The Producers Got It Right! Big Brother Canada 5 Cast Reveal

On March 8th, 2017 on the eve of the Survivor Game Changers Premiere and exactly one week before the premiere of Big Brother Canada 5 itself, Global TV announced half of the wonderful cast for Big Brother Canada 5 before announcing the other half a day later. Amazingly, the BBCAN producers have managed to get eight stellar returnees back to the show for a Fans vs. Favourites styled season.

The cast features eight returning players and eight first-time players, bringing a high amount of excitement to what this season could produce. So let’s begin by talking about what everyone wants to hear all about, our returning players! Here is our Big Brother Canada 5 cast reveal!


Kevin Martin

“I can recognize the mistakes I made the first time…The first time I played I thought having good social game was just getting along with everyone, but it turned out to be a little shallow. This time I want to get to know people deeper on a personal level”

The first returnee is the one and only Kevin Martin; fan favourite of Season 3 and a player who had the game practically on lock until a triple eviction sent him packing. The Calgary native was the star of BBCAN3 until he went home and was the clear and succinct fan favourite of the season. Kevin was an instant hit from the very first episode when he was given a task for a thousand dollars to screw over the rest of the house and pop one of the five balloons they were meant to hold up in the air for five hours each. In typical Kevin fashion, he pulled it off without anyone even noticing and whilst laughing his head off. From that moment on he was a fan favourite and his charismatic prowess in the diary room and strategic sense dominated the first half of the season.

Kevin is so charming and so incredibly self-aware. He recognizes every single mistake that he made in Season 3 and is prepared to fix all of them. In his pre-game interviews, Kevin said that he wanted to use Jeremy Collins’ Survivor Second Chance strategy of keeping all the “meat-shields” around and The Mastermind cannot wait to see him try. Kevin, a professional poker player who has claimed a high amount of success in the field has all the tools needed to win and looks destined to make a major splash on this go around.

Likelihood To Win: High! 
Likely To Work With: Bruno, Neda and Cass
Likely To Clash With: Sindy, Gary

Neda Kalantar

“Last time I went in and laid low for the first few weeks. I can’t do that now. I have a reputation going in. I’ll have to see who is in there and who I need to work with…It’s going to have to be a lot more fluid this time. My main alliance this season is going to be team Neda – me, my mom and my cat”

One of the greatest players of all time Big Brother, Neda Kalantar was never going to be ignored for a returnee season of Big Brother Canada. She dominated the entire second half of BBCN2 and even though she wasn’t always the most entertaining person on the season she certainly had her moments where her personality really came out. Neda is popular among casuals and superfans alike and also has a clear story-line to her return regarding how she was betrayed by her loyal ally Jon at the final three and then dated him right after the show ended. Neda is a BBCAN legend, an amazing strategist and would definitely have to be one of the first names on any list involving Big Brother Canada, including the cast of an all star season.

The Mastermind is so excited to see Neda back but you have to be a little worried about her chances going into this season. Neda is regarded as the best player of the Canadian version of the show and as a result might find it hard to navigate her way through this season. Moreover, she has negative history with Gary Levy in “dress-gate” and reportedly has post-show baggage with Ika Wong as well. But if anyone can get out of a tough spot it’s Neda. Her social game is impeccable, she always know the right thing to say and she could seriously end up winning this season.

Likelihood To Win: Medium.
Likely To Work With: Bruno, Kevin, Cass
Likely To Clash With: Gary, Sindy

Bruno Ielo

“I need to meet everybody, see what they’re about, see the personalities, learn their strengths and weaknesses and use those against them. It’s a pretty basic strategy. It’s the same way I went in the first time”

Bruno Ielo is back! Although we desperately wanted to include him in our Dream Cast, we simply felt that production would be more likely to call other players like Emmett and Jon Pardy back. But apparently we were wrong! The Mastermind cannot wait for Bruno to come back, especially in a season like this where it looks like he’s set up very nicely! Bruno loves a big move, like when out of the nowhere, he used the POV to save Zach. The BBCAN3 houseguest for a long period of the game was running “The Chop Shop” the dominant alliance in the first half of the season. But amazingly, he managed to do so a way where nobody even knew he was the one calling the shots. He had shields in Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Greg, Bobby, Kevin all in front of him and  Bruno knows how to play this game and until a twist and a blow-up with Sarah and Britnee in his final week in his house.

I have to call my shot right now, Bruno Ielo is winning Big Brother Canada 5.

Likelihood To Win: High! 
Likely To Work With: Kevin, Dallas, The Male Newbies
Likely To Clash With: Sindy

Cassandra Shahinfar

“I still want to ride the middle, and analyze everyone in the house. I still want to say what I need to say to get through each week, and play to each person. But I want them to think I’m this new, different, settled person. Everyone knows how I do things, so that will be my biggest challenge”

Queen Cass is back and The Mastermind could not be more excited. She was our top pick in our Dream Cast of Big Brother Canada 5 and she has to be the most exciting player on this entire season. Never afraid to speak her mind and a highly capable and persuasive player, Cassandra Shahinfar has to be the first female player that production gives the call to for Big Brother Canada 5. Cassandra was the surprise star of BBCAN4 and positioned herself perfectly well towards the end of the game. Her speeches were often hilarious and she also never shied away from making an enemy in the house. The self-proclaimed Persian Princess was also a master manipulator of the game, pulling off an incredible move to send Joel home at the final five and somehow keeping her alliance with Tim and Joel a secret for almost the entire season. The fans love her, production love her, The Mastermind loves her and Cassandra Shahinfar will be so much fun to see back a second time.

Regarding her chances to do well, I think Cass will make it far, she certainly won’t be an early evictee, but I have a feeling she’ll go out right where she did in BBCAN4. She will be amazing to see play again and with all of her complex strategies could easily shake up the game in BBCAN5!

Likelihood To Win: Medium High.
Likely To Work With: Kevin, Dallas, The Newbies
Likely To Clash With: Bruno

Gary Levy

“I’m going to connect with a strong guy in the house and do his make up while I talk to him about strategy. I’m going to use my social game, which comes so naturally to me”

There’s never been a character like Gary Levy on any season of reality TV. Gary made a major splash on Big Brother Canada 1 and has remained since as one of the biggest fan favourites in the show’s four season history. Gary brings an element to the game and the show that make him impossible to ignore and just the sheer nature of him being there would confuse the heck out of most of the players on this list. Production has also brought him back for cameos in later seasons and he was even a prominent figure on the side-show until Sarah took over. Gary isn’t a great player but he is someone that the fans love, production love and is one of the most recognizable faces of the show so far. All of this make it obvious that Gary Levy was always going to be one of the first players that they were going to call for a returnee BBCAN season. I think Gary will instantly gravitate towards the newbies, will shun the returnees and for that reason, will be an instant target. I don’t see him getting along well with any of the returnees and I don’t think he has a strong of social game to do well in BBCAN5.

Likelihood To Win: Very Low!
Likely To Work With: Ika
Likely To Clash With: Dallas, Sindy, Neda

Ika Wong

“The last time I played, I was like I’m going to win! I’m going to slay them. This time, I just don’t want to go home first! I’m going to take it week by week”

Remembered mostly for her iconic shredding of her fellow houseguests’ letters from home, Ika Wong is one of the greatest characters in Big Brother Canada history. She’s explosive, not afraid to speak her mind, and a terrible player, which all make for amazing TV and an element to the game that make it hard for capable players to work around. She also has the incredible distinction of being the first ever female to win the Power of Veto in the Canadian version of the show. In regards to the letter incident, Ika knew exactly what Canada wanted to see and played into all of it, giving production and the fans exactly what they wanted by shredding every single letter and having some harsh words to go along with it. She was a prominent figure in the season despite being there for just four weeks, had an incredibly memorable HOH in the elimination of Paul Jackson and despite being eliminated so early on remains one of the most well-known Big Brother Canada players.

With all that being said, Ika can’t keep her mouth shut, doesn’t seem to be willing to change her approach to the game and likely will not go far.

Likelihood to Win: Very Low!
Likely To Work With: Ika, Dallas
Likely To Clash With: Gary, Bruno

Dallas Cormier

“You have to be a chameleon and adapt to your surroundings in the BBCAN house. You can never prepare for something like a triple eviction. I’m really going to try to get to know people better this time”

In all of these all star seasons, you always have to throw in a loudmouth wildcard who is just going to completely mess up the game. Dallas Cormier is that man. As one of the most entertaining characters in the show’s history, Dallas just had to be brought back for BBCAN5. His POV-winning episode will forever go down as one of the best of the show’s history while the way he went out with Tim and the gummy bears was highly memorable as well. The fans don’t absolutely love him but for a few weeks in that house, he was the voice of reason against everything negative and you can’t ignore that he would never shy away from making a big move. Dallas is an amazing character and if he can just lay low and not upset the balance, he will definitely go farther than the last time.

After he got back from Big Brother Canada 4, Dallas Cormier lost his girlfriend, lost his job and had to go through quite a bit of hardship. As a result a much more mature Dallas could be on his way. But don’t worry, the same old Dallas will definitely be present on this season and will be prepared to blow up the house!

Likelihood To Win: Medium Low.
Likely To Work With: Kevin, Bruno, Neda, Cass
Likely To Clash With: Sindy, Ika

Sindy Nguyen

“Hopefully I won’t go in and make myself such a target this time. I really want to work on my social game and improve how I approach relationships in the house”

You might have realized that we noted Sindy as the most likely to clash with practically every single other returnee on this season. That is because Sindy is a wildcard. She can’t keep her mouth shut, she doesn’t make rational moves and she changes her mind on the flip of a dime. That being said, Sindy is a competition beast and is likely to win several HOH’s right off the bat. That being said, winning several HOH’s right off the bat isn’t all that smart and she’s not really game-aware enough to realize that. Sindy will be fun to see back again but her chances of doing well on this season are excruciatingly low.

Likelihood To Win: Extremely Low.
Likely To Work With: Gary, The Newbies
Likely To Clash With: Bruno, Ika, Dallas

New Players

Dre Gwenaelle

“I don’t have a strategy. I’m not necessarily prepared, and I think that’s an advantage because I want to be flexible enough to adapt in different scenarios and situations”

The quote above is just a terrible thing to say. Coming into anything in life you have to be prepared. Unless Dre is some master strategist like Paul Abrahamian, this isn’t going to suit her well in Big Brother Canada 5. I see her being likely to work with Gary and going home around the middle of the road, pre-jury.

Likelihood To Win: Very Low.
Likely To Work With: Gary

Mark Chrysler

“Being a bartender, I’ve learned how to interact with different kinds of people, so my social game will really help to get me far in the competition”

This guy already looks set to be the next Jared. First and foremost, he’s incredibly boring in his cast bio and besides being a handsome guy, doesn’t stand out at all. Secondly, he works out regularly, is simple and sociable and seems far too relaxed to be able to make serious waves in the BBCAN house. I see him working in tandem with Emily and WIlliam and also being used as a tool by Cassandra later on. I think he’ll go decently far but I don’t think he will win.

Likelihood To Win: Medium.
Likely To Work With: Emily, Cassandra, William

Emily Hawkin

“I’ve thought a lot about different strategies but I think I will go in and everything will change. I don’t think you can make a real plan. I’m going in and will feel it out”

This is probably want Dre meant, but it’s not what she said and Emily said it much better. Coming into the game you have to be flexible and adaptable and I think Emily is going to be prepared to do that. She seems nice, charming, funny and given the fact that she answered “really freaking single” to the question “describe yourself in three words”, I’d say the chances of her getting into a showmance are extraordinarily high. I think Emily might have Cassandra upside and at the same time might be one to get picked up by some of the returnee players.

Likelihood To Win: Medium High.
Likely To Work With: Cassandra, Dallas, Mark

Demetres Giannitsos

“If there is a group of stronger males, I definitely want to get on their good side, because the last thing I want is to be clashing with all of the alpha males early on in the competition”

This guy seems funny, strong and pretty self-aware as well. Demetres was pretty hilarious in his interview on Rob Has A Podcast in saying “I have no idea what I’m doing here”. He seems sociable, charming, incredibly strong and could easily have Victor Arroyo upside. I think he’ll be safe in the comfort of alpha males like Bruno and Dallas and think he’ll be pretty fun to watch as well.

Likelihood To Win: Medium.
Likely To Work With: Bruno, Dallas, Cassandra

Karen Singbeil

“I’m going to try and form as many relationships and build as much trust as I can, before I stab them in the back”

Filling our older-archetype, Karen Signbeil looks prepared already to surpass anyone else who’s ever filled that role on the Canadian version of the show. Jackie seems intense, but also fun and I don’t think she’ll be in the firing line of the returning players which is something that you have to take into account in this type of season. Another thing that stands out for Karen is that she’s seen every season of Big Brother and even gave a shout out to BBUSA1 Winner, Eddie McGee! The gap in age might harm her as it did for Risha in Season 3 and Christine in Season 4 but I believe she will do just fine.

Likelihood To Win: Medium Low.
Likely To Work With: Neda, William

Dillon Carman

“I’m good at winging it and work well under pressure. I work best when I’m overwhelmed, so my mental strength is second to none”

Dillon Carman, a heavyweight boxing champion looks set to be the next Ginga Ninja. He seems to know the game decently well but he also seems to be the type of character who is going to flame out far too early. Dillon says he’s good at winging it and being adaptable, but he seems far too explosive for that to actually be true. He also seems a little too full of himself and I don’t see him doing well. He could however form a bond with big teddy bear Dally Boy himself and could also be used as one of Bruno’s minions early on.

Likelihood To Win: Very Low.
Likely To Work With: Dallas, Bruno, Demetres

Jackie McCurrach

“I prefer to hang out with guys, because I don’t like the cattiness of girls, so I want to align myself with someone who will be able to protect me and who I’ll have a good relationship with” 

Jackie says she prefers to work with guys and I see her being the perfect player to get picked up by Kevin Martin. I think she’ll also try and stick close to the newbies and form a bond with Demetres. Jackie seems upbeat, likable and also pretty self-aware. I think she’ll be fun to watch but is probably more likely to be used as a tool to advance better players’ games.

Likelihood To Win: Medium.
Likely To Work With: Demetres, Kevin, Emily

William Laprise-Desbiens

“A lot of people say, ‘I want to play a loyal game’. I don’t want to play like that. There’s a lot of money to be won at the end of the day and I’m really poor so….you know”

I love the quote above. William Laprise-Desbiens could be the next Jason Roy for all we know and I think he will definitely bring a lot of entertainment value to this season. I already see him teaming up with Mark and Emily in what could be a much more intelligent version of the Jared, Kelsey and Raul alliance. I love a Big Brother character who comes into the season being prepared to play the role of the villain, just like Paul Abrahamian did in Big Brother 18. I think William will definitely be one to keep an eye on but I do not think he will have any shot at winning the game.

Likelihood To Win: Medium Low.
Likely To Work With: Mark, Emily, Jackie

Most Likely To Get Screwed By A Twist

Out of the four contestants who are coming back who were in one way or another screwed: Kevin, Neda, Bruno and Gary. Bruno Ielo is certainly the most likely to get screwed again. Kevin and Neda are less likely to be able to hide the great games that they are playing and more likely to go out on their own terms while the thing with Gary Levy will never happen ever again. So that leaves just Bruno, who I feel will be playing a practically flawless, Mitch Moffit styled game until a twist takes him. Bruno looks prepared to play the exact same way that he played in Big Brother Canada 3, under the radar, with no one inside of the house even knowing how good of a game he’s playing. But it could all come crashing down just like it did for him in BBCAN3.

Most Likely To Win

That’s right, Bruno is both the most likely to get screwed over by a twist and the most likely to win. With all of these “bro” type new-players, Bruno is set up amazingly well. He can use the exact same strategy he did last time out. On all of these Fans vs. Favourites styled seasons, the balance is always so heavily tipped in the favour of the returnees. Just look no further than Big Brother 18 when Nicole Franzel took it all the way to the end and won the game. It seems as though many people in the fan community don’t even remember Bruno for some odd reason and if a small-section of the fans don’t remember him, I can’t imagine the large pool of recruited new players, will have much to think about him either. Bruno is set up amazingly well in Big Brother Canada 5, could easily end up running the house and could easily end up winning the game.

So there it is! The Mastermind‘s Big Brother Canada 5 cast reveal! I cannot wait for this new season to begin on March 15th, 2017 and cannot wait to cover all the happenings inside of the Big Brother Canada house with you all season long. The Mastermind will be providing you with one article on BBCAN5 per week, called the Big Brother Canada 5 Week in Review. We will also be bringing you special updates on really important events in the house, exclusive articles on who we think should win when it gets down to it and more! Click the follow button to get these great articles delivered directly to your inbox and/or follow us on Twitter @raadesmo for all the latest happenings. See you soon!

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