The Amazing Race Canada Episode 10 Recap: We’re Doing It Wrong! We’re In Big Trouble!

Around final four time there is always a lot of pressure on the contestants to make the final leg of the race and as a result the last leg before the finale is always an incredibly entertaining one. Episode 10 of the Amazing Race Canada 4 was no different as even despite a bit of a slow start to the episode and a bit of a predictable ending, it was still very compelling television. Leadng up to that final challenge there wasn’t a lot of excitement worth noting. We all love a good Jillian freak-out but other than her moments of madness, there wasn’t much excitement about the leg up until that point. But then what a final challenge it was. Lies, improper reading of clues, and a massive struggle between all four teams to secure a spot in the finale were all included as the episode came to an exciting close. The last challenge was so entertaining that this actually ended up turning out to be one of my favourite episodes of the season so far. So with that, let’s get right into the episode.

Jillian The Race Monster Part 2

The episode started off in a bit of hilarious fashion as Jillian, who had lost a shoe on the last leg of the race, got new shoes from a stranger at what looked like some kind of hotel. Other than the kindness of the stranger in giving her two new shoes, the leg started off really poorly for Jillian the Race Monster and Emmett. After finishing in first in leg nine, Jillian and Emmett managed to get on the first bus to the first challenge with only Steph and Kristen by their side. However, they unlike the softball girls struggled to find their Chevrolet car which they were supposed to use to drive to the first challenge and as a result fell down all the way to last place. Then while delivering the baskets to the hotels, they got horribly lost and under the direction of Emmett, decided to leave their car and run a decently far length to deliver their last basket. This however didn’t put them too far behind as they were able to complete the task before mother-daughter team Frankie and Amy who were also having directional issues.

The pressure was also getting to Jillian the race monster more so than what we’ve seen in legs past as she continued to get really flustered under the pressure and started yelling at Emmett on several occasions. However, Jillian’s baking expertise at the detour allowed them to get back ahead even despite her constant reminders to Emmett to “keep stirring!” that must have been driving him crazy! They finished the baking task in second place but that time in second place was short-lived as they then got lost on the way to the golf course and were passed by Joel and Ashley. Their struggles continued on throughout the episode but more about that later.

A Slow Start To The Episode

The first task of the day was to deliver five baskets to five hotels using the app. Steph and Kristen were first to arrive and the first to finish the task. Apart from Jillian coming close to having another coconut-throwing styled meltdown, there wasn’t much to talk about here.

Fast forward to the detour and we still don’t have a lot to say. The detour was a choice of 1867 or 1879. 1867 involved pulling bottles from a production line. Unfortunately the most entertaining thing about this challenge was John exclaiming “Long live the moose!” in his preview for the challenge. No team chose to do this challenge and all four teams instead chose to try their luck at 1879, a task that involved creating at least six-hundred and fifty-five grams of Molasses toffee from scratch. You have to feel bad for the bottle makers over at 1867 who didn’t get to have their challenge shown on the show but perhaps it can be recycled and used again in a future trip to Saint John, New Brunswick. Although it’s unlikely that pulling bottles would have been more interesting, the molasses making was very dull. Jillian’s reminders to Emmett “to keep stirring!” were pretty much the only thing even worth talking about in regards to this detour. In a familiar theme, Steph and Kristen were the first team to complete the challenge again and were easily able to take that lead all the way to the golf course where they had to wait for another team to face-off against in a war of golf. Jillian and Emmett finished the task next but their struggles continued as they went the wrong way on their quest to find the golf course and were passed by Joel and Ashley.

Who’s Teed Off? 

Jillian is teed off that’s who! Oh…it was a rhetorical question.

The leg then continued to take off with a little more excitement with a another fun face-off. For the first time ever, we have been given two face-off’s in the same season which is great as they always provide a lot of entertainment. The nice thing about the face-off is that it allows struggling teams to catch up as a team can’t do the face-off without another team being there to compete against them. This allows for a more unpredictable leg as a team that is in first could go all the way to last. It also rewards teams who do well and punishes teams who don’t which is what we want to see in the race.

Joel and Ashley competed in the first face-off against Steph and Kristen and knocked it out of the park (not literally) beating out the softball girls with ease. Then Jillian and Emmett came along and completely tanked their chances at catching back up to the top of the pack with a hilariously horrible performance. Although Jillian and Emmett clearly have a background in sports, golf certainly is not one of those sports. Jillian didn’t even know how to hold the club and barely ever hit it more than ten centimeters. Ah Jillian and Emmett, we certainly will miss you once this season comes to a close.

Luckily though for the team of exes, Frankie and Amy were even worse. On Amy’s first shot she hit it all the way into the water. Then they took about 17 more tries to even hit their next ball forward! Jillian and Emmett ended up winning that round by a score of 6-28 almost all-but confirming their spot in the finale. This meant that for the second time in the race, Frankie and Amy were going to finish last at a face-off and had to wait out a pre-determined time penalty, making their case to stay in the race all the more difficult.

Where My Notes Get Limited 

And this is where my notes get limited on this episode of the show. The final challenge of the episode was so entertaining that I could hardly take my eyes off it, which is exactly what you want when watching a show. The last challenge of the day was very unique (and difficult) as contestants had to identify the names of plants by smelling them while blindfolded. On top of this being incredibly creative and not just a recycled version of a different challenge, it was also special because for the first time from what I have seen/can remember in watching twenty-eight seasons of Amazing Race USA, one season of Amazing Race Australia and now almost four seasons of Amazing Race Canada, partners got to actually help the person doing the roadblock. This challenge was also insane though as not only were contestants blindfolded and had to use only their sense of smell and their partner’s help on the names of the flowers, they also had to get all fifteen plants correct. Fifteen! Four or five would have been hard enough but fifteen was on another planet of difficulty.

With all those thoughts taken into account, we can now get into a recap on all the drama and entertainment that the final challenge entailed. One of the best things about this flower-smelling challenge was that all four teams were doing it at the exact same time. Any one of these teams could have finished in first place had they gotten the correct answer on their first attempt.

All episode, both Jillian and Emmett and Frankie and Amy had struggled immensely and the flower-smelling challenge was no different. Both the exes and mother-daughter team read their clue incorrectly and were trying to memorize the Latin names of the flowers rather than the English one’s as they had been instructed to. This is of course where our title quote and most laughable moment from the episode comes from as Jillian on the verge of a complete breakdown screamed “WE’RE DOING IT WROOONNGG! WE’RE IN BIG TROUBLLLE!”. Although this was hilarious it has to be noted that had the clue giver not broken an Amazing Race rule, this title quote might have taken a lot longer to come into existence. The clue giver did something that clue givers are never supposed to do on the race, tell the team what they did wrong. Clue givers are instructed to keep their responses to a minimum and not tell contestants what they are doing wrong, so for the second time in two episodes, the rules of the race have become fuzzy and you can imagine the producers were not incredibly happy about this one. Frankie and Amy and Jillian and Emmett were both told by the task assessor that they were speaking the wrong language, something that probably should not have been allowed to be said.

But then cut to an incredible, Survivor-like moment of magic from Ashley. Turns out that Miss Universe 2015 is actually quite ruthless. To secure their spot in the finale, Ashley in a cutthroat act of deceitfulness, told Frankie and Amy that they had to memorize both the Latin and English names of the plants. With a stone-cold poker face, Ashley played off the lie to perfection and a perplexed Frankie believed the lie which may have had an impact on their elimination from the race. This act of deceit becomes even more cutthroat when you realize that it wasn’t even necessary as Joel and Ashley weren’t really in any danger of being eliminated. Joel would finish the task within minutes after this allowing them to secure a second place finish behind Steph and Kristen and a spot in the finale. After that it became a two-horse race for one final spot in the finale and that final spot was taken by Jillian and Emmett who on their 5th attempt, finally completed the final task.

The Edit – Leg 10

After Steph and Kristen obtained their spot in the finale by finishing in first place, they became just the third and fourth female contestants to compete in the finale behind Natalie and Meaghan from Season 2. The dating couple continue to have the strongest edit that suggests they will win the race and are still the clear front runners to win. The edit of the show doesn’t always allow you to pick out the winner from early on, Amazing Race USA 28 for example had about four contending pairs for the title, all of which ended up as losers. However, Steph and Kristen’s winners edit is one of the stronger one’s that I have seen and all directions continue to point to them winning the race. After finishing first they were shown now for the second time, saying how they wanted to win the race. What does that matter? It doesn’t matter that they said it, it matters that we were shown them saying it. The same cannot be said about Jillian and Emmett as going into the final leg they still have not been shown saying they are or want to win the race in confessional even though you can almost guarantee that they have said something along those lines to the cameras.

Two weeks ago, I said that Jillian and Emmett had no shot at winning the race. However, the tone in the way they were presented completely changed in tonight’s episode. I now believe they have the second greatest shot at winning the race and that Joel and Ashley are the team that have no shot at winning instead. Jillian and Emmett were given kind of a redemption-styled edit this leg. They were shown talking about their ups and downs in the race, how they’ve overcome adversity and their strategy going into the final leg which are all good things to see. However, this is more likely a cause of what I like to call “The All-Star Edit” – the edit that suggests a team is likely to come back for an “All Star” edition of the race. They’ve obviously been fun, highly entertaining and incredibly solid racers, while they also fill a harder to cast slot for “All Stars” which is a team of exes. I would say the chances of Jillian and Emmett coming back for a second season of the race are not only greater than any other team this season but greater than their shot at winning the Amazing Race Canada 4 as I predicted they would before the season began.

Finally and this is the final time I mention this, the fact that every single female-female team was shown talking about a female-female team winning the race at some point or another during the season, still suggests that Steph and Kristen are going to be the team to come out on top. Going into the finale I am 98% sure that Steph and Kristen will become the first ever female-female team to win the Amazing Race Canada.

Eulogizing Frankie and Amy 

Frankie and Amy were the team that I pegged to be first out. I don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong with a prediction on the Amazing Race. They turned out to be the biggest surprise of any Amazing Race Canada team ever as they climbed up all the way to a 4th place finish in the race. On leg one I praised them for running their own race and not getting caught up in what others were doing. Then on leg five, I praised Frankie for powering through the tugboat challenge like a bulldozer. Although the team was a bit directionally challenged they always managed to keep themselves out of danger and were hardly ever towards the back of the pack. I predicted that they would finish last on four occasions during my recaps of episodes this season, and the only time that actually came true was this episode, which really wasn’t that hard at all to predict (the final three teams were pretty much nailed on from the third episode). The mother-daughter duo were a massive surprise in this race and made it farther than most people, including me, would have ever predicted. They could be contenders to come back for a future season but if not, they have definitely been one of the most entertaining teams to watch on Season 4 of the Amazing Race Canada and have had an amazing time on the race. Although they couldn’t make the finale, 4th place is nothing to be ashamed of and they have been a lot of fun to watch.

Who Finished Where? – Leg 10

Frankie and Amy struggled the entire leg and were eliminated from the race after a hard-fought journey. Steph and Kristen also picked up their first win in three legs and their fourth of the season after they eased through leg ten of the race without any difficulty.

4th Frankie and Amy – Eliminated
3rd Jillian and Emmett
2nd Joel and Ashley
1st Steph and Kristen – trip to Sydney, Australia

Final Predicted Placement 

3rd Joel and Ashley
2nd Jillian and Emmett 
1st Steph and Kristen – Winner of the Amazing Race Canada

It’s been known for a while that a female, possibly two, will win the race this season but it is still unknown who will become the first ever female(s) to win? In my mind there is only one real option for the win which is Steph and Kristen. Enough has already been said about this and even though I have always been wrong with my predicted placements this season, I feel very confident that this has to be the finish order for the final leg of the Amazing Race Canada 4 with Steph and Kristen becoming our first ever female winners. I cannot wait for the final leg of the race coming in exactly seven days time, Tuesday September 13th at 8:00. The Mastermind will be there to cover it all after this incredible season of the Amazing Race Canada 4 comes to a close. See you next time!



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