Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Cast Assessment

Well another season of Survivor is just a little over a month away, which means it’s time for CBS’ very early release of the cast and another Mastermind cast assessment. This cast looks fairly decent and hopefully won’t play into the ageism and the age stereotypes that are associated with their tribes. Although the male-side of the cast is entirely white, the female side of the cast does feature a lot of diversity. The cast features a writer who worked on shows like Family Guy and Malcolm in the Middle, a down to earth cancer survivor and go with the flow long-haired Ski Instructor. With Jeff Probts’ hype around this season and it’s location, this has the potential to be a very entertaining season. Jeff Probst says the original idea of the cast was due to their desire to cast younger people on the show and I think this is a move that is definitely going to pay off for them in the end as at least half of Survivor’s viewers these days must be in the Millennial category. I myself am an avid watcher of the show and would be classified as a millennial despite never thinking of myself in that regard. Despite some of the Millennials being horrible representations of our generation I found myself resonating with them a lot more and I think that this season will really appeal to younger viewers of the show and will be a success. Let’s get right to the cast.

Adam Klein

Adam Klein is a 25-year-old homeless shelter manager living in San Francisco. He claims to be most like Spencer Bledsoe and we can only hope that he is even half the player/personnel that Spencer was on the show. If he is, he’ll be a lot of fun. From his bio, he does seem pretty similar to the Cagayan 4th place finisher and Cambodia runner-up. Like Spencer, he seems incredibly intelligent, very savvy but at the same time a little overconfident. He could be very down to earth as he does work at a homeless shelter after all but the more likely scenario is that he is one of those players that will do anything to win and I think all fans can get excited about that.
Predicted Finish: 18th
For some reason, I don’t see him going far. I think he might overplay or struggle to get into the majority and always be playing with his back against the wall like Spencer in Cagayan.

Bret LaBelle 

Bret LaBelle is a 42-year old police sergeant who claims to be most like Jonathan Penner. His pet peeves are “Couples who sit on the same side of the booth, people who talk politics and religion at Thanksgiving dinner, and bullies”. Judging by his pet peeves alone, I think he’ll be very uptight and find it hard to relax out there on the island. I predict he has several altercations with members of the Millennials tribe and finds it very hard to get along with most of them. I don’t see him going far but could be savvy enough to make a big impact on the game should he find a way to make it past the merge.
Predicted Finish: 15th

Ciandre “Cece” Taylor 

Ciandre is a 39-year old mother who works in the insurance industry. Ciandre is searching for a better life for her family and claims that being on the show is the best achievement in her life. She’s definitely overcome a lot of adversity and probably won’t have any problem suffering out there on the island. She also seems very nice and lighthearted and could make it very far.
Predicted Finish: 7th
I think she’ll team up with one of the Millennials, form a strong connection and make it far.

Chris Hammons 

Chris is a 37-year old attorney who talked more about his college football lifestyle than the actual work he does at his job. This is the guy that’s been in every single one of the commercials ever since the end of Kaoh Rong and just seemingly won’t shut up on my TV about how much the Millennials suck. This guy’s best case scenario is that he’s like a Kyle Jason. This guy thinks he knows everything and thinks he’s the greatest of all time. Yes he’s had a hard life but that doesn’t give him the right to act like an entitled jerk. He’ll probably be the driving force for several of the votes early on until people realize how annoying he is, get tired of his dictatorial ways and take him out.
Predicted Finish: 10th

David Wright

David is a 41-year old writer who has worked on shows like Family Guy and Malcolm in the Middle. He seems really smart and funny but I don’t see him making it incredibly far in the game. He’ll likely get far too paranoid despite his sociability and probable adaptability as well. I don’t think he’s going to be savvy enough to negotiate and navigate his way through the game like a Jon Cochran would but he’ll definitely be fun to watch and one to keep an eye on throughout.
Predicted Finish: 17th

Hannah Shapiro 

Hannah Shapiro is a 25-year old comedian from LA, Calafornia and is a graduate of Max Dawson’s Survivor class. Quirky would definitely be the word to describe this girl and she appears to be a mix of Shirin and Aubry but twenty times nerdier than both. She seems really funny and she could get dragged all the way to the end. If she tries to make big moves she’ll likely get found out and go home far too early but she has potential for sure.
Predicted Finish: 3rd

Jessica Figgy Figueroa

Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa is a 21 year old bartender who hates her name enough to give herself the terrible nickname “Figgy”. She claims to be most like Stephanie LaGrossa and oh man wouldn’t that be fun if she was anything like the Guatemala girl. Figgy describes herself as adventurous, care-free and a crowd-pleaser, so basically the opposite of Stephanie LaGrossa.
Predicted Finish: 16th

Jessica Lewis 

Jessica Lewis has actually stuck with the name Jessica, unlike Figgy, and is a 37-year old attorney who puts people in jail. Well she seems nice.
Predicted Finish: 8th
I think she could definitely make it decently far but might just struggle to get in to the majority alliance towards the end.

Justin “Jay” Starrett 

Jay is a 26 year old realtor who doesn’t like people rubbing religion in his face. He claims to be a mix of Russell Hantz and Woo Hwang. Wow, what a deadly combination that is! Unfortunately, if he is anything like those two, he’ll lose horribly in the final tribal council. I predict however that he will have no shot at even making it there.
Predicted Finish: 9th

Ken McNickle 

Typical merge boot? Probably. Ken MicNickle is a 33-year old massage therapist and model. He’s playing to show his daughter “what it looks like to fight for something”. He seems fun, open minded and intelligent and could do well, but I’m not entirely convinced. You can definitely understand why he’s a model though.
Predicted Finish: 11th

Lucy Huang 

Lucy is a 42-year old bodybuilder. She describes herself as controlling and stubborn, two traits that are terrible on Survivor. Her stubbornness is probably the reason she was cast on this tribe. I mean look at her, she just looks so annoyed with everything in her life in that picture! She seems to fit the stereotype they were looking for perfectly. Lucy won’t make it far and I have her as my pick to be first out.
Predicted Finish: 20th

Mari Takahashi 

Following in the footsteps of Gabon’s Ken Hoang, Mari is a 31-year old video-game playing YouTuber who has 248,000 subscribers, a number that is smaller than my hometown. If she’s anything like Kenny Hoang though, she’ll be a treat on the show as he was a real strategist. She could be very cutthroat and adaptable in the game. Being a super-smart strategist, her one downfall might just be overplaying just like Gabon’s Ken Hoang did.
Predicted Finish: 2nd

Michaela Bradshaw 

Michaela Bradshaw is a down to earth, awesomely cool 24 year old sales worker from Texas who reminds everyone in existence of Cydney Gillon. I definitely see her doing well and going just as far as Cydney did if not even farther. Michaela looks fit, strong and like she doesn’t take crap from anyone but won’t say it out loud when she’s annoyed with someone. Her answer in her bio about what it means to be a Millennial wasn’t cliche at all and was actually a well-thought out and well-articulated answer which is something that can’t be said for 90-95% of this cast. I think she’ll be just like Cydney Gillon and finish in exactly 4th place.
Predicted Finish: 4th

Michelle Schubert 

28 year old Missionary recruiter Michelle Schubert describes herself with three words: “Hungry, hungry, hippo”. Well, she just won me over. She also claims to be most like Boston Rob and at the same time studies dragons. She just won me over even more. Michelle seems kind of crazy, but we like crazy on this show. She says she grew up in church but was a little rebellious. Michelle I like you already.
Predicted Finish: 13th
She could make it far but I just see others making it farther and being better equipped to navigate the difficulty of the game.

Paul Wachter 

Paul is a 52-year old boat mechanic who They had to cast that one guy that was going to be totally against the Millennials and be a total d-bag towards them. He seems like a hard worker but I just think he’ll speak his mind far too much and piss off too many people. He’ll be gone early but will somehow skate by for at least a little while.
Predicted Finish: 12th

Rachel Ako 

Rachel is a 37-year old recruiting director from California who thinks she’s basically a celebrity because she posed for playboy. Sorry, but nobody cares. Honestly, she seems like she could be a really fun person. But she also seems like the type of person that might annoy the living heck out of her fellow islanders.
Predicted Finish: 19th

Sunday Burquest 

Sunday Burquest is a 45-year old youth pastor and cancer Survivor who claims to be very bossy and knows it’ll be a problem for her in the game. I’ve heard many people say they have high hopes for Sunday this season and I tend to agree. She claims to be most like Lisa Whelchel and obviously that would be nearly the best possible case scenario for her, but that also probably means she’ll be an emotional wreck. However, if she can make it to the merge, she’s definitely going far but she may unfortunately be targeted early.
Predicted Finish: 5th

Taylor Lee Stocker 

Taylor is a 24-year old Ski Instructor who seems to take life as it comes and doesn’t plan too far ahead for the future. This guy seems amazing. He’s open minded, he’s fun, he’s outgoing, he will surely be able to get along with everyone. He won’t pick any fights, he won’t betray anyone and he won’t have any problem securing final tribal council votes. I see a lot of Fabio in him and I think he could end up being the winner. I may just be crazy though. However, I also correctly picked the last three winners of Survivor: Michele, Mike and Jeremy to be the winners of their seasons before they aired on TV.
Predicted Finish: Winner

Will Wahl 

Will Wahl is a creepy 18 year old who left his senior semester of high school to play Survivor. Wise choice my friend. Very wise choice. On top of his poor life decisions, he also resonates with Randy Bailey, which is probably not a good thing. Sorry, but you’re simply too young and too creepy to be playing Survivor.
Predicted Finish: 14th

Zeke Smith 

Zeke Smith is a 28-year old comedian who resonates most with Tony Vlachos. Yes! This is the kind of guy that the fans want to see. If you take away the rediculous rolling in the mud, Zeke actually made a decent impression in his CBS video. I think he could be incredibly talented at the game, but I don’t think he’ll make it to the end. Zeke seems funny, good-spirited, self aware and open to all. I think he’ll definitely be able to make a splash in the game but might just get found out too early on. I think he’ll easily be able to get in the majority regardless of what circumstance he finds himself in but won’t be one of the main people driving the decisions or the alliances.
Predicted Finish: 6th

Predictions In Full:

20th Lucy
19th Rachel
18th Adam
17th David
16th Figgy
15th Bret
14th Will
13th Michelle
12th Paul
11th Ken
10th Chris
9th Jay
8th Jessica
7th Cece
6th Zeke
5th Sunday
4th Michaela
3rd Hannah
2nd Mari
1st Taylor

So there it is, the Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X cast assessment. Continue to check back for more articles on the upcoming season and to follow the countdown until the season airs for the very first time. The Mastermind can’t wait for Survivor 33 to get started! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts below.

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