Big Brother Canada 5 Week 2 Wednesday POV Recap

Oh Big Brother Canada, you continue to amaze. Big Brother Canada 5 has started off in magnificent fashion with all sixteen house-guests seemingly either coming out of the gates with a bang from either an entertainment, gameplay or hot mess standpoint. This Wednesday night POV spectacle was nothing short of amazing, continuing the trend that this fantastic season has set so far. Let’s jump right into the episode and begin to dissect all of the craziness that is happening inside of the Big Brother Canada 5 house as we speak.

Demetres’ Cool Head 

The episode started off with a reminder of the fact that Dillon and Emily had found themselves on the block thanks to the nominations of Head of Household Demetres. But then something a little more interesting happened. Since the start of last week after the elimination of Mark Chrysler, a six person alliance has formed inside of the house, emerging above the rest. This six person faction includes Ika, Sindy, Neda, Kevin, Bruno and Demetres! What a powerful alliance that is! Schemers, bold personalities, challenge beasts, smart strategists, I mean this alliance has it all at the moment and as long as they stay away from each other’s throats, they will go far. The Dream Team as they call themselves, seem to be prepared to steamroll the rest of their fellow houseguests, and you have to give an immense amount of credit to Demetres for playing this HOH reign off so well that he has managed to find himself as the only newbie in an alliance titled The Dream Team.

Demetres has been excellent since getting off the block last week and taking over as HOH. He’s had a really cool and composed head about him and has managed to get by this week without getting any blood on his hands at all. What Demetres has done particularly well is just at the simple skill of listening. He’s listened intently to what each and every one of his fellow housemates have had to offer and every single time has played it off in a way that has made everyone else feel incredibly comfortable around him. With so many bigger targets in the house as well, unless Dillon wins HOH, The Greek should be safe for a whole lot longer.

POV Competition 

But this episode wasn’t just about the great work of Demetres as Head of Household, there was also a POV competition still to play out, one that would have a massive effect on what went on for the remainder of the week. After some blatant product placement for Oreos and a meaningless advantage won by Dre, the POV competition was finally ready to take place and damn, even more product placement for Oreos occurred. Oh well, at least the challenge was fun. In this strange challenge, contestants, while dressed up as Oreos, had to fill themselves up with milk and then dump it down a filter, attempting to raise a ping-pong ball above the filter which would signal that they had won the POV. Not needing the power, Neda took the Godfrey Mangwiza approach of always be throwing and purposefully threw the challenge while the others tried their best to claim the power. It was a hard fought battle between Demetres and Dillon, but after milking an injury, it was Dillon Carman who came out on top and won the veto along with a nice prize of $5,000.

So Who’s Going Up In His Place? 

Whenever someone on the block wins the power of veto, only one thing is ever going to happen: they are going to use it on themselves. What happened with BBUSA Season 3’s 5th place finisher Marcellas will never happen ever again. So with Dillon preparing to take himself off the block, the question then became about who was going to go up in his place. But as it turned out it wasn’t really much of a question at all and the entire house knew that Dallas was going to be the replacement nominee. Dallas Cormier found himself in a bad spot the moment he decided to align so tightly with the newbies. Ika disclosed her frustration to Dally Boy in this episode by saying how angry she was that Dallas never circled back to the returnees like the rest of them had always done. As Ika began to weep, Dallas knew he was in trouble and realized it was going to take a miracle to save him so he, as best as he could, organized a meeting with all of the veterans that he could find.

You have to feel for Dallas at this point, just fighting desperately for his life in the game with a near zero chance of staying in the house over the complete non-factor that is Emily Hawkin. Dallas was desperate to stay in the house, distancing himself from his best friend, realizing all the mistakes he made (which by the way are all the same mistakes he made in BBCAN4) and pleading his loyalty to the veterans for the rest of the game. Unfortunately for Dally Boy, it appears to be a case of too little too late as no one except for Ika, Gary and Cass even seemed to want to entertain the idea of keeping him around.

“I’m team vet all day everyday!” 

Dallas may have had no luck at rallying the returnees, but he wasn’t going out without a fight. At the veto ceremony, for the first time in what I believe to be Big Brother history, Dallas stood up, interrupted and gave a rallying cry, a Godfrey Mangwiza styled-speech, before Dillon had even used the veto to take himself off the block. This was just a great speech and I don’t remember a single word of it except for the very weird conclusion he gave to it when he said “The real deal holy field. That’s it!”. But nonetheless, amazing work here from Dallas and it probably won’t work, but it was worth a shot and was really impressive to see. Godfrey Mangwiza, you’ve done it again, continuing to change the way people fight for their life inside of the BBCAN Grand.


This season continues to amaze. Dallas’ incredible speech to end this episode was just one more reason to love everything about BBCAN5. Of course it will suck if the always entertaining Dallas Cormier ends up being the victim of this week’s vote, but I could have hardly asked for a better demise to the New Brunswick native. Will Dallas be able to save himself this week? Find out tomorrow with another episode recap on The Mastermind. See you then!

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