Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Episode 13 Recap, Edgic and Analysis

In the first ever double tribal council hour-long episode of Survivor new contenders emerged and two relative non-factors in the season were eliminated. Let’s get right into this exciting episode titled “Slayed the Survivor Dragon”.

Episode 13 of the hit TV series’ 33rd season started out with young 18-year old Will Wahl feeling overly jubilant about his decision to flip on Zeke at the previous vote. Will is shown in confessional talking about how he thinks he is in control of the game and The Mastermind could not disagree less as it was clear for all to see that Will had actually just screwed over his entire game and was going to be in the worst position moving forward. Not only did Will flip on his only loyal allies in the game, he also increased the target on his back. Immediately after Will is shown talking about how confident he feels with his position in the game, Adam, Bret and Sunday are making plans to eliminate him. Bret approaches Adam by the water well about the idea of taking the three biggest targets in the game out in the next three votes, which in his eyes are David, Jay and Will. Adam instantly agrees to this and even though it is pretty obvious that Adam isn’t going to betray David if it isn’t the right time to do so, this was actually a very intelligent move for Bret to make. Recognizing Adam’s perception of where he stands in the game, Bret appeals to the 25-year old’s rational side and tries to improve his own position in the game by elucidating to the homeless shelter manager who the big threats are in the game. Not only is this a great move for Bret but it would also be an excellent one for Adam because at that point if Jay, David and Will were out of the game, he would still have a 3-2 numbers advantage with Hannah and Ken and could easily take out Sunday and Bret, the two smallest immunity threats in the game. From then on, he would probably be able to sweep the final jury vote and win the game. Adam obviously recognizes how good of a move this would be for him but is not convinced about rushing into it, still wanting to get Will out first because of the 18-year old’s new-found confidence in the game. So after Jay the Sea Monster who is now also apparently becoming a Land Monster won his second immunity challenge of the season, Will was the obvious target.

The 18-year old tried to do everything he could to take out David who at this point is beginning to run away with things, but ultimately nobody was willing to work with him except for the Sea Monster himself, Jay. As expected, Will’s move to flip on his allies last week was a really poor decision. If he had just sat still and not tried to make a big move he would almost certainly still be in the game now. But instead, Mr. Wahl’s eagerness to make a big move comes as a reminder once again Why Jeff Probst Needs To Stop Telling Contestants To Make Big Moves. So in the first half hour of episode thirteen, Will Wahl was eliminated in a really rushed fashion giving way to a much more intriguing second half hour.

The second ‘episode’ of this double down spectacle started out with Jay feeling like the black plague. And with good reason too. Every single person who has aligned with him since the merge has been eliminated, leaving him figuratively alone on an island. So here comes Adam “Social Game” Klein to the rescue, trying to make amends with the person that has strangely become his arch nemesis in the game. In this fantastic coversation in the darkness of the night, Jay begs Adam to keep him in it. This only demonstrates once again how good of a social game that Adam has played. Even though he and Jay have been at loggerheads the entire season, the surfer still feels the closest connection with the homeless shelter manager and sees him as his only chance at staying in the game.

Shortly thereafter the second immunity challenge of the season occurs and quite honestly it is one of the best I have ever seen. Contestants had to complete a puzzle while at the same time rolling a ball down one of those tables with nails in it where you don’t know when or where the ball will drop to the bottom. The seven contestants could only work on the puzzle while their ball was rolling down the table and if it dropped off of the table without them catching it in time, they’d have to wait until it was completely done rolling down a very slow set of gradual ramps. This was a really cool idea for a challenge but at the same time it would be so frustrating to compete in as you could never just let your mind focus on the puzzle and would always have to be thinking about that slow moving ball too. Ken took the lead very early on and at one point even thought he had the puzzle done until Jeff declared him to be wrong. But with Jay catching up, Adam decided that he simply couldn’t let his nemesis win invincibility and decided to stop working on his own puzzle and start helping Ken, telling him exactly when the Gen X’er needed to turn around and catch his ball. With Adam’s help, Ken comfortably walked to his first immunity win of the season.

When the contestants arrived back at camp chaos followed and not in the form of explosive personalities getting in each other’s way but instead with several different names being brought up in several different contexts. Every single person seemed to want to something different at this vote and it was just a battle of who was ultimately going to get their way.

Jay was hoping to stay and not have to use his immunity idol while Adam was hoping to vote for Jay with the belief that the Florida native would play his idol and David would be sent home. David meanwhile initially wanted to vote out Bret but was quickly convinced by Hannah that Sunday should be the target instead. The once upon a time student of Max Dawson’s Survivor class’ took a page out of the Tasha Fox & Spencer Bledsoe playbook by making plans to eliminate the goat at the final seven in Sunday Burquest and did a remarkable job of convincing everyone why it was the best move to make.

Ken and David may have been easily persuaded by Hannah’s proposition but Adam on the other hand was far from convinced. The homeless shelter manager still wanted to take out Jay with the back-up plan being David. However as time grew on, Adam came to his senses, realized there was no point in arguing as it wasn’t his neck on the line, and voted with the majority alliance again to eliminate Sunday.

In this battle for power, Hannah Shapiro ended up being the one to come out on top, doing a magnificent job at convincing her allies why a move that was best for her game was also the best move for other people even though it wasn’t. Hannah convinced three people to vote for Sunday when it may have been in their best interest to go in other directions. By eliminating the only goat in the game, Hannah smartly solidfies her place in the finals and keeps the pressure off of her close ally David. However, my big worry for Hannah is that she isn’t getting credit for any of the moves she is making. It’s been obvious for quite some time that Hannah isn’t winning this game BUT from a strategic standpoint, completly ignoring the edit of the show, she would be a very deserving winner of this game based on the way she has played. I would go as far as to argue that she has played a better game up until this point in the season than everyone left apart from Adam. Hannah Shapiro might not win this game but I think she is a very astute Survivor player and definitely deserves a Mastermind Mention.

Other Things To Note 

Obviously we can’t conclude this recap without discussing the fabulous scene of Jay and Adam talking about their moms back home while laying together on the hammock. Adam for the first time in the game, on day 35, tells someone that his mom has stage four lung cancer and Jay’s reaction is to immediately pull his buff over his eyes as Adam continues to talk. The 27-year old surfer started to cry the moment Adam mentioned his mom and was able to relate to the homeless shelter manager once again by relaying his own fear that his mom, who suffers from aneurysms could die at any moment as well. This was a really touching moment and one that definitely added to the strategic perplexity of this episode. In this scene the surfer also begged Adam to keep him in the game again to no avail as Hannah steered her ally in a different direction and Adam also convinced Jay to play his idol even though he didn’t need to.

Secondly, it has to be noted how anoymous Sunday Burquest has been this season. The 7th place finisher received just 10 confessionals in 13 episodes and as a result will go down as one of the least visibile contestants to go far in a Survivor season. However her elimination this episode was one of the reasons why I love Survivor so much as because of her confessional-less streak I just could not see her going home this episode until it ultimately happened. Still though, Sunday leaves the game in 7th place as one of the characters who has strangely had the least amount of impact on the over-arching storyline.

Confessional Count 



Adam Klein

6 37
Jay Starett 5


Ken McNickle

3 19

Hannah Schapiro

3 18
David Wright 2


Will Wahl 2 Negative


Bret LaBelle 2


Sunday Burquest 0 DNS


In this double elimination episode, Adam Klein received triple the amount of confessionals to running total leader David Wright as the homeless shelter manager had a massive role to play in both votes and closes the gap to six. Everyone except for the negative sounding Will came across really toneless this episode and in dramatic fashion Sunday was sent home without giving a single confessional.


Adam yet again emerges as the most complex player of this season while David’s edit takes a dive towards under the radar. Here are my edgic scores for episode 13 of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X.  What is edgic? Check out Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X Premiere Recap, Edgic and Analysis.



Adam Klein

5 CP

Jay Starett


Ken McNickle


Hannah Schapiro



David Wright 3


Will Wahl 4 Negative


Bret LaBelle 2


Sunday Burquest 1 DNS


Even though Sunday receives a DNS (Did Not Speak) for this episode due to not receiving a single confessional she did at least receive a question at tribal council and therefore isn’t truly invisible, instead claiming the only under the radar designation this time around. David was the other one closest to being under the radar as even though he had an enormous role to play in both eliminations he was instead cast to the shadows of other characters and was for once not the overriding narrator behind everything. Instead complex players Adam and Hannah Shapiro were driving this episode from a strategic standpoint.

The Winner’s Edit – Episode 13 

Is it Ken? Is it David? Is it Adam? Could it even perhaps be Jay? Who will win this season and who has that coveted Winner’s Edit? At this point in the season it is so hard to tell and you have to credit the editing department for that. If one was to judge who was going to win this season based on the events of this episode alone Adam would be the obvious choice. However based on the events of the season as a whole I think we have to return to our good friend David Wright and deter once and for all from Ken McNickle when looking for an answer to the above question. David has had the most consistent run in this game from an editing standpoint and probably even a gameplay viewpoint as well. Ken on the other hand has kind of become a bit of joke in the editing department in these last two episodes and has been talked about by a few of the characters on the season as someone who will lose to David in a final tribal council vote. I think these words that first came from the mouth of Will Wahl are nothing other than foreshadowing the moment when David beats Ken in the final jury vote and wins the million dollar vote.

Adam is still a contender but has ultimately probably ruined his chances of winning the season by waiting too long to eliminate David. Unless he can somehow go on an immunity run, Adam will be voted out of this game and David will make it to the final three with Ken and Hannah and take the game with ease.

Do you disagree? Who do you think will win? Comment below or vote in the quiz to the right of your screen to share your opinion!

Next Time On Survivor 

The finale is finally here and it feels as though this season has flown by. For me there are only two contenders to win this season. Adam and David. The latter is the likeliest of the two and was the only player to talk in the preview for next week, boasting his chances all the more. Beyond Jeff’s empty words of “Every single player has a chance of winning this season” was David’s intriguing statement “If I have to do dirty tricks like this then so be it” as they showed him putting what looked to be a fake idol around his neck. Oh man is this finale going to be an interesting one. The idol is seemingly back in play, Ken’s probably meaningless ‘Legacy Advantage’ is also a point of interest and now David who has for me been the breakout star of this season has another “dirty trick” up his sleeve. This could be one of the greatest finales of all time, especially with the Winner’s Edit not quite as clearcut as seasons past.

I have already predicted that David will be the winner of this season due to his excellent position in the game and strong edit but it is really unclear how exactly he’s getting there. Here’s how I predict it to go down…

Day 36 – Ken uses the Legacy Advantage to help him win immunity. Jay is sent packing as final three of Ken, Hannah and David is more or less finalized.
Day 37 – David wins immunity solidying his place in the final four. Bret is eliminated.
Day 38 – Ken wins immunity and takes Hannah and David with him to the final three. Adam is eliminated and becomes the final member of the jury.

Jury Votes:
Michelle – David
Taylor – David
Chris – David
Jessica – Ken
Zeke – David
Will – David
Sunday – David
Jay – Hannah
Bret – David
Adam – David

In the end, David wins the final jury vote by a massive 8-1-1 vote. Jessica tosses her vote Ken’s way due to their close relationship in the game and Jay sends his vote in Hannah’s direction without a clear reason as to why. This is of course only speculation but I think one thing is very clear ~ If David gets to the end he will win this season.


Well even though this “double down” Survivor episode was not the most entertaining of the season, it was still incredibly entertaining with so much to dissect. Two relative non-factors in the season in Will and Sunday were eliminated as we gear up towards what could be one hell of a flamboyant finale. I can’t wait to break it all down for you again this time next week on December 14th when the winner of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X will be crowned and an article about how bad the reunion show was follows. See you then and thanks for reading!

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