Big Brother Canada 5 Week 2 Thursday Eviction Episode: Dallas Cormier Evicted

Ever since he was named as Demetres’ replacement nominee for POV winner Dillon Carman, it was a foregone conclusion that Dallas Cormier would be sent home from the Big Brother Canada 5 house.

The BBCAN4 houseguest just made all of the same mistakes he made in his first go around and it was no surprise at all that he was to be sent home over the non-factor that was Emily Hawkin (until tonight). Dallas’ main problem in both of his seasons was only sticking to one specific alliance and neglecting to really talk game with anyone else, while also throwing massive spats and not playing up to the people in power. At the end of the day, no one felt that they could trust Dallas, especially with his constant outbursts not doing him any favours at all.

But Emily Deserves Some Credit 

Although Dallas was absolutely terrible this week and almost deserved to be evicted from the game, Emily deserves a little bit of credit for ensuring this vote become a clean sweep. Emily was really impressive on the block this week. She remained calm the entire time and never let the pressure get to her, something that cannot be said about either Dallas or Dillon. She also came across tonight as being an incredibly astute player, something that has almost come up out of nowhere. The moment Big Deezy found himself on the block, the singer-songwriter proposed a plan to a few of her allies to ensure that he would go home and what a plan it was! Emily started going around the house, quietly telling everyone that Dallas’ big speech against Dillon was all one big fat lie as the two were still prepared to work together. This only increased the target on Dally Boy’s back but it also concomitantly allowed her to work herself into the dynamics of the house again. Suddenly, she started to gain allies and now Bruno and Kevin look set to absorb her into their alliance. Meanwhile, she stands on good grounds with all of the newbies and also still has her closest ally in Dillon still in the house. It was almost like being on the block this week was the best thing that could have happened for her game! Emily Hawkin really was fantastic this week and The Mastermind usually only gives out Player of the Week awards for Survivor and Premier League, but the singer-songwriter definitely deserves the crown as this week’s POTW inside the BBCAN Odyssey.

On his way out the door, Big Deezy tried to blow up Sindy’s game, which she did not appreciate at all. This final plea didn’t do anything except further solidify his reputation among the fan community as a terrible game-player but a terrible game-player who makes for amazing TV. After the vote, Dally Boy was unsurprisingly sent home from the house by a vote of 12-0, not receiving a single throw-away vote and  becoming the second house-guest to leave the BBCAN Odyssey after Mark Chrysler did so last week.


After Dallas’ eviction it was onto the HOH competition and surprise surprise, Neda Kalantar is our new HOH! Neda was just talking last episode during the POV competition about how she’d like to throw every competition she could since she didn’t need to win them, but for whatever reason she ended up taking this one home. This could spell bad news for Cassandra Shahinfar, who has been quite the Jealous Jared inside of the house since they arrived, particularly after Neda won safety until jury from Canada. Newbies like Dillon and Jackie who don’t have a particularly strong relationship with Neda either could also be in trouble as a result while Gary is another person who seems to be in the discussion to go on the block.

What will Neda’s HOH mean for Cassandra’s game? And what will next week inside of the BBCAN Odyssey have in store? The Mastermind cannot wait to break down those questions for you all week long starting with our Monday episode recap! See you then!



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