The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016: Best Reality TV Personality

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that they make for good TV. These are The Mastermind‘s nominees for Best Reality TV Personality!

Jillian MacLaughlin (Amazing Race Canada 4)

Oh Jillian. Where to begin with Jillian. A firecracker, race demon and irascible contestant, Jillian was one of my favourite parts about Amazing Race Canada 4. Every single episode there was a Jillian freakout just waiting to happen. From throwing coconuts to nearly crying on the very first leg of the race while paddling a canoe to her finale freakout in which she threw a large stack of bagels on the ground, this Nova Scotia native was a lively one for sure. For the unfamiliar, what I am describing to you may seem like a monster. However, you have to understand how entertaining Jillian MacLauglin is as a character on a show. Jillian wanted to do everything to win her team the race and when things didn’t go as planned, she struggled to cope with it. Her partnership with Emmett was perfectly hilarious as well because of how nonchalant he was about everything particularly when she would get upset. She’s also quite hilarious in the interview segments of the show and ran a really hard race, never being one to let Emmett carry the team. So listen up or else Jillian will get really upset and vote for this Amazing Race Canada superstar now!

Paul Abrahamian (Big Brother 18) 

There’s just something about Paul that I absolutely adore. Not only was he by far the most entertaining person to watch on Big Brother 18; his antics, crazy behaviour, stellar gameplay and hilarious catchprases quickly turned him into one of my favourite Realty TV characters of all time. Paul wasn’t afraid to be the villain. He didn’t care if people liked him, he didn’t even care if he won the game, he was just there for a good time. And at first, Paul absolutely succeeded at being the villain, but sooner or later, his true colours came out and everybody saw how amazing he truly is. He started baking muffins, he started building bonds with the people that were in power and he even got Paulie to copy his haircut. Suddenly, Paul was in a power position and was on the right track towards winning the game. And although the man from Tarzana, California did eventually lose to Nicole Franzel, the manner in which he scrapped his way to the top was admirably masterful. On top of his amazing gameplay in which he managed to turn a vicarious position around from looking like one of the first few to go home to being the second-in-command of a majority alliance, Paul was just an amazing all-round character and absolutely could have won Big Brother 18 had a few things gone a little differently. So don’t be sketch and vote for Paul now for endless amounts of friendship.

Victor Arroyo (Big Brother 18)

When Victor Arroyo was evicted from the Big Brother house after just two weeks he quickly became one to forget. After his best buddy Jozea had gone home in week 1, Victor made it a known entity that he was coming after the returning players in the house and was quickly dispatched by their ally Paulie, leaving the game without ever really making a mark. But after two unnessecary but entertaining producer twists, Victor was given his chance to battle back against 5 other evicted houseguests on two different occassions and won his way back into the house both times, becoming America’s sweetheart. Victor is so lighthearted, so easy going and can get along with absolutely anyone. With an adorable laugh, an uncanny ability in BB challenges and a refreshing partnership with Paul Abrahamian, Victor became a favourite of many Americans and with good reason too as nearly everyone else in that house was absolutely horrible. If this was a physical competition, it wouldn’t even be a contest, Victor would already have this thing won! But unfortunately it is not and so Victor is going to need your help if he is going to his battle his way back to the top and win this award.

Aubry Bracco (Survivor Kaoh Rong)

You simply just can’t dislike Aubry Bracco. Her fun-going energy, amazing social skills, bold strategic play and hilarious dance moves warmed the hearts of America and the rest of the world and it was devastating to many when she didn’t win her season of Survivor. There was every chance that Aubry Bracco could have gone home at the hands of the Brawn-Beauty alliance at the merge but after Neil’s medical evacuation, Aubry was given a second life in the game and took full advantage of it, building a new alliance that centred around herself,  Joe and Cydney and then doing a masterful job to flip Tai on to her side, taking control of the game again and clearing a path for her to make it to the final three. But it wasn’t just Aubry’s amazing gameplay that won her millions of fans worldwide, it was also her beautiful way with words, ability to take the game by the scruff of the neck and tough demeanor in challenges that won her a deserved place high up in Survivor folklore. Don’t be like a missed connection on Craig’s List and instead do what the Kaoh Rong jury failed to do and vote for Aubry Bracco now.

Michaela Bradshaw (Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X)

Never has a pre-merge character hit stardom in Survivor quite like Micahela Bradshaw. A producer acclaimed ‘Game Changer’ Michaela caught the eye in Millennials vs. Gen X‘s hit episode “Love Goggles” and from then on became nearly everyone’s favourite character, at least from a entertainment standpoint anyway. Michaela was rash, crude, thinking far too ahead at all times in the game, but was still hilariously entertaining to watch. From ripping apart Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa in confessionals to her hilarious facial expressions and reactions to twists to leading her team to glory in nearly every single challenge, Michaela was a multi-dimensional, mult-faceted Survivor character that you just could not help but be entertained by. Oh and she also had one of the best reactions to being voted off of the island ever, but more on that later ;). So don’t mess up something good like Jay Starett did and instead cast your vote for Michaela to win Reality TV Personality of the Year.

Just Missed The Cut: Phoebe Timmins, Tai Trang, Cydney Gillon

So where do I vote?! Voting is now open here -> VOTE: The Mastermind Awards 2016. Enjoy! And if you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016 Page for all the details on who and what is up for every single award. Have fun! 🙂

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