Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Episode 5 Recap, Edgic and Analysis

Well Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X continues to improve as the season moves along and Episode 5 was another highly entertaining episode with plenty of talking points including someone voting out their closest ally in the game. Let’s get right into episode five, “Idol Search Party” which I much rather have been called “Jay the Sea Monster”, a paraphrased version of something Jeff said in the immunity challenge.

The Shake-Up

The tribe swap in Survivor is always amazingly interesting and this was no different, especially since the two teams turned into three! Every tribe had a different look and put people from the same original tribe that never had any intention on working together, on the same new tribe thus forcing them to work together. This all led to a very interesting series of events in this episode.

My favourite new tribe in this season is Takali – Adam, Figgy, Jessica, Ken and Taylor. This tribe is filled with interesting dynamics. First, Taylor and Figgy are such an obvious power couple (despite their attempts to hide it) while Jessica and Ken are also a fairly obvious power couple despite being a lot more subtle about it. That leaves single Adam who was in a pretty weak position on the Millennial tribe as the swing vote. He could go with the Millennials and take out a strategic threat like Jessica or go with the Gen X’ers and break up the romance between Taylor and J Figs. Adam’s most likely move is to switch over to Jessica and Ken and together the three of them could form an incredible trio that is good enough and has all the tools needed to make it all the way to the end. If Jessica, Adam and Ken team up, they will have Adam’s immunity idol that nobody knows about, Jessica’s advantage that only Ken knows about and Ken’s good looks that everyone knows about making this trynamic trio an incredibly powerful one with a great shot at going far.

Meanwhile at Vanua, the second they hit the beach, Chris and Zeke immediately started to bond. Due to being from the same hometown and Zeke idolizing the football team that Chris played for as a child, they immediately started to form a connection. Chris’ decision to bring in Zeke was actually a good move as he didn’t really have any loyalty between David or Cece and knew that Zeke and Michele would be more valuable options in the challenges. He made an even better move later on when he convinced David to vote out his strongest ally in the game in Cece.

Lastly, the Ika Bula tribe looks set to have no difficulty at avoiding tribal council in the upcoming weeks as Jay and Michaela can nearly carry a team through challenges all on their own. Michaela was very unhappy at having to start from scratch at Ika Bula but that was the only time in the entire episode that she was shown in a negative light as from then on she was the hero of the episode (more on that later).

Overall the shake-up changed the dynamics of the game drastically and although Cece did not necessarily get screwed by the swap she did get screwed by her former tribe-mates and one of her top allies in the game which made for a very intriguing elimination.

Where Did All The Strategy Go?

Although characters like Chris and Jessica Lewis made a couple of good moves this episode, the strategy on the whole in this episode was for the most part absolutely dreadful.

In previous seasons like Cambodia and Kaoh Rong the strategy has been so impressive and so fast-paced that it is almost what we have become accustomed to when watching Survivor. But now in Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X it seems that there is very little good strategy going on at all! First, let’s start with David who made a horrendous move last week and possibly an even worse one this week. Last week I said that David playing the idol for Jessica was not a good move especially with the impending swap because Jessica never had any loyalty to him and wasting his idol to save her did nothing in improving his position in the game. What he should have done was play his idol (he re-found the idol this episode) this week for Cece. Playing the idol for Cece and eliminating Michele may have lost Chris’ trust for good, but Chris’ only other option after that would be Zeke and that wouldn’t be enough to do anything other than force a tie. The most glaring reason why David should have saved Cece was that she was his closest ally in the game and seemingly had no one else in the game that she was even remotely close to. For all the bad strategy tonight this was probably the worst move of all. Proving his loyalty to Chris by eliminating Cece was practically pointless because now the score is back down to 2 Millennials-2 Gen X and what good is that? The only way it will help his position is by making Vanua stronger in challenges. However, they are still not as strong on paper as Ika Bula or Takali and could very well lose the immunity challenge again and put him a tough spot. It is not the end of the world for him and could end up working out in his favour, especially given that he still has an idol that he can use to save himself at any point in time but overall I believe that this was the wrong move for David to make.

But David wasn’t the only one who exhibited bad decision making this episode, Michele was equally poor this episode even despite her good showing a couple of episodes ago when she saved Figgy and almost single-handedly took out Mari. David and Chris threw her a bone by deciding to eliminate Cece, but she almost managed to turn it back around on herself! Almost immediately after the two boys tell her that she is safe, she decides to confront Cece and mentions targeting David. Then Cece, because she is so close to David, tells David of this immediately and makes him feel uneasy. This almost prompted David to use the idol just to take Michele out. She even openly targeted him at tribal council, claiming he should be the one to go home even though she was the only one that was thinking that. The future certainly does not look bright for Michele in the game and if she’s not eliminated next episode chances are she’ll be gone shortly after that.

It is probably sad that the best piece of strategy from this episode was only Jessica using her advantage to regain Ken’s trust.This act definitely seemed to bring the two of them closer together and they could be a powerful duo to watch out for in the end.

Confessional Count – Episode 5



David Wright

7 Positive 25
Zeke Smith 4 Positive


Chris Hammons 3 Positive


Michaela Bradshaw

3 Positive 11

Ken McNickle

3 9
Taylor Lee Stocker 3 Negative


Michele Schubert 3


Jay Starett 2


Cece Taylor

2 5

Adam Klein

1 12

Jessica “Figgy”

1 8

Jessica Lewis



Bret LaBelle 1


Hannah Shapiro 0 DNS


Sunday Burquest 0 DNS


Will Wahl 0 DNS


One thing that the producers have certainly been consistent with this season is giving their big characters lots of air time and making their characters of lesser importance almost non-existant. Will Wahl and Hannah Shapiro continue to go confessional-less still stuck on 3 and 4 confessionals respectively while David Wright, perhaps the biggest character of the pre-merge so far has nearly five times as many confessionals as the pair of them combined. Zeke’s air time also improved this week, putting him back up towards the top of the list while Chris continues to be a primary narrator for the season. Other big hitters continue to be Michaela and Ken while Michele’s prominence in this episode is unlikely to continue based on her edit in episodes past.

Edgic – Episode 5



David Wright

5 Positive CP
Zeke Smith 5 Positive


Chris Hammons 5 Positive


Michaela Bradshaw

5 Positive CPP

Ken McNickle

4 CP
Taylor Lee Stocker 4 Negative


Michele Schubert 4


Jay Starett 4


Cece Taylor


Adam Klein


Jessica “Figgy”


Jessica Lewis



Bret LaBelle 2


Hannah Shapiro 1 DNS


Sunday Burquest 1 DNS


Will Wahl 1 DNS


Michaela received a fantastically positive edit this episode, talking about how she wants to make a better life for her family, mentioning winning the game, crying in a glorious manner and saving the day with the fire. Taylor on the other hand received a very negative edit as he continues to look absolutely clueless on how to play the game and is seriously looking like he could be one of the next few to go. Complex player Adam Klein also went under the radar this week with just one very brief scene while Hannah Shapiro, Will Wahl and Sunday Burquest all went anonymous again.

The Winner’s Edit – Episode 5

Ken remains the top contender in my eyes as he continues to get plenty of air time despite barely doing anything worth noting. There was one thing worth noting about his edit tonight, the fact that he, not Jessica was presented as the one convincing Adam to join forces with him and Jessica which I think will prove to be a pivotal moment in this season. But despite Ken’s possible winner’s edit, we can not let this recap go by without giving Michaela a special mention. Even if Michaela may not have the winner’s edit she definitely emerged with a hero’s edit this week. She was the hero in getting the fire started but also had confessionals before and after that were probably even more heroic than getting the fire started was. She talked about how she never gives up in her daily life and works hard at everything she does before being shown getting the fire started and then after was shown crying (a very good omen in Survivor) and talking about how she wants to win the game and make a better living for her parents. This could be the first sign of Michaela being our winner but I am still not entirely convinced.

Other contenders include Chris who continues to be the primary narrator and Adam who is clearly one of this season’s standout game-players. Zeke is still out of contention despite his edit rising up from the burial grounds this week.

Who Will Be Voted Out Next Time? – Episode 6

As they did last week, the previews for next week focused heavily on Taylor and Figgy’s relationship and how they could be broken up very soon. You got the feeling this episode that if Takali had lost the immunity challenge that Taylor or Figgy would have been sent home and we can only assume that the same would be true if they were to lose the challenge next time. Therefore all I can do is predict Figgy to be the next boot on Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X despite having a much more prominent and important role on the season than several others.


I was very open about my distaste for this season throughout the first few episodes but after two incredibly fun episodes in a row I am feeling a lot more positive about this season I am immensely excited for the new alliances that are forming right now in the game that could make roads to make it all the way to the end and am very excited to see how the season plays out. It has been a fun episode and a fun recap, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you next time on The Mastermind. Like, comment and subscribe below!

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