Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Episode 12 Recap, Edgic and Analysis

Well after the 2-hour spectacle of last week, Episode 12 of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X was always going to do well to live up to those incredibly high expectations and it was unfortunately a very tame hour long episode that just could not live up to last week’s high standards even despite the elimination of one of the season’s biggest characters. Let’s get right into episode 12 of Survivor 33, titled “About to Have a Rumble”.

The episode started out as these things usually do, with the fallout of the previous vote. Hannah felt honoured that her alliance had stuck their neck out on the line for her while Zeke was feeling as confident as ever after coming out on top of the rock draw. In fact, he was overconfident, especially in confessional, with his edit instantly starting to turn towards over-the-top.  Shortly thereafter we were reminded that Ken picked up the legacy advantage after Jessica was sent home the night before. As a ukuelele played in the background to sooth Ken’s words we were again shown him talking about how he wants to make a better life for his daughter which only means one thing. Ken’s Winner’s Edit is back. It took a long time coming but it’s finally back and it seems more than obvious now that Ken’s anonymity in the past four episodes actually meant very little given the hero’s edit he received in the first half of the season and again today.

After that without even an ounce of strategizing it was straight into the loved-one’s visit and officially the record for longest loved one’s visit in the history of Survivor has been broken. Don’t get me wrong, everything about Adam and his mom was touching and every single contestant and their loved one bawling their eyes out is always enthralling TV to watch. But having said that it wasn’t the reason we all tuned in to see the show tonight and so spending nearly half of the episode on it was a little much. However, the loved one’s visit did provide some amazing moments to watch including Adam getting some information on his mom who continues her battle with stage-four lung cancer, Bret showing a bit of humility by crying even though he claimed he wouldn’t, and Adam giving his (pointless) reward-stealing advantage to a member of the opposing alliance, Jay. Although it was a nice gesture from Adam to give Jay the advantage, because they are not aligned at all, it makes zero strategic sense and could easily come back to bite him. Jay has already proven himself to be a beast in challenges and now with a reward-stealing advantage in his back-pocket as well he just became all the more dangerous. And by the way the only reason why Adam was even at this reward and had the opportunity to gift Jay his advantage to begin with was because Probst literally kept on saying “okay you can invite one more person” until Jay finally decided to take Adam on the reward. This is how the conversation between Jay and Jeff probst went.

Jeff: “Okay Jay, you won the reward because you’re the new Joey Amazing, but you know what would be even more amazing, taking one person AND their loved one on this reward. Who is it going to to be?”
Jay: “Hmm let’s see…Adam…no…Ken…no, OH! I gotta take my boy Will!”
Jeff: “Okay Will come up and join Jay! Okay Jay, because you didn’t take Adam, you get to choose one more person and their loved one to come with you…please pick Adam”
Jay: “Well Sunday promised me and I like Sundae’s so I guess I’m taking Sunday!”
Jeff: “Damn it Jay!!! Okay you get to take just one more person with you and if it’s not Adam, Sia is going to show up to the reunion and give Adam a million dollars to help his mom and your designated air time will be gone, so you might as well take Adam”
Jay: “Well I wouldn’t want Sia to do that! Also I respect Adam for not stealing my loved one reward win so cries Adam it has to be you!”
Jeff: “Thank goodness! My job is done here. Let’s go get a sandwich”

Oh Jeff Probst, we kid because we love you.

Anyway, as the show moves back into the part of the game that actually has an effect on how things play out, Adam in surprising fashion ticks off another box from his Survivor bucket list and takes home the immunity necklace for his first time this season. My one complaint before I move into all the pre-tribal strategizing is that the immunity challenges have been really boring this season. They can only get better from here as the season comes closer to the end and every episode becomes more and more intense but since the merge there hasn’t been a single immunity challenge worth seeing. Either way, Adam winning immunity meant very little other than the fact that he could have the comfort of knowing he wasn’t going to go home which may have had an effect on something he did at tribal later on.

As the audience collectively exasperated from the slow-paced nature of the episode, suddenly a new character emerged, young 18-year old Will Wahl who wanted to make a Stephen Fishbach styled big move and build his resume for the end of the game. Realizing that Zeke had full control of the island and feeling undervalued by his alliance, Will decided that it would be in his best interest to make a big move against the mustached male so that he could have something to claim at the end of the game as being entirely his move. But then realizing that David’s core four were uncharacteristically calm and comfortable, the mustached male decided to pull Will aside and make sure that he was voting with them, asking the 18-year old if he was okay with writing down Ken’s name.

Will immediately then ran back to his new friends and told Ken that Zeke’s alliance was conspiring to take him out, to which makes Ken ask in total monotone sombreness “Why?”. Left in bewilderment and fearing for his life in the game, the 33-year old then decided to pull Jay aside and blow up Will’s double dealing. This in turn then found it’s way back to the whole entire group including Zeke who was left having to reconsider who his alliance was going to vote for.  Now that Zeke’s group was aware that David’s group knew that they were going to vote for Ken, they then needed to change the vote and because of the fear that David somehow had another idol they decided to put the votes on Hannah Shapiro. Right before tribal council we get a shot of Hannah saying “I think I’m going home?” and Adam saying “really?” setting up a will he or won’t he scenario with the immunity idol.

After a fairly dull tribal council that centred around Will’s desire to make a big move in the game, it was clear that the 18-year old was in fact going to stick with his original alliance to take out whoever Zeke’s intended target was. But just before the votes were read, David and Adam were able to decipher that the votes were coming Hannah’s way, and Adam whipped out his immunity idol (from underneath his shorts) and played it for Hannah, knocking Zeke out of the game. Zeke has been an amazing character to have on the show and I was left feeling kind of sad that he didn’t get a really proper or poetic send-off. Instead of going home at the hands of arch-nemesis David Wright he went home at what turned out to be Will Wahl, yes not Adam’s immunity idol, the 18-year old who has barely been involved in the game up to this point at all.

But Wait…Will was Responsible for Zeke’s Elimination? 

That’s right. Turns out, Will actually voted with David’s alliance to take out Zeke, meaning that if Adam hadn’t played his idol for Hannah, Zeke still would have gone home by a vote of 5-4. Better to be safe then sorry but in hindsight had he known Will was going to vote for Zeke the homeless shelter manager could have used his secret weapon for another day. Although I’ll give him crap for giving away his reward to an opposing alliance member and although he didn’t need to play his idol tonight to come out on top, Adam playing the idol for Hannah will always come across now in the eyes of the jury as the move that swung the power of the game back in the advantage of his group and on top of that, the move that sent the top dog in the game home. But the sad thing is that Zeke would have gone home irregardless of Adam’s idol play and so even though this technically was the result of Will Wahl stepping up to the plate and trying succeeding in making a so called “big move” it is Adam instead who will now always come across as the hero who eliminated Zeke.

Confessional Count – Episode 12 



Will Wahl

5 14
Adam Klein 3 Positive


Ken McNickle

3 Mixed 16
David Wright 2


Zeke Smith

2 Negative 34

Hannah Schapiro

2 15
Jay Starett 1


Bret LaBelle 0 DNS


Sunday Burquest 0 DNS


Sunday and Bret came out of this episode confessional-less while Will Wahl became the star of the episode and topped the charts for the first time this season. David is still in the lead, 7 behind his closest competitor Zeke who will end his Survivor 33 reign with a decent tally of 34 confessionals.


Now it’s time to talk about everyone’s favourite topic…..Edgic! Bret enjoys Edgic so much that he decided to play the accordion for us in glee. Wait that’s not an accordion? Sorry I was so bored duirng the immunity challenge that I must have forgot what they were doing. But hey you know what’s not boring? The chart below.



Will Wahl



Adam Klein 5 Positive


Ken McNickle

5 Mixed MOR

David Wright


Zeke Smith

3 Negative OTT
Hannah Schapiro 3


Jay Starett 3


Bret LaBelle 1 DNS


Sunday Burquest 1 DNS


What on earth is Edgic? Check out Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Premiere Recap, Edgic and Analysis for a full introduction. 

Well Will Wahl received a massive visibility spike this episode, becoming a complex personnel for the first time this season and as a result could be one of the favourites to go home next week after receiving very little attention for months on end. Adam Klein received a very positive edit this episode with all the talk about his mom and how heroic he came across in everything from giving his advantage to Jay to winning immunity to playing the immunity idol for Hannah. Ken McNickle also received a very positive edit talking about his daughter twice in this episode and how he wants to win the money to give her a better life but received a “Mixed Tone” designation because of the negative way other people in the game were shown talking about him. Zeke Smith meanwhile came across very over-the-top right from the onset and was never able to recover while Sunday Burquest, not for the first time this season, went invisible.

The Winner’s Edit 

KEN IS BACK! I knew it was going to happen! Putting my eggs into David’s basket never felt quite right and it is with mixed-emotions that I steal the throne away from the former Family guy writer and declare Ken to be the winner of this season. The bearded man pictured above went missing for four episodes before this but you just felt that the moment he came back on to the television screen that he would warm our hearts again and find himself back on everyone’s mind as the clear winner of the season. Talking about his daughter with a delightful ukuelele playing in the background was just one instance of Ken’s blatant Winner’s Edit this episode and although the other contestants were shown talking quite negatively about him for blowing up Will’s game, it was always just a red herring to steer us away from the main plot of Zeke getting kicked off of the island. The 33-year old has received a tremendously positive edit so far this season and his portrayal from the first half of the merge has been enough to counter-act his four-episode confessional-less streak and earn himself the the coveted Winner’s Edit again.

David is out of it, Adam is out of it and Jay is out of it. Ken will be winner of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X.

Next Time On Survivor 

This next episode is titled “Slayed the Survivor Dragon” and so since Benjamin “Coach” Wade is not on this season, it is a bit unclear who will be the one doing the slaying and who will be slayed. Will Brendan Synott and Coach make a return to the game as candy-like rewards for the taking? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

If I had to guess who the “Survivor Dragon” is based on everything that has happened this season bar the preview for next episode, my only guess would have to be David as he has been the one with the most poll and power in the game. Judging by the preview for next week this just might turn out to be true as it appears Will Wahl is going to continue his post-merge splash to try and win the game by making an attempt to get out David. Hey he got out Zeke so why not? Only problem is, it looks as though he’s going to try and do that by confronting David’s loyal ally Adam about it which could only turn out badly for the 18-year old. As a result I predict that for once we can actually go by what the preview tells us and that Will Wahl will get taken out as Jay decides not to play his idol for his friend despite being aware of his potential elimination.

However, it may not be as clear-cut as that and next week’s episode actually looks set to be a very complex one, especially should Will return to the allies he combined with to inadvertedly take out Jessica Lewis. If Will returns to the side of Bret, Sunday and Jay, that’ll make things tied at 4-4 again and if no one is willing to budge again we could be on our way to seeing another rock draw. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens on next week’s fantastic new episode of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X. It looks set to be a good one for sure.


Although “About to Have a Rumble” was one of the more dull episodes of the season, the vote out of Zeke was still a highly entertaining one with plenty to dissect. Should Will Wahl return to his old friends next episode it’ll leave the game even more up in arms again and we could be headed for another tie and another complex vote. Will Jay finally play his idol and will he use to save Will? Or will David Wright finally fall to despair and crash down at the final eight? Tune in next week to find out. It has been another fun episode recap and I can’t wait to see you all next week for another one. By for now!

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