The Amazing Race Canada Episode 8 Recap: I Just Wanna Win

In this fast paced Amazing Race Canada episode, no one went home and Steph and Kristen’s run at the top of the pack finally came to an end with another dominating performance from Jillian and Emmett. Let’s get right into the episode.

The first challenge of the day was a bit of a filler. Teams had to search through a massive fortress in beautiful Havana  Cuba, for Canada’s most famous boat, “Blue Nose” where their next clue would be waiting for them. But teams were in and out of there in what seemed like ten seconds, providing little entertainment for us as viewers. Jillian and Emmett got the clue first and from that moment on were the racers to beat. Rita and Yvette gave them a run for their money early on after completing the other side of the detour first, but after Jillian and Emmett won the Face Off we were all waiting for against Steph and Kristen, they were able to cruise to their third first place finish of the season.

Last Seen On Survivor 

Previously on Survivor: “Steph stole the machete from the rest of the group and chopped off her finger” rang the words of Jeff Probst as he sat in the glorious islands of Samoa drinking a mimosa. Wait….wrong show. This is the Amazing Race Canada! What on earth is a machete doing on this show! Well to answer that question let’s begin our discussion about the detour.

The detour in Leg 8 was a choice between “Sugar” and “Shake”. Sugar involved grinding sugar cane through a machine to create juice and then serving that juice at the other detour. Shake meanwhile involved a classic Amazing Race challenge, a salsa dance in which both partners had to learn and master the art of the salsa. As Jillian and Emmett powered through Sugar and completed the task with ease, Steph and Kristen had a little more difficulty grinding up their sugar cane. As the challenge progressed, their sugar cane became lodged inside of the machine and started to slow their progress. And as the pressure grew more intense and Jillian and Emmett finished the task, Steph and Kristen began to get a little more frantic with the challenge. That’s when Steph decided to grab a nearby machete to try and cut the sugar cane off and while trying to chop the sugar cane off, Steph accidentally made a deep cut in her finger. This was pretty gross but it only had a limited impact on their position in the race. Kristen was able to continue the detour while Steph received treatment and her injury only had an effect on their performance later on in the volleyball task where she clearly began to feel the effects of the injury.

Meanwhile at the Salsa Detour, Rita and Yvette got it on their first attempt and were able to leave in first place while Joel and Ashley and Frankie and Amy had to wait until their third attempt to master the task.

A Formidable Face Off

After another filler of a task, listening to a fortune teller tell teams about what lied in store for their next task, it was time for Canada’s very own Face Off, a task in which two teams battle one another and the winning team moves on while the losing team is forced to face off against the next team to arrive. The Face Off has always been one of the more frequent opportunities for athletic teams to show their stuff and make a splash on the race as it’s always a task that involves some sort of sport. In season 2, the Face Off  was a form of kayaking with a ball and nets, while last season’s version was a good ol’ game of curling. This time around The Faceoff was a game of beach volleyball. Steph and Kristen seemingly got off to a good start against Jillian and Emmett but it became apparent that Steph’s injury was just far too much for her to handle as not only did she struggle to hit the ball, she and Kristen constantly bickered with one another under the pressure of the race. Meanwhile Emmett and Jillian complemented each other’s efforts and advanced to the next task.

The star of the beach volleyball and perhaps even the star of the day was Joel, who scored a match winning point for him and his daughter with an unbelievable dig. Don’t know what that means? Sadly, I do.

Who’s Ready To Seal The Deal?

Let’s seal the deal on this recap with a discussion about the last task of the leg, a strange mechanic type roadblock.

In this crazy car task, teams had to seal three gas connections (or something like that) before they could move on the pit stop. This challenge was clearly suited for the likes of Joel and Emmett, who both completed the task with ease and were able to propel their teams to a 2nd and 1st place finish respectively.

But in the theme of the episode, Steph continued to struggle. She clearly wasn’t in the right mindset after cutting her finger early on in the leg and after several arguments at the volleyball challenge with Kristen. It was probably a mistake for Steph to even do this roadblock even without her struggles earlier on in the leg as Kristen was in a better frame of mind and on top of that, the last time they did a challenge like this, the welding detour in leg six, Kristen got it right away while Steph struggled. However, Steph eventually powered-through to give her team a third place finish. That left Frankie & Amy and Rita & Yvette to be the final two teams at the detour as both continued to struggle. As Frankie finally finished, it became apparent that this was to be another non-elimination leg as previously predicted on The Mastermind‘s recap two weeks ago for Leg 7.  Rita and Yvette found themselves in a sticky situation with a last place finish but were ultimately saved in a very undramatic fashion.

The Final Result – Leg 8 

Jillian and Emmett ended Steph and Kristen’s winning run with a solid effort in leg eight to earn themselves a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Meanwhile Frankie and Amy just avoided elimination after being last all leg, but it was Rita and Yvette who came even closer to elimination as they arrived at the pit-stop in last place and were saved by the Amazing Race Canada gods.

5th Rita and Yvette (Non-Elimination Leg)
4th Frankie and Amy
3rd Steph and Kristen
2nd Joel and Ashley
1st Jillian and Emmett (trip to Cancun, Mexico)

Next Time On The Amazing Race Canada…. (Predictions)

The teams head back to Canada and arrive in Cape Breton. WHY IS THERE ANOTHER DOUBLE U-TURN! BOOO! It’s also unfortunate that the Amazing Race Canada couldn’t go to one more international country like they usually would before arriving back in Canada. I would have loved to see the teams arrive in Africa or somewhere in Europe for a change. But unfortunately, we head back to Canada for a few more generic looking challenges. Oh well, I still couldn’t be more excited for the next leg of The Amazing Race Canada as we continue to inch closer and closer to finale night.

Here are my predictions for the next leg of the race:

5th Frankie and Amy – Eliminated
4th Rita and Yvette
3rd Joel and Ashley
2nd Steph and Kristen
1st Jillian and Emmett

Jillian and Emmett will just edge out rivals Steph & Kristen and Joel & Ashley as the bottom two teams continue to struggle and Frankie and Amy finish in last place.

If we eliminate Frankie and Amy from contention in terms of winning the race, then the bad news is that every other team left in the race has been shown talking about winning the race at one point or another, except for the team that I am rooting for to win it all, Jillian and Emmett. Rita and Yvette were shown talking about winning the race back in leg 5, then Steph and Kristen last leg in episode 7 and finally Joel and Ashley in tonight’s episode. This doesn’t discount their chances of winning the race, but with just two-three legs left, it does put it in jeopardy from an editing standpoint.

With just 2-3 legs left in the race I am calling my shot. The final three will be Steph & Kristen, Jillian & Emmett and Joel & Ashley. They will finish in that order with Steph and Kristen coming out as the first ever female and non-heterosexual winners of the Amazing Race Canada. They will also become the first lesbian couple to win the Amazing Race in North America. Will that ever-likely scenario turn out to be true? Stay tuned to find out.

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