Big Brother Canada 5 Premiere Recap: If You Missed It, Don’t Bother!

Big Brother Canada 5 is back with a……bang? No that’s not the right word….Big Brother Canada 5 is back and no sooner did it put us all to sleep. If you missed it, don’t even bother watching, all you need to do is read this article and you’ll be all caught up.

The episode began with what we had already seen; each player’s pre-season short little video bio and thoughts going into the season. Without a word of a lie, these were carbon copies of what can be found on Global TV. The eight “first-timers” entered the house first in two groups of four, followed shortly by the returning houseguests, what Arisa referred to as “second-chancers” entering one after the other.

It is a bit sad that this is one of the most noteworthy things about the episode, but every returning player seemed to step up their game from a wardrobe perspective. “First-Timer” Demetres Giannitsos took notice of this as well saying “Does being in the house for a season make you naturally better looking?”. Not to get carried away or anything but Cassandra’s dress in fact might have been one of the best things of this entire episode.

Nonetheless after 40 minutes of aimless interactions, all 16 houseguests had entered the BBCAN Odyssey, with 188 cameras, yes that’s right, 188 cameras monitoring them at all times. That’s a little bit overboard, wouldn’t you say. In the first forty minutes of the show besides what has already been mentioned so far, these were the only other noteworthy developments….

  • Bruno certainly took the cake for most fired up to re-enter the house. He was absolutely elated! His elation would be short-lived however as he was greeted by BBCAN legend Neda Kalantar with the words “Are you from Season 3?”. Somehow, Neda didn’t even recognize who Bruno was. Speechless.
  • Sindy wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms. Everyone seemed almost instantly afraid. Kevin even admitted his fear, claiming “I’m scared” when she walked down the stairs.
  • Practically the moment Gary entered the house he whispered to Sindy “I want to work with you”. This was the only alliance that we saw formed on day one but more certainly looked to be in the developing stages – Demetres and Jackie anyone?
  • Dallas wasn’t the one to make everyone a drink this time. I repeat, Dallas did not make everyone a drink in the premiere of Big Brother Canada 5.

Yep, that’s basically it. OH WAIT! There’s still an HOH competition to get to. There wasn’t much to say about this either but let’s give it its own heading nonetheless.

HOH Competition 

In the first HOH competition of the season, each returning houseguest was paired up with a newbie. They were tasked with hanging onto each other for dear life while standing on a narrow ledge. After Demtres nearly killed BBCAN legend Kevin Martin, Dallas decided to try and make a deal with Sindy, that she wouldn’t put him and his partner (I already forget who his partner was) on the block. Sindy promised so Dallas stepped down. This prompted Ika Wong to do the same and the BBCAN2 houseguest stepped down as well (along with her partner). This left just Sindy and her partner Karen to be the last two remaining and with the option to decide which one of them would become the first HOH of the season. In the end, Karen became the first Head of Household. It was a rather unwise move by Sindy to just give up and let Karen take it if you ask me, but it’s Sindy we’re talking about so I guess that’s what we can expect. After the HOH competition, Arisa revealed that a new twist was coming where one houseguest (thanks to the power of online voting for 24 hours) was going to be safe until jury. So get voting on Global now and be wise in picking someone who might not be able to make it to jury without our help. See you next time for our Week in Review after tomorrow’s eviction and be sure to check out more great articles like our cast assessment -> Big Brother Canada 5 Cast Reveal and our dream cast -> If Big Brother Canada 5 Was An All Star Season.

See you soon!

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