The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016: Best Reality TV Episode

It’s been an incredible year in the field of Reality TV and none of the biggest game shows on the planet were a dissappointment at all. With hundreds of episodes to choose from, selecting four nominees for this award was incredibly difficult but these are the four that I could just watch over and over again and couldn’t help but ignore for this award. These are the nominees for Reality TV Episode of the Year!

It’s Psychological Warfare (Ep9 Survior Kaoh Rong) ♥

Wow! What an episode of Survivor Kaoh Rong this was. Although Nick Maiorano’s boot episode from the episode before was when the season really shook up, this was the best episode that kept us all watching for the rest of the season. The episode starts out with the aftermath of Nick’s elimination, and Jason, Scot plotting their revenge on the rest of the group. Realizing they’re on the bottom and likely the next two to go, they decide to sabotage the camp. They steal the machete, they steal the axe and then they pour water on the fire, in hopes that someone in the majority alliance will crack under the pressure. Then at the reward challenge, Jeff tells the contestants to pick their own teams for a change rather than draw names from a hat or have a schoolyard pick as they usually would. So with Julia recognizing the precarious position that Jason and Scot were in, she decided to join them on the challenge in hopes of keeping them close for the next few weeks in the game and using them to her advantage. Suddenly Julia was working back and forth between the two alliances, forcing Aubry and Cydney to lose trust in her, prompting Aubry to start to want to take a swing at the nineteen year old. But when Aubry tells Debbie of the plan to take out Julia, Debbie puts her foot down and refuses to go through with it, putting another twist in the tale with everyone now losing trust in Debbie instead. And after Julia won immunity, Aubry and Cydney were forced to act on their distrust of Debbie, continuing to make plans to take her out. But as the storyline twisted again, Joe refused to write Debbie’s name down, putting dount in the minds of Aubry and Cydney once again and forcing them to reconsider. But still fearing their life in the game to be over soon, the roller coaster of events takes another turn of events again when Jason and Tai stylishly pull out their idols in front of everyone declaring that there’s no way they are going home and flaunting them in front of the rest of the group. This causes a magnitude of whispering around tribal council to occur and the audience still has no idea where the vote is going when Aubry whispers to Debbie “original plan”. After the contestants cast their votes, Jason gives Tai his idol and Tai sits back down. Then the votes are read. The first four votes that Jeff reads are two for Cydney and two for Scott, then shockingly, he starts to flip over votes for Debbie. Debbie, Debbie, Cydney, Debbie, and then the last vote is for….Debbie! After this crazy string of events, Debbie ends up being the one going home in a shocking move. This move has everlasting effects on the rest of the game as the three men become more powerful and then at the final vote, Debbie remains a bitter juror and votes for Michele to win instead of Aubry. This was a crazy episode with so many twists and turns and it ended in stylish fashion with a memorable tribal council and in Debbie’s words a “total blindside”.

Love Goggles (Ep2 Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X)

After a slow first episode of the season, this was anything but and ended with one of the most shocking eliminations in recent years. Episode 2 of Survivor’s hit series’ latest season Millennials vs. Gen X started with Figgy and Taylor’s “Love Goggles” for each other growing larger and their romance starting to blossom calling cause for concern for the rest of the tribe, particularly Michaela who was rather disgusted at the idea of people hooking up on Survivor. Then cut to the Gen X tribe and Ken is beginning to make plans to get Paul voted out of the game while David finds the hidden immunity idol and starts to find his feet in the game after a rough start to life in Fiji. But not too soon afterward, Paul nearly has a heart-attack and dies. Okay, it wasn’t that extreme but it was still another very interesting moment to take a look at in this episode of Survivor. But what really made this episode so amazing was Mari’s shocking elimination. From Mari having the clearest winner’s edit in episode 1 to spoiler alert, going home in episode 2, this was probably one of the biggest and fastest shifts in the edit of the show we have ever seen. Mari going home in episode two was exactly the opposite of what the edit was setting up and where the show was looking likely to be headed after the first episode. In episode one we were told the story of how Mari rallied the underdogs or rather the misfits against the “Pretty People” who I much rather would call the babbling buffoons, that is Taylor, Jay and Figgy and really how she was in complete control of the Millennials tribe. The trifecta of Taylor, Jay and Figgy were made to appear way over their heads and unsure of what show they were even on, while Mari, Adam and Zeke were made to appear completely in control of where the tribe was headed! Fast forward to episode two and bible missionary recruiter (yes that is a real job) Michele comes out of nowhere to play a massive role in getting Mari booted of the island! Throughout the episode, Mari never looked like the likely one to go home. She had two fairly basic middle of the road type confessionals where she talked about the struggles of the game and that was it! Figgy meanwhile was shown several times not fitting in, clashing with other members of the tribe, and causing distress among the people that seemed to have the most poll in the tribe. Even when the plans were shifting towards a potential Mari boot, we still saw no confessional from the professional gamer, which made it appear that she wasn’t going to be the one going home. But as it turned out the way that Jay and Michelle approached each individual Millennial in an attempt to convince them to vote with the triforce against Mari, turned out to be very successful and at tribal council, Michelle put the final nail in Mari’s coffin when she convinced Hannah to vote with her without even giving her a reason why and Mari was sent home. Mari’s elimination was a shock to all especially after her strong edit in episode 1 and made this episode of Survivor one of the most entertaining of any show in the year of 2016.

The Little Blind Tugboat That Could (Ep5 Amazing Race Canada 4)

There were so many amazing episodes of Amazing Race Canada 4 but this one in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia stood out above the rest. The first roadblock of leg five was a very unique task in the beautiful natural setting of Haida Gwaii, forcing teams to listen to a set of stories about the various totem poles in the area, and then identify which artists created which totem pole. This challenge puzzled several teams but they would become even more puzzled with the next challenge, a large puzzle in the forest. One of my favourite moments from this episode of the race came at the end of the puzzle when Jillian and Emmett proved exactly why they are the perfect parternship for the race. After flying through the puzzle challenge and finishing it faster than any other team, they were quickly able to catch back up to their rivals in the race, Steph and Kristen. But after Jillian dropped her clue, it could have all gone wrong if Emmett hadn’t been so clever. While Jillian searched for the clue, Emmett smartly stalled Joel and Ashley telling them they could find the place together, only to drive ahead of them the second they were given the opportunity. This allowed the exes to take a water taxi first, sending them twenty minutes ahead of the father-daughter duo. This episode also highlighted what was a very common theme throughout the season, which was Steph and Kristen’s dominance in the race. The dating couple led the leg the entire episode and finished every single task with ease. But this episode wasn’t just about the rivalry between Jillian and Emmett against Steph and Kristen it was also about some of the teams of lesser importance in the season like Frankie & Amy and Julie & Lowell. Frankie powered through the final challenge with a hilarious performance in which instead of taking each log one at a time with her tugboat like everyone else she showed her strength by pushing all three at once, helping her and Amy climb up to third place. Meanwhile, the visually impaired Lowell Taylor also completed this task prompting his wife Julie to call him “The Little Blind Tugboat That Could”. Through all of this Kelly and Kate were still stuck on the puzzle and as a result were eliminated from the race. The episode before this titled “Shine Your Light” also deserves a mention for Julie and Lowell’s hilarious antics, a surprise first place finisher and the near elimination of Jillian and Emmett, but “The Little Blind Tugboat That Could” was for my money the most entertaining episode of the season.

Big Brother Canada 4 Episode 7 (Dallas POV Win)

I don’t know why I love this episode so much. Actually I do. Dallas. Dallas is the reason why this episode is the greatest of all Big Brother Canada and Big Brother USA episodes this year. This may be a controversial opinion, but Dallas is one of the key reasons why BBCAN4 was a massive success and his role on the season as the distinct villain was one of the most interesting storylines to follow for the first half of the season. And it all started here in this episode. After Loveita Adams had won HOH for her second time this season only to squander it by putting up two “floaters” in the form of Christine and Cassandra, the New Brunswick native was not happy at all. Highlihting his unhappiness, in one of the first scenes of the episode,  Dallas entered the HOH room and whispered to Loveita “Dude…what the f***”. This was also edited fantastically well as it came right after Jared praising Loveita’s efforts in keeping his alliance safe, continuing to set up the fantastic Jared vs. Dallas battle that enthralled all until the latter’s elimination from the game. So when the time came for the POV competition, Dally boy was fired up and ready to go and in a fantastic movie themed challenge, intermingled with hilarious diary room quotes, Dallas pulled out the win in fantastic fashion and with a fantastic celebration (pictured above), took home the Power of Veto. But Dallas wasn’t the only star to breakout in this episode, this Wednesday night POV spectacle also saw the emergence of Cassandra Shahinfar as a character on the show with her being clearly unhappy with Loveita’s deicison to put her on the block after thinking that the two of them were working together in the game. Cassandra would have arguably a bigger impact on this season than any other and this is where her story began. This episode also saw the emergence of Joel’s softer side as he disclosed to his fellow contestants about how he was playing the game for his brother that had past away five years ago.

One of the other reasons why I love this episode is the blatant yet hilarious product placement of the movie “Allegiant”. I think that Big Brother Canda always does a hilarious job of running with their own joke on the obvious scripting of their product placements and this one was no different as you just couldn’t help but laugh at every single contestant struggling to really sell the line on exactly why we should all go see the movie. Per example, Dallas in the diary room during the challenge ~ “We’re running through these trenches, people are getting physical! It’s just like the movie! IT’S JUST LIKE THE MOVIE!” But back to Dallas and his win of the POV, the rest of the episode centred around the will he or won’t he saga of is Dallas was going to use the Power of Veto to save Christine or Cassandra and shake up the house. The bearded man started to preach how he was going to shake up the game, put a big target on the block and go behind Loveita’s back but then at the last minute, changed his mind and decided to keep the nominations the same, putting an anti-climatic yet hilarious end to a fantastic episode. I could watch this episode over and over again and love every single second of it.

So where do I vote?! Voting is now open here -> VOTE: The Mastermind Awards 2016. Enjoy! And if you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016 Page for all the details on who and what is up for every single award. Have fun! 🙂

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