomery did give us a glimmer of hope at the end though when he said to the pair of best friends, “I think it’s safe to say, we haven’t seen the last of Jet and Dave”. Their elimination in Season 1 might have been bogus, but it certainly was very memorable and they’ll probably be the first team to get the call on any future All Star season.

7. Sukhi & Jinder Strip Down For 1st Place (S2 Ep9)

Sukhi and Jinder remain to this day one of the most hilarious teams in the show’s history. They weren’t funny because they were comedians, always looking for a laugh like Jet and Dave, but they were funny because of how bad they were at the race. Episode 9 was a bit of a coming out party for them in the race as they skyrocketed themselves up to a first place in the strangest way possible. Brother-sister duo, Sukhi and Jinder, decided to try the fast forward in leg 9 to secure their first ever first place finish. Only problem was, in order to get it, they had to stand next to each entirely naked and entirely still while being painted by a local painter. The pair were hilarious about the task, saying things like “thank god we didn’t pick one of the intertwined poses” and “How are we going to explain this to mom and dad!?”. Somehow, the brother-sister duo had no problem completing the task and walked to a hilarious first place finish.

6. Pierre & Michel Break a Deal and then get Eliminated (S2 Ep8)

Pierre and Michel were the biggest villains the Amazing Race Canada has ever seen and what poetic justice it was that they got eliminated after doing something incredibly villainous. Knowing that a U-turn was on it’s way, Pierre and Michel decided to make a deal with their fellow Quebecois Alain and Audrey, promising not to u-turn them. This deal was entirely unnecessary and became even more unnecessary when they immediately went back on their word and u-turned their Quebecois friends. Now Pierre and Michel had been lying and stealing cabs away from other teams all race long, but this was just the tip of the iceberg that solidified their status as villains. There were so many other teams they could have u-turned. They arrived at the board in second place! There was no need to go back on their words and almost seemed to do it out of spite! Alain and Audrey were forced to do the second detour while Pierre and Michel moved on to the roadblock, which was to replicate a piece of art out of only mentos candies. Michel took on the task and watched as team after team arrived, completed the task and moved on to the pit stop, including Alain and Audrey, as Michel continued to struggle. In what many consider to be karmic justice, Michel spent a whopping 7 hours and 52 minutes at the task before he was finally able to complete it. As a result the pair of brothers were eliminated.

5. Anthony & Brandon Take A Penalty on the First Roadblock of the Season and Get Eliminated (S4 Ep1)

This was the dumbest move in the history of Amazing Race Canada, possibly even beyond that. Lets not even discuss how this ridiculous top 20 moments episode decided to put it at number 18 behind Anne signing happy birthday to her son, let’s just talk about why this is such an important moment in the race’s history. This was the very first episode of the Amazing Race Canada 4, not only the very first episode, but the very first real challenge of the season and these two blockheads decided to take a penalty to try and get ahead of the pack. The move made literally no sense, as all the teams were together and no matter how long it would have taken to wait to complete the task, it wouldn’t have taken two hours. As a result of their ridiculous decision they were eliminated from the race as their 2 hour penalty was just far too much for them to ever overcome. No team in the history of at least the Amazing Race Canada if not the Amazing Race USA has made as terrible of a decision as this or gone out in such a ridiculous fashion. We didn’t necessarily see a decline in number of teams taking penalties for the rest of season four but I think it’s safe to say that teams will be far less inclined to take penalties in the future. This was the dumbest move in Amazing Race Canada history and definitely deserves its place high up on the list.

4. Natalie & Meaghan Become Most Dominant Female-Female Team
In Amazing Race History & Smash Records (S2)

Natalie and Meaghan are the best team to ever participate in the Amazing Race Canada, hands down. The hockey girls won the first four legs of the Amazing Race Canada Season 2, something that no other team, male-male, female-female, male-female has ever accomplished in 28 seasons of the American version of the show or in 4 seasons of the Canadian version. They would go on to win three more legs, and finish the race in second place, making them the most dominant female-female team in not only Amazing Race Canada history but Amazing Race history around the world. If they had won just one more leg they would have equaled the longstanding record set by Rachel & Dave back in Amazing Race USA 20 for most legs won in a single season of the Amazing Race for all versions of the show around the globe. They also currently have the fifth best average finish in all versions of the show around the world, tied with the aforementioned Rachel and Dave with an AVG finish of 1.83. Although they fell short of the quarter-million dollar prize to Mickey and Pete, they are still head and shoulders above any female-female team to ever participate in the race around the world and will forever go down as one of the best teams of all time.

3. Cory! Check The Cannons! (S1 Ep6)

This was the funniest moment I’ve ever seen on television. Period. That’s right the funniest moment I’ve ever seen on television comes from not a comedy show, but the Amazing Race Canada. In Leg 6 of Season 1, Jet and Dave arrived at an overnight waiting area in 1st place, well ahead of the other teams and immediately found themselves bored with nothing to do. Out of sheer boredom, they decided to make a fake clue hoping that another team would find it and start frantically running around. They got more than they could have ever imagined. Jet and Dave decided to head over to a nearby sandbox and practically failed in an attempt to create a fake clue, writing in the best french that they possibly knew “regards dans le…and then just a picture of a cannon” as if to say “Check the cannons”. They even said, that their clue wouldn’t fool Brett and Holly but once the girls show up “they’ll be running around like ding dongs”. Even better though was that it wasn’t Celina and Vanessa who were fooled by the fake clue but Jody and Cory. The moment Jody and Cory showed up, they searched around for clues and started frantically running outside screaming “CHECK THE CANNONS! What was even better was Jet and Dave running after them, shouting “Why are we running outside?!” Classic Amazing Race Canada moment and remains to this day the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on television. Seriously if you haven’t seen it, go check it out on YouTube. Like a bat out of hell, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Steph & Kristen Become First Ever Female Winners of TAR Canada 

It took Canada just four seasons to do something that took American seventeen seasons, but Steph and Kristen became the first ever female-female team to win the Amazing Race Canada. The softball girls had been the dominant team the entire race and the entire season almost began to be looked at as theirs to lose so when they pulled it off it was more than a deserved win. Not only were they the first ever female winners of the show, they were also the most dominant winners the show had seen in its four season history as Mickey & Pete are the only other winners to never close to elimination. The fact that all three winners of the first three seasons of the show were male-male teams was actually a really big shame, especially given the fact that the season before Steph & Kristen were crowned winners, all three of the teams to make it to the finals were the only three all male-male teams. So coming into Season 4,the producers of the show certainly stacked the deck in order to ensure nothing like that would be on the cards again and that we would have a female winner of this race. Nonetheless, Season 4 gave us more than we could have asked for with two, that’s right two, amazing female winners and the most dominating team to win the race in Amazing Race Canada history.

1. Mickey and Pete’s Surprise Win (S2 Ep12)

Amazing Race Canada 2 wasn’t just one of the best seasons of Amazing Race I’ve ever seen, its one of the best seasons of any reality TV show I have ever seen. A key reason why was that it had two of my favourite teams ever, Natalie & Meaghan and Mickey & Pete. Amazing Race Canada 2 was perfect in every way, most notably the fact that every team was so likable and easy to root for, especially Mickey and Pete who were just so friendly, so kindhearted, so optimistic and at the same time so good at the race! Now Natalie & Meaghan had dominated the race and were the clear favourites to win, but the goodhearted, hilarious Mickey and Pete had had a strong finish to the race and suddenly found themselves in the finale. To top the amazing season off, the finale was the best I have ever watched of any Amazing Race season and ended with my favourite team of all time, the nicest guys of all time, winning the Amazing Race Canada and immediately taking off their pants to celebrate. Nobody saw them winning and even though Natalie and Meaghan had dominated the race, Mickey and Pete winning was a incredibly satisfying ending. Some might say Natalie and Meaghan deserved it more but I think Mickey and Pete picked up so much good karma along the race that they fully deserved the win as well. The smiles on their faces and Jon Montgomery’s face when they won were absolutely priceless and even without their win, they definitely will go down as one of the most memorable teams in the Amazing Race universe. This was just a fantastic end to a fantastic season and it was a really special moment for two guys that really deserved to win the race.

So there it is! My selection for the Top 10 Moments in The Amazing Race Canada history. What makes your list? Comment below to join the discussion and be sure to be back in one week’s time for Leg 8’s Recap of the Amazing Race Canada 4.

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