The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016: Best Reality TV Season

The Mastermind focuses nearly 50% of it’s attention on this site on a host of different Reality TV seasons and so now it is time to pick out which one was the best of all. These are the nominees for Best Reality TV Season of 2016!

Australian Survivor Season 3 

The first ever season of Australian Survivor was a spectacle beyond belief and for about a month or so it was some of the most entertaining Survivor I had ever seen. Although the three episode a week format at times became tedious and the gameplay was a bit tame by the high standars set in America, it was still a highly entertaining season with loads of fun characters. What made this season so spectacular was the amazing cast of contestants who were fun, energetic about playing the game and so highly entertaining. From first voted out Des Quilty to winner of the season Kristie Bennett, every single character had a distinct storyline and had an impact on the way this season panned out. So if you believe in mateship and going against the status quo then vote for Australian Survivor Season 3 for Reality TV Season of the Year now.

Big Brother 18 

With plenty of bad twists and a cast that just didn’t know what they were doing, Big Brother 18 had a very bad start to it’s life this summer. But as the season went along likable characters like Paul, Victor and Nicole emerged while enthralling villains like Paulie and Michelle also came to life making this a very entertaining season after all. There was so much going on in the final few weeks that it was so hard to keep up with all that was happening and against all odds Victor and Paul managed to defy expectations time and time again but still neither of them could pull out the win over top of Nicole. Big Brother 18 was full of plenty to digest and discuss and the confusing gameplay, hilarious edit of the show and absolutely pointless twists made viewers tune in week in and week out not knowing what they were going to see at all. So don’t be sketch or pissed, be friendship instead and vote for Big Brother 18!

Survivor Kaoh Rong ♥

Survivor Kaoh Rong had one of the best casts in the history of the show. No one on the entire cast was a disappointment and so many of these players had an impact on both the story of the season and on the game. Each section of the game, from the pre-swap, to the swap, to the merge, had it’s entertaining characters and massive moments. With three medical evacuations, and the fantastic four pictured above there was never a dull moment in the game while the villians of Scot and Jason only added to fans’ interest in the season despite how hard they’ll try and deny it. On top of all of this, when Michele Fitzgerald won the season it caused arguably the biggest debate in the show’s history, making it all the more interesting to watch, think about and explore. Survivor Kaoh Rong was certainly a memorable season and will go down in the history books as one of the best in my opinion. Whether you’re an Aubry supporter or believe Michele was the correct winner of the game you can’t deny that Survivor Kaoh Rong was an amazing season so stop all the malarkey and vote for it now.

Big Brother Canada 4 

From start to finish, Big Brother Canada 4 was beyond enthralling. With an incredible cast full of hilarious contestants like Tim and the Paq’s Bros, rootable villains like Dallas and Kelsey and super strategists like Mitch and Cassandra, this season had all it’s bases covered. Although the season ended up in a bit of a dissappointing fashion with Joel, Cass and Tim going out in 5th, 4th and 3rd place respecitvely and Nick and Phil taking the win instead the season as a whole still had plenty of talking points, hilarious moments, fun twists and a very positive tone throughout. From Cassandra’s incredible gameplay to Ramsey’s sad self-eviction to Tim’s shocking decision to quit the final three challenge, Big Brother Canada 4 was not short of entertainment at all. So don’t be a floater, be a Paq’s bro voter and vote for Big Brother Canada 4 now.

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X 

Although it’s far from over, Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X definitely desreves it’s place on this list. Ever since the swap in episode 5, Survivor 33 has been firing on all cylinders in terms of it’s entertainment value and continues to impress with surprising eliminations, fun characters and three hidden immunity idols still left in the game. Not a single character has been a dissapointment and although The Mastermind loved to rip on players like babbling buffoon Taylor and Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa, nearly every single character has made an impact on this season so far. The Survivor department has also recently figured out how to make the winner of the season less predictable as going into episode 10 on Tuesday night, it is still incredibly unclear who is going to pull out the win. So don’t mess up something good like Jay Starett did, vote for Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X now.

Amazing Race Canada 4

Everything about season four of Amazing Race Canada was on-point. The challenges were amazing and corresponded well to the places that teams were visiting, the locations were beautiful and the enthusiastic Jon Montgomery did a fantastic job hosting the show as always. Moreover, the cast was diverse in every way imaginable and the Jillian & Emmett vs. Steph & Kristen battle was one of the most entertaining storylines to follow in all of Amazing Race Canada history. Steph and Kristen were the most deserving team to win the Amazing Race Canada so far in terms of how they performed in the race, all eleven legs were entertaining and had plenty to talk about, the challenges were incredible and the show got just about everything they produced right. So don’t lose your shoe over who to vote for! Vote for Amazing Race Canada 4 for Reality TV Season of the Year now.

So where do I vote?! Voting is now open here -> VOTE: The Mastermind Awards 2016. Enjoy! And if you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016 Page for all the details on who and what is up for every single award. Have fun! 🙂

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