The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016: Best Article

Out of 171 official blog posts since the beginning of May, these are the 6 that I believe standout from the rest and deserve a special nomination for Best Article Of The Year! Click on the links below to see for yourself how awesome these 6 article are.

Why Jeff Probst Needs To Stop Telling Contestants To Make Big Moves ♥

Jeff Probst needs to stop telling contestants to make big moves. Why? Becuase players keep on getting voted out for their eagerness to make waves in the game when it is unneccesary to do so. Jeff Probst’s “Make big moves” catchphrase arose out of back to back eye-catching performances from Cagayan’s winner Tony Vlachos and San Juan Del Sur’s winner Natalie Anderson and since then has led to many capable players’ downfalls in the game. Although this article has not hit top views like all of the one’s below, it is stellarly written and has a unique take of several different aspects of the game. Along with the reasons why Jeff Probst needs to stop telling contestants to make big moves, this article also explores Jennifer Lanzetti’s downfall in Survivor Kaoh Rong and if making big moves truly correlates to a winning game.

Best Quote: “Making big moves does not win you Survivor. So for all you future contestants, try and ignore Jeff Probst when he tells you to make big moves because he’s probably only saying it because he knows big moves make for good TV. Instead, channel your inner Sandra Diaz-Twine and make very subtle moves. Or channel your inner Tony Vlachos/Natalie Anderson and wait until around final six, final seven to start making big flashy moves that change the course of the game, and you’ll do just fine”

Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Episode 2 Recap, Edgic and Analysis 

Although incredibly annoyed with Mari’s elimination from the game and being duped by the Survivor producers into thinking that the professional video gamer was a contender to win the season, The Mastermind took to this episode recap with a lighthearted approach, constantly making jokes and poking fun at the contestants. In this episode recap, David Wright’s emergence as a character on the show is highlighted, the concept of how and why the Survivor producers fooled us into thinking Mari was going to be this amazing character the episode before is explored, while Jay and Michelle’s masterful gameplay to get the numbers on their side for the vote is also commended. The whole time writing this, I was absolutely elated and shocked at Mari’s elimination and the result especially looking back now is quite honestly hilarious.

Best Quote: “Michelle replies to Jay’s comments by stating the obvious and saying ‘But then we’re losing a number on our side’ and Jay in typical Millennial fashion apparently responds with ‘Woah man, I didn’t even think of that. Gnarly observation!’”

SPOILER ALERT: Season 34 Cast 

No post has received more hits or more attention on The Mastermind than this one. As my excitement in the buildup to Redmond‘s releasal of the spoiled cast for Survivor Season 34 grew larger, I searched day after day for various people’s thoughts on the matter and found absolutely nothing worth noting. So I decided to start to formulate my own ideas about the potential cast and then finally when it was released and I was so utterly dissappointed with the result, I just could not help but write about it. With controversial views, inside scoops and “shot in the dark” predictions on how the players are going to do when the eventual season airs, this post was a hit in every direction imaginable and I am proud to say that it is one of the first things that turns up on google regarding the subject matter. With nearly double the amount of views as any other on this website this may be a shoe-in for the award.

Best Quote: “Oh man. I love Tony and think he is a “top five baby” all time player. But I always said that if Tony were to return to Survivor that he would be the first one out. Now that his return is imminent, I am seriously interested to see how he does and actually don’t think he will be first one out. Although I think that Tony has no shot at winning, I can’t wait to see him try and I know he’ll do everything in his power to make it happen”

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