Survivor 34 Game Changers Missed Opportunities

The cast of Survivor 34 still hasn’t been announced officially by CBS but has been available to us for quite some time by the always reliable Survivor Redmond. Through all the incredible characters to get cast on this new season which will be titled Game Changers and which you can view here -> SPOILER ALERT: Survivor Season 34 Cast <- there were several dissappointments and left Survivor superfans reeling. Here are eight characters that CBS and Survivor have done horribly to miss out on for their upcoming season.

Jon Misch

After watching Tony Vlachos win Survivor Cagayan with an aggressive style of game-play, many San Juan Del Sur contestants came to play right from the very start, prepared to make big moves. Natalie won S29 by her stellar strategic and balls-to-the-wall game-play but another contestant on that season who was willing to do whatever it took to win was Jon Misch. Jon found an idol, made a huge move to get rid of Jeremy and was perfectly positioned to take control of the game had Natalie not been such a savvy player. Jon is the type of player that won’t relax, won’t lay back and won’t let death take him in the game. He will do whatever it takes to win and surely is more of a game changer than several of the contestants that were actually picked to be on the season. Jon was in the mix for the season just like he was for Survivor Cambodia, but ultimately wasn’t selected.

Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson was supposed to be on this season and had she actually made the trip out there she would have been without a question my pick to win. Natalie is one of the best social and strategic players of all time and won San Juan del Sur in a flashy, exciting fashion. She changed the dynamics and the power structures of San Juan del Sur on several occasions and is the biggest game changer of any season in recent memory. However, a few days before filming was about to begin she dropped out and was replaced by the game-unchanging Sierra Dawn Thomas. If Natalie had been on this season she absolutely would have changed the game unlike Sierra who will probably just float and coast along and win in a very ironic fashion, by not changing the game at all and being a person everyone wants to work with. Oh Natalie. She’s such a good player and will return to Survivor one day. It’s just too bad she had to drop out.

Hayden Moss

Ciera Eastin is heavily remembered for forcing a rock draw at the final six in Blood vs. Water, but what often goes forgotten is how crucial a role that Hayden Moss played in her decision to flip. Hayden did everything he could to get Ciera to flip and negotiated brilliantly with her, promising her that she woudn’t be on the bottom and would be in the top three if she voted with him. Hayden, a smart and savvy player who won Big Brother 12, definitely has every quality needed to do well and change the outcome of the game in any single season of reality tv he participates in and absolutely should have been given the chance to return for a second time to Survivor. Surely he deserved to return for a second time more than Caleb Reynolds, the only other Big Brother contestant to also compete on Survivor who will be taking place in Season 34. But Survivor has overlooked him again and this one goes down as a Missed Opportunity yet again.

Trish Hegarty

Trish Hegarty is one of the greatest social players of all time. Every time Tony Vlachos made a mess, Trish was right there to clean it up. As a result of her loyalty to Tony till the end, she would have won the game had Tony not flipped on her to go to the end with two people that might have been more or less goats in Woo and Kass. On top of her strong social and strategic game she also was unquestionably a game changer. Her presence made Lindsey quit, she had the biggest role in convincing Kass to flip onto her side at the merge and her relationship with Tony is what was running most of Season 28. Not to mention her final jury speech is heartwrenching and enthralling at the same time. Trish is a standout player who will always change the game should she be given the opportunity to play again.

Kyle Jason

This without a doubt would be a controversial choice by CBS but Kyle Jason will change any given season he’s ever on no matter what circumstance he finds himself in. He’s brash, he’s rude, but he’s also willing to do whatever it takes to win. He’ll also make moves that make no sense at all, which always leads to good TV and won’t be afraid to play the role of the villain. He could redeem his status as a bully, he could redeem his status as a bad player and he would be in the fight to win even if he would never have a chance of actually winning. One thing is for sure, Kyle Jason definitely is a game changer. He wouldn’t be the type of person to get voted off early and he wouldn’t be the type of player to hide in other peoples’ shadows. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing this fan-non-favourite back and see how he drastically changes his game.

Carolyn Rivera

Carolyn Rivera, a middle aged mom and member of the always disadvantaged White Collar tribe played an incredibly cutthroat game in Worlds Apart and hardly ever received enough credit for it. She found an idol early on, used it strategically to build alliances, played it correctly to eliminate an old ally and had a good relationship with everyone on the island. The Florida native always knew how to position herself within the majority alliance and despite being in her fifties was more than capable at winning individual immunity challenges. Even though she lost the game by a vote of 6-1-1 to Mr. Mike Holloway, Carolyn Rivera definitely deserves a lot of credit for the way she played and should be thought of as more of a game changer than several of the names on the list.

Adam Klein

Obviously it was incredibly courageous for Adam to even go out to the islands of Fiji with his mom critically ill with stage four lung cancer and that probably played a massive role in why he wasn’t considered back for Survivor 34. Millennials vs. Gen X and Game Changers were filmed one after the other, not even months apart and so there was no way Adam was going to come back. However, the homeless shelter manager was incredibly entertaining TV last season and had a massive impact on the game. Players like David and Zeke made several mistakes in their quest to get to the end and although Adam wasn’t short of mistakes either, his ability to use Jay and David as shields ensured he had a smooth run to the finale while his impeccable social game and ability to remain under the radar helped him along the way as well. Mr. Klein is the type of player always edging to make a big move but is very careful in waiting for exactly the right moment to do so. He’s also always looking for idols and attempting to use secrets as a way to advance his own position in the game. Adam is the type of player that will do anything to win the game and even if he was never coming back for this season, this is exactly the type of player that we needed in Survivor Game Changers.

Natalie Bolton

There is probably no one that I want to return to Survivor more than Natalie Bolton. Her cutthroat game and incredibly devilish confessionals are unlike any other player ever seen before and despite having her own incredible following it often goes underreported how much work she did for the Black Widow Brigade and how Parvati and co absolutely could not have pulled off the blindsides of Jason and Erik without her. Natalie, being a member of the “Fans” tribe, used her sociability and trustworthiness to deceive the other “Fans” in the post-merge like Erik and Jason, into thinking they could trust her when they actually couldn’t. Natalie is particularly crucial in the Erik vote off, as she is the one who manages to convince Erik to give up his necklace, making sure to tell him that it will redeem him in the eyes of the jury. Natalie was ruthless in voting both of her fellow allies out of the game and the way she managed to get them both to trust her so easily only to vote them both out so stylishly was incredible. If she brought that type of gameplay to Survivor 34 and was given the opportunity she could have been one of the biggest game changers of the season.


It is clear to me that by titling this season Game Changers that the Survivor producers want every single player to come out swinging and make big moves right from the start. By throwing in game unchangers like Sierra Dawn-Thomas and Hali Ford and giving them titles as Game Changers these players will do everything in their power to prove their title and hopefully will change the game in one way or another. Regardless of all the missed opportunities and the big loss of both Natalie’s, Survivor 34 should be an incredible season and The Mastermind is really looking forward to covering it. Hope to see you soon for more articles like this. Bye for now!

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