Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Premiere Recap, Edgic and Analysis

Survivor is back with another season. This is your home for edgic, talk about who has the winner’s edit, predictions, recaps and more.

And the cow goes moo and the sheep goes baah and the audience goes YAAAAAAAWN! What a disappointing first episode of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X. I wasn’t excited at all going into this season and all of my worries about this season going in were only reconfirmed as the episode dragged along. The mood of the season so far feels eerie, slow and with a lack of really strong standout characters and strategists. I hate to say it, but this could be a very long, forgettable season. Having said that I was still fully engaged and entertained throughout and there is a lot to discuss about this slightly dull premiere. So let’s get right into and begin to digest this premiere episode titled “May The Best Generation Win”. The episode started off with six confessionals from a strategically hand-picked set of players. Usually the players to get confessionals at the start of the episode in the introduction of the season are one of three things. They either…

  • Help to emphasize the theme of the season because of their outward personality
  • Play a massive role in the overall story of the entire season
  • Are the winner of the game

Therefore one of Zeke, Mari, Chris, Paul or Taylor will be the winner of this game. As an example of this notion, the opening credits of Worlds Apart showed characters such as Mike (the winner), Dan (massive role), Carolyn (massive role), Vince (fit the theme) and So (fit the theme).

I will now divide the six contestants to get opening introduction confessionals into those three categories.

  • Help to emphasize the theme of the season because of their outward personality (Taylor, Paul, David)
  • Play a massive role in the story of the entire season (Chris, Zeke or Mari)
  • Are the winner of the game (Mari or Zeke)

That’s right, we’re only one episode in and I’ve already narrowed it down to two. Mari or Zeke will win Survivor 33. But more on that later.

Before we go any further, when Jeff Probst said “only one will claim the million”, Zeke’s face was the one to be shown on the screen. This hint is usually a red-herring because it is far too obvious for everyone to see, but Zeke did have an amazing first episode so he is still a contender to win. From the first episode of Kaoh Rong, I was able to correctly predict Michele as the winner. Similarly in Words Apart, I also correctly predicted Mike. In my other two attempts in guessing the winner based on the edit of the first episode, I incorrectly predicted Kelley to be the winner after the first episode in Cambodia and Jeremy to be the winner of San Juan Del Sur. It is evident that both of these players had a massive impact on those seasons so whatever happens Mari and Zeke will be two of the biggest characters of Survivor 33, Millennials vs. Generation X. However, my winner pick after the first episode is…..MARI! Stay tuned for more on that later.

After the opening introductions, the contestants were then given their customary, gather up all the items you can for your tribe task but it was done in a slightly more interesting way this year. This time around the items were scattered around the island and the two tribes had to make various decisions about what they wanted to take, like a choice between kitchen supplies such as pots and pans or the other option which was a  hammer or whether to take fishing gear or two chickens. Both tribes unsurprisingly decided to take the pots and pans instead of the hammer but made different decisions with the choice over the food dilemma. The Gen X tribe decided to go with the fishing gear, claiming it would get them to Day 39, while the Millennial tribe lived the moment and took the chickens. The other notable thing about the frantic opening segment was that Jessica Lewis of the Gen X tribe found something lying on the ground which she later ended up revealing was a game changing advantage that will only serve her should she make it to Day 36. If she doesn’t make it to Day 36 she will have to pass it off to another player upon her elimination. YAWN! Great new twist producers! Introduce something that won’t come into play until Day 36 and won’t have an effect on how people vote at all throughout the game. However, this was one of the most exciting things about the night, which says a lot. Shortly thereafter this frantic yet slow start to the season, Jeff warns the contestants about the impending weather and urges them to get started on a shelter straight away. The contestants then went back to camp and immediately started making bonds.

Millennial Madness 

The most striking thing about watching the first episode of Survivor 33 for me was how clear it was that Mari and Zeke were the two top contenders. Mari was shown talking about her everyday life in video gaming and how she plans to apply that to the game of Survivor, while Zeke was later shown talking about growth despite the game only just getting started. The other noteworthy thing about the Millennial tribe was Taylor, Jay and Figgy immediately striking up an alliance that Taylor was calling “the triforce”. When the “triforce” was talking alone at the beach, they almost sounded drunk. They were so enamoured with each other that they began to completely ignore what was going on around them. Immediately these three isolated themselves, and Hannah who had a fear that she could be on the bottom talked to Mari about combining a group of everyone else together to get out “The Pretty People”. Although this was Hannah’s idea, it was Mari who was shown talking about as if it was her idea and shown getting together all of the other Millennials, such as Michaela and Will into a group. Mari is already well-positioned in the game and if she can remain under the radar and not be seen as the one running the show, she will go far.

A Survivor First 

As we continue to get to the know the contestants, Jeff Probst rolls up to tell everyone that they have to evacuate the islands of Fiji immediately due to the crazy cyclone that was about to occur. This was an amazing decision by the production team as someone seriously could have gotten hurt had they not abandoned the area. Production could have easily decided to leave the contestants out there and make it some kind of robust Survivor thing that tests the contestants to their limit. From the overnight cameras that picked up the terrible storm, it seemed like it was absolutely insane and would have been far too dangerous for the contestants to be outside in. I’m surprised those cameras weren’t damaged for that matter! I was also a little bit disappointed that we didn’t see any of where they had to go while they waited for the storm to pass but what can you do?

A Race For Immunity

Although the immunity challenge wasn’t terribly entertaining, it was very unique. The two tribes again had to make decisions throughout the challenge this time on whether or not to skip a section of a task and take a shortcut or do that section of the task that might make them lose more time. Every time a team took a shortcut, it added ten more pieces to their puzzle. The Millennials as expected had no problems squeezing through those tight spaces pictured above and then maybe a little more surprisingly, nailed the puzzle and won the first immunity challenge of the season. I love the concept of this challenge in theory but it just din’t provide enough entertainment as I would have liked.

Gen X’s Glee Turned Sorrow 

The Gen X tribe were overjoyed with the opportunity to play the game of Survivor and quickly made a positive start as a united group. Unlike the millennials, they put together an impressive shelter and although that would soon be destroyed by the heavy wind and rain, it signified their collective togetherness to start this game. However, after losing the immunity challenge that united group quickly diminished into a group of six on the top and a group of four on the bottom. The six on top – Chris, Bret, Jessica L., Sunday, Lucy and Paul, decided that David and Rachel were the two targets and that along with those two, Cece and Ken would be left out of the loop. It’s never smart game-play to overtly leave anyone out of the loop. You want to leave as few people out of the loop as you can so that you make as many people as you can feel like they are on your side, even if they aren’t. Among the four on the bottom, the two clear contenders to go home were David, who was paranoid beyond belief about going home, and Rachel who was annoying the living heck out of everyone. Somewhere along the way, Ken was told of the plan as he correctly voted for Rachel along with all of the other men. The women meanwhile voted for Cece, splitting the vote in case David had an idol and played it. The move to split the vote between Cece and Rachel was a good decision because now David doesn’t feel alienated from the majority, can be a loyal soldier to their group and at the same time you don’t get screwed over in case an idol is played.

Now let’s move in to a discussion about the edit and edgic of the episode.

Edgic Talk – Episode 1

For those who have no idea what edgic is, I will be talking about it a lot this season so now is the time to lean. Edgic is a made-up word in the reality tv community created by a fan of the show in the early seasons of Survivor, that combines the words edit and logic. Edgic studies who is being presented, when they are being presented, what they are being shown talking about, and the tone of their conversations to develop a formula on who the winner of the season could be/is.

Edgic uses several different terms to describe the types of edits that players are receiving in each episode. These include CP (Complex Player), UTR (Under the Radar), MOR (Middle of the Road), OTTP (Over The Top) and INV (Invisible). Here is a little more information on each of these classifications:

CP (Complex Player): This character was shown in several confessionals, often in a positive light and in a complex manner that made them appear well-rounded with complex views, strategies and opinions about themselves and the game.  (Likely contender to win)

UTR (Under the Radar): This character is either being deliberately hidden by the editors or received little development to the overall story of the episode despite clearly being there. (Somewhat likely contender to win)

MOR (Middle of the Road): This character told us a lot about what was going on in the game but very little about themselves or their gameplay. (Somewhat likely contender to win)

OTT (Over the Top): This character was shown in a bit of negative light, appeared very one-dimensional and was often a bit frantic and extreme in their behaviour. (Not likely to win).

INV (Invisible): This player was invisible. They had no confessionals, no tribal council questions, wasn’t relevant to the story and barely appeared in the episode at all.

Winner’s Edit: The light in which a contestant is shown in that suggests that they will be the eventual winner of the season.




Zeke Smith


Positive CP

David Wright




Mari Takahashi 4 Positive


Chris Hammons 4


Adam Klein



Jessica Lewis 3


Bret LaBelle 2 Positive


Rachel Ako

2 Negative


Paul Wachter



Taylor Lee Stocker




Will Wahl

2 Positive


Hannah Shapiro

2 Positive


Cece Taylor 2 Negative


Sunday Burquest



Jessica “Figgy” 1


Michaela Bradshaw

Michele Schubert 1


Jay Starett 1


Ken McNickle



Lucy Huang




Zeke and Mari have emerged at the top of the edgic charts as the two likeliest contenders to win. Lucy Huang meanwhile was the only contestant to get zero confessionals or air time at all during the episode.

The Winner’s Edit 

Mari Takahashi from here on out is my pick to win this season and although it is early, this is unlikely to change as the season progresses. The music was pumping and flowing energetically when she was talking, she conceptualized in her confessionals about how she was going to use her personality and skill-set to her benefit in the game and she was the one that was shown building the majority alliance and talking about it as if it was her idea.

Zeke Smith as mentioned earlier is the obvious other choice who has a winner’s edit. He was shown talking about how much the game was causing him to grow as a human being despite it only being the first couple of days. He also ends as the confessional count leader for episode one and like Mari, was shown in a very positive light with rambunctious music by his side.

Predictions For Season After Episode 1

Predicting what is going to happen for an entire season of Survivor is incredibly difficult after just one episode especially when tribe swaps often screw everything up, but that is what I am about to attempt to do. In brackets is how they match-up in terms of where I predicted them to finish before the season began.

19th Figgy (16) – Predicted Next Out
18th David (17)
17th Michelle (13)
16th Cece (7)
15th Lucy (20)
14th Taylor (1)
13th Jay (9)
12th Ken (11)
11th Paul (12)
10th Chris (10)
9th Adam (18)
8th Bret (15)
7th Will (14)
6th Sunday (5)
5th Michaela (4)
4th Zeke (6) – Contender to Win 
3rd Jessica L. (8)
2nd Hannah (3)
1st Mari (2) – Predicted Winner 

Admittedly I should have just gone with Mari as my winner pick rather than goofball Taylor who I was hoping would be a reincarnation of Fabio from Nicaragua. Hannah and Jessica Lewis look well-positioned to go far as well but tribe swaps can always throw a wrench into any seemingly sound prediction. I also picked Lucy to be first out and Rachel to be second out before the season began but in hindsight it makes no sense why I did that as Rachel was clearly the most annoying person and likeliest to go home even before the season began.

PREDICTION FOR NEXT EPISODE – Next episode Mari and Hannah will pull together all of the “misfits” and they will band together to take out Figgy, the weakest member of the “tiforce” after the Millennials lose the immunity challenge. However, should Gen X lose the challenge, David will be in serious trouble yet again due to his paranoia.

Concluding Thoughts 

Overall I worry that this may be a boring season. I am very happy that I have note-taking and blogging to entertain me throughout the season but I just don’t seem to really relate to any of the cast or have a strong feeling towards anyone in particular as a character I want to see more of on the show.

This episode was also much more game focused, probably as a result of the weather than premiere episodes from season’s past. Usually opening confessionals are much more character focused and give us an idea of who is who rather than what is going on. I would have loved to see a lot more good, solid confessionals about who these people are and what they hope to accomplish in the game.

Even though this was probably the worst premiere I’ve seen live since starting to watch the show, I still enjoyed it and still feel like there was enough to talk about. Even though I was disappointed with the way this episode played out, I can’t for next Wednesday for episode two and hope that you join me in my discussion once again. See you next time!

14 thoughts on “Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Premiere Recap, Edgic and Analysis

  1. Hey! This was such a good read, and having read your other articles on Survivor, I’m convinced that this will become my source for the latest on Survivor 33! I’m just a new fan of the show, and having no resources from the other 32 seasons sucks, but I’m sure I’ll be enjoying 33 as well as understanding it!

    Thanks for the great article, can’t wait for your in-depth view on Episode 2!
    P.S. I have a huge bias with Mari (since I love Smosh Games), so I do hope she wins! Hope you’re right. :”)

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