If Big Brother Canada 5 Was An All Star Season

With just a month left until the premiere of Big Brother Canada and still a minimal amount of information about what the season has in store, rumours have begun floating around (as they usually do) that Big Brother Canada 5 could be an all-star season. You might think it’s too early for an all star season after just five seasons but with such a multitude of amazing characters it would actually be incredibly easy to turn the next season of the show into a returning player season. But who would production cast if Big Brother Canada 5 was an All Star season? Who would the fans want to see back and who would The Mastermind want to see back? Those are the questions that we are going to be answering today as The Mastermind selects the cast for Big Brother Canada 5 if it were to be an all star season.

The following 16 players are ranked in terms of who should receive the call first and be given the chance to play again. Tim Dormer and Nikki Graehme are not ranked as it would be too hard logistically to bring them back to Canada meanwhile, Bruno Ielo, Ashleigh Wood, Britnee Blair, Andrew Gordon and Peter Brown were heavily considered but couldn’t make the final cut. Hope you enjoy!

TOP PICK: Godfrey Mangwiza 

One of the greatest players to ever play and also one of the most entertaining. Godfrey Mangwiza is one of the standout characters in Big Brother history and would probably be the first person that the BBCAN production team call. His “I Want Your Blood On These Hands” speech in Jordan Parhar’s eviction has been argued to have changed the way speeches have been done in the game and with so many memorable moments it’s hard for anyone to forget Godfrey no matter how far away you can get removed from season three. He most certainly should have won the season and made a massive splash in a strategic sense and in the entertainment department as well. Godfrey always knew how to position himself and fly under the radar yet somehow still managed to make for amazing TV even when he wasn’t involved in what was going on. As one of the most entertaining and best strategists the Canadian game has seen, Godfrey has to be the first name on the list.

TOP PICK: Cassandra Shahinfar

Never afraid to speak her mind and a highly capable and persuasive player, Cassandra Shahinfar has to be the first female player that production gives the call to for Big Brother Canada 5. Cassandra was the surprise star of BBCAN4 and positioned herself perfectly well towards the end of the game. Her speeches were often hilarious and she also never shied away from making an enemy in the house. The self-proclaimed Persian Princess was also a master manipulator of the game, pulling off an incredible move to send Joel home at the final five and somehow keeping her alliance with Tim and Joel a secret for almost the entire season. The fans love her, production love her, The Mastermind loves her and Cassandra Shahinfar has to be one of the first female players that Big Brother Canada come calling for.

Kevin Martin

Who could ever forget Kevin Martin from Big Brother Canada 3? The man was the star of the show up until he went home and was the clear and succinct fan favourite of the season. Kevin was an instant hit from the very first episode when he was given a task for a thousand dollars to screw over the rest of the house and pop one of the five balloons they were meant to hold up in the air for five hours each. In typical Kevin fashion, he pulled it off without anyone even noticing and whilst laughing his head off. From that moment on he was a fan favourite and his charismatic prowess in the diary room and strategic sense dominated the first half of the season. There is a small chance that Kevin might reject the call given how good he has it in the poker industry at the moment, but there is a much larger chance that the fan and producer favourite is itching at the chance to come back and play again.

Neda Kalantar

One of the greatest players of all time Big Brother, Neda Kalantar cannot be ignored for a returnee season of the Canadian version of the show. She dominated the entire second half of Big Brother Canada 2 and even though she wasn’t always the most entertaining person on the season she certainly had her moments where her personality really came out. Neda is popular among casuals and superfans alike and also has a clear storyline to her return regarding how she was betrayed by her loyal ally Jon at the final three and then dated him right after the show ended. Neda is a BBCAN legend, an amazing strategist and would definitely have to be one of the first names on any list involving Big Brother Canada, including the cast of an all star season.

Jon Pardy

From drinking tasks with Alison White to his hilarious persona in the diary room, Jon Pardy was one of the stars of Big Brother Canada 2 from start to finish. An alpha male who managed to perfect the under the radar strategy has to be given an immense amount of credit and even though Jon for large sections of the game was the one in control, nobody had a clue. The hockey man along with Adele and Neda was even one of the only people that Ika actually felt bad for when she shredded those letters. One-half of the devastating alliance that dominated BBCAN 2, Jon Pardy is not only an amazing player but makes for amazing TV as well. Jon knew what it took to win Big Brother Canada and sealed the deal when he eliminated his loyal ally Neda Kalantar at the final three. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Jon would be one of the first people that production would call on a returning season of Big Brother Canada.

Jillian MacLaughlin

The star of Amazing Race Canada 4 and one of the faces of the BBCAN franchise, Jillian MacLaughlin has to come back for any all star season of either show. Jillian is great in the diary room, combustible when under pressure and naturally clashes with all kinds of personalities. At the same time, she also has the ability to be extroadinarily likable and despite being the winner of the first ever season of the show would be set up very well to possibly even win again in a returnee season. No one considers Jillian a strategist yet she’d easily be able to hide behind big characters just like she did to Emmett, Gary and ‘The Sheyld’ in Season 1. We can’t emphasize enough how amazing Jillian is in front of the cameras and how much of an impact she would make on a returnee Big Brother Canada season.

Gary Levy

There’s never been a character like him on any season of reality tv that I have seen and he has to be one of the clear fan favourites in the show’s history. Gary brings an element to the game and the show that make him impossible to ignore and just the sheer nature of him being there would confuse the heck out of most of the players on this list. Production has also brought him back for cameos in later seasons and he was even a prominent figure on the side-show until Sarah took over. Gary isn’t a great player but he is someone that the fans love, production love and is one of the most recognizable faces of the show so far. All of this make it obvious that Gary Levy absolutely has to be asked to return for Big Brother Canada 5 if it is an all-star season.

Ika Wong

Remembered mostly for her iconic shredding of her fellow houseguests’ letters from home, Ika Wong is one of the greatest female characters in Big Brother Canada history. She’s explosive, not afraid to speak her mind, and a terrible player, which all make for amazing TV and an element to the game that make it hard for capable players to work around. She also has the incredible distinction of being the first ever female to win the Power of Veto in the Canadian version of the show. In regards to the letter incident, Ika knew exactly what Canada wanted to see and played into all of it, giving production and the fans exactly what they wanted by shredding every single letter and having some harsh words to go along with it. She was a prominent figure in the season despite being there for just four weeks, had an incredibly memorable HOH in the elimination of Paul Jackson and despite being eliminated so early on remains one of the most well-known Big Brother Canada players.

Phil & Nick Paquette

It was an amazing twist that initially seemed like a drawback but turned into a massive advantage for these two lovable brothers. Phil Paquette and Nick Paquette were two of the most prominent characters in Big Brother Canada 4 and whilst playing as one player, against all odds won the game. Phil was a highly explosive and neurotic character, while the calm Nick was clever and skillful in challenges. This duo balanced each other out wonderfully well and it is no secret that they made for amazing TV. If they were to bring back just one of the brothers it would obviously have to be the entertainer in Phil, but The Mastermind would love to see them back in the same season again together, playing just as they did the first time as one player.

Sarah Hanlon

The Mastermind has always maintained that Sarah Hanlon was the wrong winner of Big Brother Canada 3 but production loves her, the fans love her and she is at the very least a very decent player. Sarah may have benefited from every single production twist in her season but she still had a major mark to make on BBCAN3 and was a large part of some of the most memorable moments, including accidentally eliminating her best friend and another very famous incident with Willow as well. The majority of fans like Sarah and certainly everyone remembers Sarah so there is no reason at all why she wouldn’t get the call.

Emmett Blois

A challenge beast and an iconic figure from season one of Big Brother Canada, Emmett Blois cannot be forgotten about for this all star season of the show. He showed on Amazing Race Canada 4 that he is not always the most amazing TV but his strategy and gameplay in Big Brother was far and above the rest of the cast. Besides who wouldn’t want to see the dynamic duo of Jillian and Emmett back in the house again together? Production seems to love him given how much they want to bring him back for guest appearances on seasons that have aired since his own and he would undoubtedly jump at the opportunity to come back as well.

Lovieta Adams

The first six episodes of Big Brother Canada should have probably been renamed “The Loveita Show” as she was absolutely everywhere at the beginning of the game. The moment she stepped foot in the BBCAN Grand, she lost control and went Devin Shepherd levels of insane, while simultaneously either being nominated for eviction or winning HOH every single week she was on the show. Every houseguest was impacted by Loveita’s crazy and neurotic play, and she was almost unintentionally responsible for the first three evicted houseguests. Always scrabbling to keep herself alive and a challenge beast, Loveita makes for amazing TV and would likely be a production favourite to be back for an all star season.

Dallas Cormier

In all of these all star seasons, you always have to throw in a loudmouth wildcard who is just going to completely mess up the game. Dallas Cormier is that man. Although his presence on this hypothetical season would probably make him the biggest character of the show and force better players to fade into the background, he has to be one of the most entertaining figures of the show’s four season history. His POV-winning episode will forever go down as one of the best of the show’s history while the way he went out with Tim and the gummy bears was highly memorable as well. The fans don’t absolutely love him but for a few weeks in that house, he was the voice of reason against everything negative and you can’t ignore that he would never shy away from making a big move. Dallas is a terrible player but an amazing character and should be one of the people that Big Brother Canada give a call.

Talla Rejaei

Funny, attractive, outgoing and memorable, Talla Rejaei certainly has to be asked back if Big Brother Canada 5 is a returnee season. Talla initially flew under the radar early in the game but came to life in the second half, jumping from alliance to alliance and having a massive impact on the way the season panned out when she joined up with Jillian, Emmet and Andrew. She was normally a sweet and upbeat houseguest but quite often also showed a much fiery side; fighting with Gary, and having uncontrollable meltdowns when faced with difficult competitions. She is also fondly remembered for her hilarious diary room and voting confessionals and not-afraid-to-speak-her-mind type of personality, making her a fan favorite of the show’s first ever season. Talla is the type of player that could easily throw a wrench in a massive player’s plans and now four years older, would be an amazing person to see play the game again.

Mitch Moffit

Probably the most screwed over player in the game, Mitch Moffit has to be given a spot on this All Star season. Fun speeches, amazing gameplay and the player that was completely dominating the first half of the season, Mitch gave so much to offer for Big Brother Canada 4. A successful and popular YouTuber, Mitch also brought an audience to Big Brother Canada 4 that wasn’t there before and if he was brought back for a second time would easily do it again. The one thing that doesn’t work in his favour is that he fills the same archetypical role as Kevin, while he also might not want to leave his YouTube career behind. But surely production would want to have him back for a second time and the fans would absolutely love to have him back as well.

Kelsey Faith

She isn’t necessarily someone that I would want to see back but I can definitely see production taking a look at her, admittedly one of the prettiest girls to play this game, and putting her back into the house. But Kelsey doesn’t just bring a pretty face to Big Brother, she also brings drama. Nearly every single female player in that house had it out for her at one point or another while the majority of the males were drooling for her affection. She is partially responsible for Mitch’s demise and at times was probably the most effective player in that terrible “Third Wheel” alliance. She even could have won the game had she not slipped up so majorly hard in the jury questioning. Kelsey Faith would certainly be an intriguing option to have back for a returnee season of Big Brother Canada and just might be able to sneak on the cast.

In reality, Big Brother Canada 5 will probably not be an all-star season, but what a season it would be if this were the cast. Big Brother Canada 5 is set to premiere next month and The Mastermind can’t wait to bring you constant coverage of it all season long. If this were the cast of the upcoming season, there would never be a dull moment and it would certainly regain any fans that the show has lost over the years. Can’t wait for the premiere and we’ll see you next time!




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