Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Episode 3 Recap, Edgic and Analysis

efore we get started, this was the slowest and possibly worst episode of Survivor I have seen live since I started watching. It was still worth watching but was the type of episode that you could skip without missing much at all. At this point, this season will be lucky if it is better than Survivor Nicaragua, the last season to feature a similar theme like this. Will Fabio win again? This time reincarnated in the even dopier body of Taylor?

With that, don’t think that this episode recap will be anything less than entertaining despite the dullness of episode 3 of Survivor 33, “Your job is recon”, the lamest title quote since Gabon’s “The Good Guys Should Win in the End”. There is still a lot to explore with this episode including a discussion about whether the girls’ decision to get rid of Paul was a good decision or not. But let’s not mess around any longer. Let’s recon and get right into the episode.

I Don’t Want To Talk To You Right Now

As the Millennial tribe arrived back at camp after tribal council, Zeke and Adam immediately knew that they were on the bottom. But a slightly delusional Hannah decided to make matters worse and try to explain herself despite Zeke and Adam’s constant remarks that they didn’t want to talk to her at that moment in time. Through all of this, Zeke came across fairly negatively, while Adam came across tremendously positive and was shown talking about how it was his dream to play Survivor and how he was going to turn the situation around. Hannah meanwhile came across as someone who can be swayed tremendously easily. Not only did she vote for Mari with the group despite not being given an actual reason to vote for her other than the fact that they had the numbers, she also immediately after this scene says that she wants Adam and Zeke to use her to their advantage. It’s good to remain open in the game but it isn’t good to be dragged in a wagon by whoever has the most power. If Hannah doesn’t turn her position around soon, she’ll get dragged to the end of the game and get zero votes, which in my opinion is one of the worst ways to lose the game.

On the opposite end of the spectrum someone in a similar position who did exceptionally well this episode and last at remaining impartial and in the middle is Michaela. Michaela has quickly recognized her good position in the game and is clearly ready to ride the middle and see where it takes her. Even despite Adam raising suggestions that she found intriguing, she is prepared to wait, be patient and be open to any idea at all times which is something that is an invaluable trait to have in the game of Survivor. If the Millennials go to tribal council anytime soon, she will be the furthest from danger and will be able to go with either of the two groups without having to fully commit to either of them. For my mind the 22-year old probably doesn’t have winner’s upside, but will definitely be a dangerous player to watch in this game.

A Summit that Plummeted

To keep viewers entertained, we got our second major twist of the season after the legacy advantage, called the summit. Although very different and something not seen since the early days of Survivor, the summit was overall a very tame and lame event. Both tribes were tasked with picking rocks out of a bag. Contestants who picked out an orange rock would go to the summit, one’s who picked out a white rock would stay at camp. The main talking points that arose out of this intermingling of tribe members involved Cece and David disclosing that Paul was in control of the Gen X tribe to Taylor and Figgy and David telling Taylor that he would work with him if a swap ever occurred. There was also a really weird moment where Paul thought that the Millennials would think of him as “their dad” because they “miss their dads” which is just utterly disturbing. Just because you’re old and they’re young doesn’t mean that you’re going to remind them of their dad. What kind of logic is that? Paul would say a lot of stupid things on his short time on Survivor and this was just one disturbing example.

Although there are many things wrong with this summit as a twist, my main qualm with it is how early on in the game it is to do this. With it being so early on in the game, things haven’t developed or festered at camp enough that somebody is going to be willing to throw their entire tribe under a bus to try and make inroads with the other tribe. Having said that, that is exactly what David did, but my point is more about how this will have a near zero percent chance at playing out anytime soon especially if a swap doesn’t occur anytime soon. Moreover, the whole thing felt very rushed and a bit pointless, while having six people in attendance meant that nobody was going to be willing to say anything particularly noteworthy to the other group. If it had been done closer to the merge and involved less people, you could guarantee that it would have had a bigger impact on the season. This summit probably won’t make any impact on the season even despite David’s attempts to convince Taylor that he would switch sides if a swap came and unfortunately wasn’t even entertaining in the two minutes that it lasted.

And Then It’s The Challenge…Already? 

After some more scenes of Ken being heroic (to be discussed later on) it was time for the third immunity challenge of the season. It was fairly crazy that a half an hour had past and still nothing had really happened in the episode.

Among the highlights of the challenge included Lucy saying her first ever two words to be shown on Survivor which were “calm down”, Cece failing miserably at getting across the balance beam while Jeff Probst found himself enamoured at Taylor running the show for the Millennial tribe, Ken getting his tribe back in to the challenge with some stellar baseball-esque sandbag pitches (pictured above) and the Millennial tribe reclaiming the immunity idol after Zeke and Michele powered through another puzzle. Although the intricate challenge had a lot of different moving parts to it, it is still nothing as creative as the stuff that my new-found love Australian Survivor has come up with when taking the route of creating their own challenges.

After the Gen X tribe lost immunity, the group of six immediately decided that Cece’s failures at the challenge were enough to send her home. While this was going on, the three on the bottom, David, Ken and Cece, were discussing the possibility of trying to throw the target on to Paul.

The Wrong Move

As previously mentioned, Paul said a lot of brainless remarks in his short time on Survivor. But the most mindless of all came just shortly after the decision to vote out Cece had been made when Jessica brought up a slightly paranoid comment that you hear every single season on Survivor “As long as you three guys aren’t doing a guys thing”. Paul started off by handling this comment almost exceptionally well, saying “No, there is no all guy thing and if there were I would tell you”. If he had stopped right there, he very well may have stayed in the game for another three days. But he decided instead to keep going and blurt out “If they wanted to do that, I would say ladies, your on your own”.

Bloody Paul, how can you be so stupid to say something like that? You can’t possibly think that you are being a good guy by telling two of the people that you are working with in a six-person alliance that if it came down to it you would rather work with two of the others than them! This rightly prompts, Jessica, Sunday and Lucy to band together and re-evaluate the situation that they have found themselves in and take out Paul with the three on the bottom (Cece, Ken and David).

However, this was definitely the wrong move for all three women to make in every way imaginable. Firstly, Paul was always going to be a bigger target than them and would have always gone home before they did, so keeping him around as long as they could would have been in their best interest. Secondly, Paul wasn’t necessarily being a dictator trying to control the votes, he was actually being quite democratic despite being overly vocal about who he wanted gone. The 52-year old was always going to be a number for their side and just because he hinted at his desire to work with the guys over the girls, there was no reason for them to try and assert dominance over the six-person alliance at this stage in the game when everybody was on the same page. Thirdly and the biggest reason of all, when you’ve already gone so far out of your way to isolate Cece, David and Ken, it makes no sense to keep them in the game over one of your own. Even though the women have now voted with them, Cece, David and Ken would still throw the three women under the bus in a heartbeat and work with anyone else other than them in the future, something that Paul would have never done. Paul would have been Gen X strong the whole way, while Ken, David and Cece are now still in the game and are liabilities because they have the potential to flip over to the Millennial side because of how much the three women and other two men left in the game have isolated them.

Although I am happy that Paul is off of my television screen, I can’t see the logic in the decision that Lucy, Jessica and Sunday made in voting him off the island.

The Winner’s Edit – Episode 3 

One more episode gone and Ken McNickle is still my pick to win! The model from Colorado continues to only be shown in a positive light and continues to get several complex confessionals about how awesome he is, without getting dodo music being played in the background. This episode Ken was shown as the hero once again, saying in confessional how “When i say I’m going to do something, I do it” and then bringing back fish for his whole tribe.

The 33-year old continues to be remarkably humble to his tribe-mates, they all seem to really like him and despite being on the bottom, the people in power have never been shown once talking about how he is on the bottom or anything bad that he has done to find himself in that position. It still remains a mystery really how Ken is even part of this misfit alliance because of the positive ray of light that he has been shown in throughout the past three episodes. With all this being said though, Ken still appears to be someone that you could viably see making it to the end of the game and winning. He’s such a nice and humble guy that nobody is actually going to be coming after him, yet he’s so likable that if he were to make it to the end it’s hard to see him losing.

Meanwhile, Michaela’s edit continues to get stronger by the episode and it is becoming clear that she will be a big character this season. However, as I said before I still don’t think she has enough winner’s upside because her first confessional about herself wasn’t until tonight and we’re already three episodes in.  David at this point is one of the only other viable contenders to win and his confessionals continue to be too story-focused rather than self-focused as well.

On top of these three characters, the only other contenders that have a shot at winning based on the edit are – Taylor, Jessica Lewis and Adam. Zeke and Chris are officially out of contention.

Visibility- Episode 3 

As always there has been a wide variety of how contestants are being portrayed from episode to episode. Some things are remaining consistent like David and Adam being prime narrators, but other things have changed drastically such as Zeke having a winner’s edit to being nearly invisible. Before giving each contestant an edgic score, let’s explore who the big characters of the season are by looking at each contestant’s visibility.



David Wright

4 Positive 14

Jessica “Figgy”

2 7
Michaela Bradshaw 2 Positive


Chris Hammons 2 Negative


Adam Klein

2 Positive 7

Taylor Lee Stocker

2 Positive 6
Paul Wachter 2 Negative


Ken McNickle 2 Positive


Jessica Lewis 2 Positive


Hannah Shapiro 2


Zeke Smith 1


Jay Starett

1 5

Sunday Burquest

1 4

Cece Taylor



Will Wahl 1


Michele Schubert 0 Non-Existent


Bret LaBelle 0


Lucy Huang 0 Non-Existent


David Wright continues to be the confessional leader by quite some distance with a whopping 14 confessionals in three episodes. Zeke meanwhile is in second place despite a near invisible episode because of his strong showing in the premiere. Ken and Jessica continue to be shown in very delicate and carefully-planned out instances while characters like Adam and Taylor continue to be prime middle of the road type narrators. Lucy Huang meanwhile continues to have zero confessionals on the board although she did get her first ever words on Survivor this week, all very bland and unfortunate. Two other contestants join her in the zero confessional department as well, one of them being Michele who had a tremendously strong showing in eliminating Mari last week.

Edgic – Episode 3



David Wright

4 Positive MOR
Jessica “Figgy” 3


Michaela Bradshaw 2 Positive


Chris Hammons


Adam Klein

2 Positive CP

Taylor Lee Stocker

3 Positive MOR
Paul Wachter 4 Negative


Ken McNickle 4 Positive


Jessica Lewis 3 Positive


Hannah Shapiro


Zeke Smith

1 Negative OTTN
Jay Starett 1


Sunday Burquest 2


Cece Taylor


Will Wahl

Michele Schubert INV Non-Existent


Bret LaBelle 1


Lucy Huang INV Non-Existent


Giving a number of contestants an applicable edgic definition was a little difficult this time because of how one-dimensional so many characters are. Only a very small few are being shown to us as complex individuals. Adam this week emerged as a complex player because of the way he talked about how Survivor was always his dream and how he wanted to change his poor position around. Michaela meanwhile similarly emerged in a similar manner by allowing the viewers to see her strategy for the game which related to being patient and an almost Vecepia Towery like game-plan of letting chaos occur all around her while she just goes with the flow.

Next Time On Survivor 

Next time on Survivor Jeff Probst gets run over by a massive wave! We’ve all been waiting for that one moment when Jeff Probst would take a tumble on his way back from collecting the votes, but this might be almost equally satisfying when Jeff gets eaten by a wave next episode.

The other major thing of note is that Ken was shown saying something along the lines of “we’ve gotten rid of one dictator and another one has emerged” and then the cameras cutting to a very bossy-looking Lucy. Therefore, I can only predict that next time on Survivor, Lucy will finally not only get her first confessional but will be the fourth person voted out of Survivor.

Who Has The Winner’s Edit? – Ken (2 episode streak)
Who Will Be Voted Out Next Time? – Lucy

Concluding Thoughts

Although I’m tremendously disappointed with the season so far, I am still enjoying it enough to watch it and enjoy writing about it. I do fear that it will be somewhere in between Caramoan and Nicaragua, or in other words one of the worst seasons of all time, but I am optimistic that once a swap arrives (which is traditionally after episode 4) that the season will pick up and start to get better. There wasn’t a lot to digest from this episode but I hope that it was still an appetizing enough blog for you to read and hope to see you next time after episode 4 titled “Who’s the Sucker at the Table?” airs next Wednseday. We’ll see you then!

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