Three Ways Troyzan Can Use His Hidden Immunity Idol At Tavua

In the third episode of the incredibly exciting Survivor Game Changers, we were fortunate enough to witness an amazing Troyzan hidden immunity idol find. The One World contestant was reduced to tears the moment he found the clue in a washed up bottle by the beach and then while under an immense amount of pressure managed to grab the idol without anyone seeing at the challenge.

Tavua may be stacked right now with puzzle masters like Sarah, Cirie and Zeke, in addition to physical beasts like Ozzy, Andrea and Troyzan himself, but with two tribes going to tribal council next week, Troyzan may have to use his idol sooner than expected. So here are three ways the One World contestant can use his hidden immunity to gain some ground over at Tavua next episode should they go to tribal council.

1. Tell No One, Vote off Andrea 

This is the most obvious of scenarios for Troyzan next episode should Tavua lose and also the one that Troyzan, being an incredibly smart guy, is likeliest to use. He managed to find the idol without anyone noticing so why not keep it a secret? They’ll clearly be gunning for him rather than targeting one of their own, so why should he tell anyone about it? In this scenario, the Florida man keeps it a secret, all the votes come his way and then he uses his single vote to take out Andrea.

Why Andrea? – The Mastermind is attempting to sound smart here. The edit has given us a clear storyline of Troyzan not meshing with Andrea, above anyone else on Tavua. The One World contestant saw Andrea as being fake with him and he may even see shades of Kim Spradlin in her. Andrea has also been incredibly under-edited so far, which may be a sign that she goes early. This could be the way that she goes out early. We also haven’t seen her bonding with anyone else on either tribe she’s been on so far, which from an editing standpoint, again suggests that she goes out sooner than expected and that the relationships she’s built thus far are going to become irrelevant.

But what if they split the vote? – They won’t. Here’s why: Splitting the vote in this scenario would mean alienating one of your own. No one is going to volunteer to have a couple of votes come their way and no one is going to be naive enough to go along with that proposition like Troyzan’s fellow One World contestant Christina Cha did. So that means the most likely scenario is five votes come the way of Troyzan and he uses his one vote to take out anyone whoever he wants, just like Kelley Wentworth did back in Survivor Cambodia.

Would anyone gravitate to Troyzan after this? – Probably not in the same manner that people gravitated towards Russell Hantz or Kelley Wentworth when they played their idols, but staying alive for another three days in the game could be invaluable for him. You never know what’s going to happen on Survivor and perhaps after the double elimination another swap could be coming. Using the idol in this manner is probably Troyzan’s best bet at staying alive in the game and also the move that he is likeliest to make.

2. Use It As Leverage To See Who They Want Out

This would be a little trickier for Troyzan, but no less effective if he can pull it off. In this scenario, before tribal council, he reveals to a few people that he has the idol and shows it to them. This then prompts a massive scramble around camp as everyone struggles to stay alive. Troyzan can use the fear that he has now planted in the minds of his fellow tribe-mates to simply ask them who they want out. Whether or not they go along with him at the vote, he plays his idol, votes for that person and as a result comes off looking like a trustworthy guy!

Would anyone gravitate to Troyzan after this? – Absolutely! Not only did he vote for the person that they told him to vote for, but he also comes across as trustworthy because he told them exactly what was going to happen and then followed through! Now a few people feel bad for voting for Troyzan while also feeling relieved that he didn’t vote for them. Troyzan can also say something along the lines of “I only voted for _ because I didn’t feel like I could trust them but I feel like I can trust all of you and that’s why I want to move forward with all of you guys”. This could easily keep him safe until the game shakes up again.

3. Reveal it at Tribal Council and Hope They Crack 

This is the riskiest scenario of all and one that not only is he unlikely to use but one that would be incredibly dangerous for his game. In this scenario, Troyzan pulls his idol at tribal council like Mike Holloway in Worlds Apart, instantly putting fear into the minds of his fellow tribemates. He then discloses his intended target, like Malcolm did with Phillip back in Caramoan in hopes that they crack under the pressure or alternatively, the One World contestant doesn’t disclose his target in hopes that someone pulls a Tyler Frederickson and votes for their own ally out of fear that they could be the target. Either way, Troyzan keeps his idol in his pocket, and instead keeps it around for a rainy day. This of course could send up sending him home, but there is also the small chance that it keeps him and his idol both in the game as the others crack under the pressure and vote out one of their own. With his idol still in his pocket he now has a whole lot more leverage for a future vote.

Would anyone gravitate to Troyzan after this? – No, he would likely just make himself a bigger target and come off as untrustworthy. But that’s a small price to pay when you still have an idol in the game and could force the rest of Tavua to vote out one of their own two tribal councils in a row.

So there it is! Three ways that Troy ‘Troyzan’ Robertson could use his idol next episode if Tavua end up going to tribal council. What are your thoughts? How do you think Troyzan should use the idol? Comment below or on Twitter @raadesmo to share your thoughts! See you next time when our edgic & episode recap plus our Why _ Was Voted Out article drop after Wednesday night’s double tribal council episode! See you then!

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