Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Episode 7 Recap, Edgic and Analysis

Well after a series of strong Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X episodes, Episode 7 titled “I Will Destroy You” was a little bit slower. However even though it was a little more slow-paced, it was still an incredibly entertaining as the episode ended in a shocking elimination to the biggest character of the season so far. This episode looks set to have several implications about the future of this season which should make this a very interesting episode to discuss. Let’s get right into the action.

Honest Taylor 

Episode 7 began with the fallout between Taylor and Adam after Figgy’s elimination in Episode 6. Although Taylor was clearly unhappy, I would argue that Figgy getting eliminated before the merge was probably the best thing that could have happened to Taylor in this game. Now he is so much more nonthreatening and could very well make it very far. Who’s going to come after Taylor now? Nobody.

Taylor proved his innocence and honest approach to the game this episode by promising to never write down Jessica or Ken’s names. Jessica was also shown talking about how honest of a guy Taylor truly is and how he might be someone to take farther than the strategic Adam. So not only have Jessica and Ken severely improved their place in the game by eliminating Figgy, Taylor has as well. The person in this game that has seemed to benefit the least from voting Figgy out is the person that was the swing vote, Adam. Adam now has a lot less wiggle room in the alliance and his spot with the Gen X’ers could be replaced by Taylor down the road. The babbling buffoon was seen talking about getting his revenge over the man with the hidden immunity idol and it might end up turning out that way after all.

One fantastic thing about episode 7 of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X was that it gave us several talking points about the future of this game, especially with the merge next week, episode 7 just set up an incredibly entertaining looking second-half of the season.

The Future Of This Game: David’s Idol  

One key story-line to keep an eye on for the rest of the season is David’s idol. This episode the former Family Guy writer decided to tell Oklahoma boy Zeke about his hidden immunity idol in what was practically an attempt to steal him away from Chris. One thing important to note about this is how much more comfortable David is at talking to people in this game now than he was on day one when he was pointing loudly at people saying “I TRUST YOU!”. David was cool and collected in this instance and certainly won over Zeke’s trust, who was delighted with the information. If Zeke and David can continue to work together and use that idol for a good cause, they could be a dangerous duo to watch out for in this game especially if they do what everyone is expecting them to do and team up with Adam and Ken and create some sort of non-Kaoh Rong styled super idol.

The Future Of This Game: Michelle’s Weak Position

Another very interesting thing to keep an eye on is Michelle’s weak position in the game. If Vanua had lost the immunity challenge and gone to tribal council, she almost certainly would have been the one sent home tonight, giving us all our lullaby before bedtime. However, now that she survived another day and has now made it to the merge, it makes for a very interesting scenario where she is one of the few people where it’s hard to see where she is going to go from here on out. Will she stick with Zeke, David and Chris or will she flip back over to Jay and the Millennials?

I believe that Michelle will run back to Jay for protection and that if she does will be in a much more powerful position in the game. This would allow her to hide behind some big targets such as Jay and Will and even Hannah. At this point, practically everyone might be seen as a bigger target than Michelle and the only thing that could get her eliminated in the upcoming weeks would be if she started to try and make another big move. If she can just hold off on the big moves, fade into the background and hide behind Jay, Taylor and Will, she could go extremely far in this game.

The Future Of This Game: Hannah’s Instincts 

Whatever you want to say about Hannah, she is incredibly observant, perhaps even psychic, as somehow she managed to tell that Bret was not a funeral director as he had been claiming and was actually a cop. For Hannah to realize this and correctly guess his actual job shows that she has incredible instincts. If she could only use those instincts to her advantage in the game, she would be a phenomenal player. However, Hannah has been now been left out of the plan going into tribal council on both occasions that she has been there which is not a good omen for her future in this game.

On the other side of the coin though, if Hannah was doubting her position at all on the Ika Bula, which chances are she was, then this was an excellent way to subtly take the pressure off of herself and put that pressure on someone else. But again, right now Hannah is only being used as a number for other people and is going to need to start to make decisions of her own if she is going to make it to the end.

And judging by the preview next week that could be exactly what happens at the upcoming merge. In the Next Week on Survivor clips shown at the end of the episode, Hannah was shown talking about getting revenge on Jay, which for my money would not be a bad move for her at all.

The Future Of This Game: Jay’s Status as the Front Runner or the Next to Go? 

In the past few episodes, Jay Starett has really emerged as a contender to do well at the very least in this game, if not go very, very far. He played a massive role in sending Mari home earlier on in the season and this time was again the main decision maker in Michaela’s elimination this episode. However, eliminating Michaela was definitely not the right move for Jay to make at this time. Here’s why ~ Michaela was 100% loyal to Jay and his group. Yes she knew that he had the hidden immunity idol and could have used that as leverage to go against him, but was she really going to? Not anytime soon anyway. Jay even said himself this episode “Michaela has never lied to us” and that is exactly why Jay should not have eliminated her. Although Bret and Sunday do seem to have a reasonable bond with the young Millennials on the Ika Bula tribe from what we saw in episode 7, it is unlikely that they will be willing to stick with them at the merge when they know that they aren’t anywhere towards the top of the pyramid. Michaela however, always would have stuck by Jay’s side and was right to be angry with his decision to send her home. Alienating Hannah in this light by not letting her in on the plan to send Michaela home, is only going to cause her to lose trust in him and flip over to the other side next episode. Now that Hannah has been caught off guard twice in this game, it might finally be a wake-up-call for her to start playing and this might be where we see her flip on her Millennial friends, team back up with Zeke and Adam who she was closely aligned with on the original Millennial tribe, and take out the most obvious Millennial target which is Jay. I Jay sending Michaela home and not telling Hannah that that was the plan, could end up being Jay’s downfall in this game. Before the vote he said “Tonight’s vote will mold the rest of my game either for a win or loss”and Jay, I’m sorry, but this is where you lost the game.

Other Things To Note 

Before we begin to discuss things like Edgic, visibility and who has that coveted winner’s edit, there are a few other quick things to note about Episode 7 of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X.

  • Michaela came up the hero again in the reward challenge and was observant after the challenge in speaking about how that could affect how she was coming across. She also compared herself to Steve Jobs.
  • Ken continues to prove to be a low-key challenge beast. He played a significant role again in winning his team immunity and if he can continue on like this, he could be a very dangerous threat to win challenges that nobody would even see as a threat in that regard. This could allow Ken to win a few immunity challenges in the post-merge part of the game yet still fly under the radar Michele Fitzgerald styled at the same time.
  • Chris meanwhile was the hero again for Vanua but is unlikely to be able to have the same kind of connotation associated with his challenge prowess as Ken would. Chris could be someone that could potentially go home very soon.
  • Taylor’s promise to never write down Ken or Jessica’s names in the game sets up a very interesting scenario at the merge. Does he flip back over to his old friends Jay and Michelle or does he stick with the Gen X’ers? That remains to be seen.
  • Jay’s quotation “Tonight’s vote will mold the rest of my game either for a win or loss” is mysteriously similar to Aubry’s the night that she crossed out Julia’s name and sent Peter home last season in Survivor Kaoh Rong. The indecisiveness shown by Aubry at that vote is said to be a significant reason why Scott, Jason and Julia did not vote for her to win the game and instead voted for Michele to win. In other words, it is probably not a good thing to hear a contestant say these words, as it is far more likely that the move will eventually come back to bite them than work out in their favour.
  • Michaela’s reaction to being eliminated was without exaggeration, one of the greatest of all time. The moment her name came up a third time she turned swiftly around to Jay in shock and said “Did you do that?”. Jay responded “Yeah I did”, followed by Michaela staring at him for a good twenty seconds even after Jeff had read the fourth and final vote that would send her home. This led to all kinds of awkward looks, curses coming the way of Jay and Michaela having one of the angriest reactions at being eliminated ever seen on Survivor.

Confessional Count – Episode 7 

On that note, it is time to get to our weekly confessional count! Here is where we stand after seven episodes.



Jay Starett

4 Positive 15
Michaela Bradshaw 3 Negative


David Wright

2 29
Zeke Smith 2 Positive


Taylor Lee Stocker 2 Positive


Jessica Lewis

2 10

Hannah Shapiro

2 7

Michelle Schubert

1 7

Bret LaBelle

1 5
Sunday Burquest 1


Will Wahl 1


Adam Klein 0


Chris Hammons 0 DNS


Ken McNickle 0 DNS


After playing a massive role in Michaela’s elimination, Jay ended as the confessional leader for episode seven, bringing his total up to 15 for the season. That is still just slightly more than half of David Wright’s total number as the writer continues to sit at the top of the running total table. Surprisingly this episode saw three of this season’s biggest characters, Adam, Chris and Ken all go invisible. This was Chris’ second confessional-less episode in a row but was the first time Adam and Ken received anything close to zero confessionals. In other news, Will Wahl’s confessional-less streak of three episodes finally came to an end, as he was shown speaking about how dangerous a player Michaela was and then decisively sending her home. Will is a very elegant speaker so hopefully he continues to receive more air time as the season goes on.

Edgic – Episode 7

We all know the real reason you’re here! For Edgic! That’s why! Oh, you say you’re not here for Edgic and have no idea what the strange made up word means? Check out Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Premiere Recap, Edgic and Analysis for more information.

Here are my edgic scores for episode 7 of Survivor 33, Millennials vs. Gen X.



Jay Starett

5 Positive CP
Michaela Bradshaw 5 Negative


David Wright

3 CP

Zeke Smith

3 Positive MOR

Taylor Lee Stocker

3 Positive CP
Jessica Lewis 2


Hannah Shapiro 4


Michelle Schubert 2


Bret LaBelle 4


Sunday Burquest


Will Wahl

Adam Klein 0


Chris Hammons 0 DNS


Ken McNickle 0 DNS


Who would’ve thought that Taylor would become a complex player? Well now he has and is looking like a real contender to actually go far. Other complex players include Jay, David, Jessica Lewis and Hannah Shapiro who was shown using her incredible instincts to snuff out Bret’s lie.. Michaela was hilariously over-the-top this episode, relating herself to Steve Jobs and having a hysterically angry reaction at being voted out. Chris and Ken meanwhile were invisible, while Adam despite going confessional-less was shown speaking quite a few words to Taylor at the beginning of the episode, giving him an Under the Radar score instead of an invisible one.

The Winner’s Edit 

Although Mr. Ken McNickle and young Adam Klein went anonymous this episode, they are still my top two contenders to win. For me, Ken still has the winner’s edit and nobody can deny him of that status at the moment.

It is clear that Jay is certainly receiving some kind of very powerful edit and this episode because of his massive role in Michaela’s elimination, deservedly won him a lot of air time. However, I feel as though Jay has merge boot potential and I personally believe that he will indeed be the next to go. So because Jay and Michaela were the only other contender’s to win in this game other than Ken and Adam up until this point, all signs for me still seem to point towards a Ken win.

Next Time On Survivor 

Next time on Survivor the merge strikes! Awesome! Why is that awesome? Because in any season, the merge is always the best part of the game, especially the very first episode after the merge because there are so many different directions that the game could go in and so many different people that could become that first-person voted out in the new format. We still have thirteen people left in the game, meaning that this will tie the record held by Survivor Cambodia for the earliest merge ever in a Survivor season. Survivor Cambodia is the predecessor to this season in the filming cycle so it is quite possible that this is a trend that is going to continue for a while. Episode 7 provided several different implications on where the season could go from here that were touched on earlier in this episode recap but the most important of all is the Jay vs. Hannah battle that looks set to ensue next episode. My guess is that next episode, Hannah switches over to the Gen X tribe to team up with Adam and Zeke, as well as the rest of the Gen X’ers including Bret and Sunday. This puts the Millennials in Jay, Will, Michelle and Taylor (who could also go with the Gen X’ers) at the bottom, where Jay becomes the first person voted out after the merge. I sincerely hope that this isn’t the direction that we are headed in because Jay is an amazingly entertaining character on this season. However at the moment it is looking like the only way he is going to survive next episode is by winning immunity.

One other thing to note about next episode is that according to Wikipedia, Episode 8 is titled “I’m the kingpin” – The famous words spoken by Drew Christy before he was voted out in what is my second favourite episode of Survivor of all time, “We’re A Hot Mess”. It is pretty safe to assume that whoever speaks these overconfident words will be the one to go home, so that is something to watch out for for sure. My guess is that Jay is the one who speaks these words and is sent home immediately after. Who do you think will be the kingpin/Drew Christy of next episode? Find out with another Mastermind Recap coming next Wednesday! See you there!


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