Survivor Castaway Scot Pollard Was Inside Cosmopolitan Hotel During Las Vegas Terrorist Attacks

March 25th, 2017 was another tragic day inside of the United States of America as two terrorist attacks occurred in quick succession in Las Vegas.

The first of those attacks arose at the Bellagio casino when a man in a pig-mask opened fire at civilians during a robbery. Police were quick to the scene and early reports suggested that no serious injuries or fatalities occurred.

But the second of the attacks, was a lot more frightening. That is especially for Survivor Kaoh Rong castaway, Scot Pollard, who was inside of the Cosmopolitan Hotel when the establishment went on lockdown. Scot went up to his room to see what all the commotion was about and looked outside his window to see a standoff between police and a SWAT team against a man with a gun inside of a bus. The NBA star then whipped out his phone and started recording on Periscope, allowing his twitter followers to get a glimpse of what was happening first-hand. As scenes began to unfold, more reports began to come out that one person had died and one was in critical condition while the man remained barricaded inside of the bus by a SWAT team, snipers, police officers and police dogs in four different directions all around him.

Throughout the standoff, Scot was there to bring us the updates on what was going on and what he could hear, with the retired NBA star reporting that the police asked the man several times to step out of the vehicle with his hands in the air and also communicated to the suspect “nobody wants you to get hurt”. After hours of recording, the battery to Scot’s phone ran out but he still remained active on Twitter, giving everyone live updates on what was transpiring right outside of his window. Around 3:00 PT, after a standoff that lasted four hours, officers finally were able to get the gunman away from the bus, where they handcuffed him and took him away from the scene.

The Mastermind is currently working on getting an interview with Scot Pollard. More possibly to follow soon!

You can follow Scot Pollard on Twitter @ScotPollard31 and TheMastermindSite on Twitter @raadesmo.


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