Big Brother Canada Week 1 Eviction Episode Recap: Mark Chrysler Eliminated

A Sindy-Ika explosion was awaiting the moment the cast was revealed and it didn’t take long at all for one to occur. This wild one-sided fight turned out to be the crucial moment in what would be a surprising elimination of one Mark Chrysler, who becomes the first contestant voted out of Big Brother Canada 5. It was an incredibly puzzling elimination from the game so let’s go right ahead and try and discern how it all happened. This is our recap of Week 1’s eviction episode from Big Brother Canada 5!

Karen’s HOH-Itis 

“I’m going to try and form as many relationships and build as much trust as I can, before I stab them in the back”

The episode started off with a look inside of the mind of Karen Singbeil, who was deliberating about who to put up with her newfound power of being the first HOH of the season. Although Karen was always presented with Sindy attached with her at the hip, it has to be said that Karen clearly had a mind of her own throughout the episode and at times was showing severe symptoms of first-HOH-itis. However, after several conversations, it seemed as though Sindy had persuaded Karen to put two newbies up, despite considering Kevin Martin and Neda Kalantar as options, and that is what ended up happening. With her two nominations, Karen decided to put up two of the strongest guys in the house, Mark Chrysler and Demetres Giannitsos. By the way, remember the last contestant to put up two strong guys in the first episode?

Yeah it didn’t really work out so well for Suzette that season either, and right now Karen is heading down the exact same deep, dark path. Nonetheless, those were her two nominations and the returning house-guests could not have been happier that apart from a POV still to play, they were all probably safe for the week.

While Karen was deliberating over her nominations, Kevin and Bruno were hitting it off and forming a tight bond that always looked likely to happen before the season even began. The BBCAN3 duo decided that they wanted to keep Mark around, claiming he was a good guy and easy to get along with. But Gary and Cassandra had ideas of their own. Cassandra wanted to keep Demetres around and use him as her “meat-shield”. Oh Jeremy Collins, what an impact you have had on the world of Realty TV. Similarly, Gary who unsurprisingly had no intention of working with the returnees, also found himself wanting to keep Demetres in the game. This set up a clear divide in the house, one that actually wasn’t so clear at all, given that more than half of the contestants weren’t given a single diary room confessional tonight.

POV Competition 

In Big Brother Canada 5’s first POV competition of the season, contestants had to get dirty in caveman costumes, while retrieving puzzle pieces before they solving a word scramble. The competing contestants were Kevin, Bruno, Ika, Karen, Mark and Demetres. Quickly, it turned into a two-horse race between Bruno, who wanted to win in order to keep his buddies safe from a potential back door, and Mark who wanted to get off the block and stay in the house for another week. After solving the word scramble and revealing the phrase “Dig Your Own Cave”, Bruno Ielo became the first power of veto holder of the season.

Since we’ve already spoiled the fact that Mark went home this episode we have to debate about whether or not Bruno should have used the POV to save him. Kevin, Bruno and Dallas were clearly on the side of keeping Mark around, so if that was the case then why wouldn’t he use the POV to save him? Well that’s because if he used it, it is almost guaranteed that Neda or Kevin would have been put on the block in his place, and that would have been far worse for Bruno and his game. Therefore we have to conclude that Bruno made the right decision with this POV win just like he has in all of his previous wins.

The Divide In The House Continues and Ika Implodes 

With the vote coming closer by the second, the divide in the house continued. Never have returnees been so divided on a first vote. But it all came down to a battle between Gary and Cassandra’s group against Kevin and Bruno’s group and Ika Wong found herself directly in the middle. Gary, Cassandra and seemingly Sindy were leaning the way of keeping Demetres around whilst Kevin Martin and Bruno Ielo plotted to send the Greek home and keep Mark around instead. Both sides felt confident that they had Ika’s vote so it came as a shock to Gary when Sindy revealed that he and Cass were the only two returnees on board with keeping The Greek in the house. Gary then immediately decided to confront Ika and do what he does best, stir up some drama. Ika was flabbergasted at what Sindy had to say and wasn’t having any of it, immediately calling Sindy into the bedroom and immediately cussing her out in front of both Gary and Cassandra. Amidst a wild one-sided war of words, Ika shouted “Why did you tell them that they are the only two people voting for Mark???” three times before getting fixated on the phrase “Do not speak for me!”, repeating that a whopping six times! Sindy was left speechless as Ika stormed out, while a red-faced Cassandra quietly sipped her drink. But against all odds, they managed to come together on the vote. So how on earth did that happen? Well that is what we didn’t see and that is why this vote came as such a ginormous shock.

Before getting into the vote, there’s one other thing to mention. Demetres Giannitsos, also known inside and outside of the house as The Greek is seriously bad at the game. While playing a friendly game of pool, The Greek decided to call out Dillon Carman, a professional boxing champion, in the strangest way possible. “Dillon you rubbed me the wrong way. I didn’t feel like I could talk game with you!” an adrenalized Demetres uttered. That prompted Dillon to walk away, restraining himself from using his boxing skills and instead using his words, saying “What a dick” as he stormed off.

That left The Mastermind with the thought: Demetres what are you doing? You’re supposed to be fighting for your life in this game and instead your calling out a guy who’s quietly going about his business for no reason? This was just a terrible idea and one that at first appeared to be the nail in The Greek‘s coffin. His rationale for doing this was so that everyone could see that his target was Dillon. But Demetres, you aren’t Godfrey Mangwiza! This was clearly a stolen idea from the BBCAN3 legend, who Demetres told RHAP coming into the game was his Big Brother idol; but it just could not have been more poorly executed. Oh well, he’s going home anyway right? WRONG! Somehow Demetres stayed in the game and Mark was sent home! So again how on earth did we get here?

The Live Vote 

It was looking like a foregone conclusion that Demetres would be sent home long before the vote took place and as the first six votes rolled in, that belief continued to look like reality. One after another the contestants voted, and instantly five votes came the way of Demetres, with only Dre tossing a vote Mark’s way. So naturally, to increase the suspense of Demetres’ obvious elimination, Arisa allowed the show to cut to commercial. Then we return for commercial and suddenly things start to change. One vote for Mark goes in and then another and then another. Suddenly Ika is evicting Mark, then beyond belief Neda is evicting Mark, then Cass is evicting Mark, calling him “lying Mark”. Suddenly, Bruno’s vote doesn’t even matter and Mark in shocking fashion, is sent packing! This was unbelievable! Just an absolute shocker and one that the edit of the show did an incredible job at hiding.

It’s hard to tell exactly what happened here but things aren’t looking good for the future of Kevin and Bruno in the game, who might have just unfortunately put themselves in front as the clear targets on everyone’s minds. What will happen next week and who will win HOH remains to be seen but as things stand, Sindy Nguyen has an iron fist over this game and you have to give her quite a bit of credit for it.

Sindy in Power

Of course it’s never good to be the one out in front so early on, but I think I may have misjudged Miss Sindy Nguyen in my pre-game cast reveal. The BBCAN3 hot mess seems to have come into this game with quite a cool head about her and is playing a lot more rationally than she did the first time. If only the same could be said about Ika! But seriously, Sindy is one to watch out for in this game right now. She is a competition beast, is silently manipulating her fellow house-guests, has Karen on complete lockdown and could easily come out on top as next week’s HOH.

Time-Warp Twist 

We had just 24 hours to vote, and the winner of who would be safe until jury is…….Neda! It was always going to be a returnee and with the rational voting audience in Canada it was also always likely going to be someone who could potentially be in danger without this power. So that meant that Dallas and Neda emerged as the two favourites to win and between the two of them, there was only ever going to be one winner, the BBCAN2 fan-favourite Neda Kalantar. The 3rd place finisher of Big Brother Canada 2 will now be safe until jury, something she will definitely be thankful for in the short-term but something that could make her an instant target when that power goes away. We’ll have to see how it plays out in the near future but Canada, you got this one right.

Closing Time 

Well tonight’s episode was a roller-coaster ride of the highest order. Tonight we saw a very surprising elimination from the game, a lot of intricate alliances, some fun moments and a whole lot of very confusing gameplay. This episode had it all and after a dull premiere, episode 2 was everything we could have asked for. The Mastermind cannot wait to see how the rest of this game plays out so keep on coming back and following along with us all season long! See you next time!


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