Big Brother Canada 5 Week 3 Monday HOH Recap

Big Brother Canada 5 continues to impress and in a time when all else seems wrong with the world, the show continues to entertain and be a bright spot for TV viewers across North America. Let’s jump right into this fantastic Monday HOH episode.

After the eviction of Dallas Cormier on Thursday, it was quickly on to the HOH competition where the fourteen houseguests had to recall specific information about the soap opera they were forced to act out just hours before. Neda, proving once again just how smart of a person she is, won the HOH competition with ease, answering every single question correctly. As soon as Neda won the power it was evident that Cassandra was going to be the target.

What’s Gone Wrong For Cass This Season? 

I was a massive fan of Cassandra in Season 4 and I sort of still am, but she’s come off incredibly fake this season in all regards and has played one of the worst games I’ve seen of any Big Brother player ever. This coming off the back of playing one of the best games in the Canadian version of the show just 1 year ago has been incredibly disappointing to watch. The Persian Princess was just playing way too hard way too fast and as Neda put it “making way too many deals”. She entered the house wanting to play like Amanda Zuckerman but instead ended up playing like Devin Shepherd. Cass initially found herself on Neda’s radar for claiming she wanted to backdoor her in the very first week. This coupled with the fact that she’s gone around the house making deals with everyone and also been a bit of a Jealous Jared of Neda’s popularity with Canada has made her the biggest target in the house, not just in the eyes of Neda.


Cassandra should have known how big of a target she was in the eyes of Neda but somehow cluelessly went about this week leading up to the nominations without any real idea of who she was putting up. This led the BBCAN4 fourth place finisher to at one point spill a constant amount of information to the Head of Household which would quickly be used against her by the brilliance of Neda.

Neda, The Real Mastermind 

Neda has been the best contestant on this season of Big Brother Canada and it’s not even close. She’s just gone about this season so incredibly intelligently and beyond her immunity has really managed to remain under the radar. Neda came into this season as essentially the face of Big Brother Canada and as a result should have been the first person targeted. Instead, she’s now running the house with ease and is controlling a massive majority alliance that will always be seen as being controlled by anyone else but her.

In terms of her reasoning for winning this HOH, Neda was absolutely right in doing so. The new HOH told us in the Diary Room that she didn’t want her free pass from Canada to be used against her as a way for people to say that she didn’t do anything in the game. She wants to make big moves so that she won’t be thought of as having done nothing but at the same, the entrepreneur won’t receive any of the negative consequences normally associated with making big moves early on. This all makes Neda’s decision to win HOH incredibly wise, especially when Cass was just constantly spreading lies and deceit about her.

The best thing that Neda accomplished with her power of being Head of Household this week arose out of her ability to use the power to create and reinforce bonds inside of the house. For example, all of a sudden she was bonding with Emily Hawkin! Then as a result she also found herself getting along with Dillon as well. The Vancouver native claimed that she saw a lot of Jon Pardy (Season 2 winner) and herself in Dillon and Emily, a testament to how much trust she might have just established with the duo this week. She also told us how she wants to keep them around because she knows they’ll always be bigger targets. This may seem totally obvious to the audience, but Neda’s actually the only person in the house that’s really recognized the both of them as valuable pieces to be picked up. Kevin’s been working on building a bond with Emily and as we saw tonight Gary’s been really working it with Dillon, but Neda trying to get both of them on her side is an incredibly wise move.

Before moving on, I’ll also point out how clever Neda was in not picking her alliance members to be Haves this week. It would have been incredibly obvious who she was close with in the house if she had chosen to save all five of her allies from having to eat slop all week. Instead, she just chose one of her alliance members, probably the one that is least associated with her in the house in Ika, in addition to four people not in her “core-six”. Again, this was a smart way of deflecting attention away from her relationships with the people in her alliance while simultaneously showing four new people that she really does care about their stance in the game.

Other Noteworthy Things 

After the Have-Not competition that would later be rendered pointless (see spoiler section later on), we were finally given a glimpse into several important story-lines that have been neglected by the editors up until this point in place of showing Cass as some masterful strategist who has all the house-guests on a leash like they’re dalmatians and she’s Cruella de Vil.

First off, Demetres has a serious crush on Ika and despite Ika not wanting her kids to see her being involved in a show-mance she seems to be feeling it too. She called it a “friendship-mance” in the diary room but was smiling through her teeth as she said it. Nothing is likely to happen between the pair involved in the alliance now called “The Core Six” but it is still a very important story-line to follow as Demetres sometimes seems to follow Ika around wherever she goes.

Secondly, Gary has recently tried to build a bond with Dillon, recognizing him as a potentially valuable shield in this game. It mainly comes down to Gary’s need to be liked by everyone, which isn’t a bad thing in the Big Brother house because it translates into working hard to make positive relationships with every single person. Impressively, Gary has managed to accomplish this season what Cass had been trying to do along, have at the very least a solid relationship (alliance) with every player in the house and as a result not be anyone’s primary target. Gary has done this elegantly and excellently well, remaining under the radar in the process, something that Cass failed at and something that only Neda seems to have picked up on.  I also have to give Gary major credit with his gameplay this season in it being a lot more relaxed and laid back as opposed to his more frantic behaviour in Big Brother Canada 1.  Apart from that initial fight with Cass, he’s been a whole lot more calm than he was in season one and is showing a much more mature side to his game and personality this season.

Finally, we were also finally given a greater glimpse into the alliance known as “The French Connection” between William and Dre. They may speak French, but they know what they’re talking about and have silently gone about this game completely under the radar while forming positive bonds with everyone. William and Dre aren’t making waves in the game and aren’t on anyone’s radar, which is exactly where you’d want to be at this stage of the game. They haven’t really started playing yet, but that’s probably just one more reason why the two of them are playing better than any other newbie, bar Demetres, has done so far this season.

More Masterful Manipulation from Neda

As the nomination ceremony loomed closer, both Jackie and Cass found it necessary to make one final pitch to Neda about the nominations. Their approaches were drastically different and as Cassandra dug herself a hole, Jackie only reinforced her relationship with the Vancouver native. Jackie told Neda that she wanted to distance herself from Cass after realizing how suddenly despised she was inside of the house. Neda responded by telling Jackie that she always wanted to work with her but knew that Cass, the person she is least inclined to work with, had dug her claws so deep in the professional pizza maker. Neda also reinforced her relationship with Jackie in this instance by telling the 22-year old that she wasn’t someone that she would ever want to send home. Overall, Jackie did a great job at communicating with Neda but it unfortunately wasn’t enough to keep herself off the block.

Cass on the other hand did a terrible job in this spot and only dug herself a deeper hole. Neda basically does the Brian Corridan ‘Bait Blake’  strategy here as she baits Casandra into coughing up information that is only going to be used against her later on. Neda masterfully makes Cass reveal to her every single one of her targets which included the long-list of Karen, Dillon, Emily, William and even her supposed closest ally in the game, Jackie. What Cassandra was even thinking in this instance is hard to comprehend but Neda played her conversation with the Persian Princess so brilliantly  and definitely deserves credit for making Cass reveal this kind of valuable information.

In the end and unsurprisingly, Neda chose to nominate Cassandra and Jackie for elimination, Cass as the target and Jackie as the pawn. She also ended the episode with a brilliant quote: “I might have immunity but if they think I’m going to sleep until jury then this is their wake up call!” Oh Neda, you’re the best.

SPOILERS and Live Feed Update 

Monday’s Have-Not competition quickly became pointless when all fourteen houseguests were put on slop by production. This was punishment for specific players’ horrible behaviour inside of the house, most notably Karen who gave a big “F U!” to Big Brother.

Meanwhile Cass has quite a few options she can go to save herself but she’s making all the wrong choices. If she wanted to she could easily make the argument to Kevin and Bruno that Jackie is the type of player that could easily float her way to the end and that if at anytime they find themselves up against Jackie, they’ll go home just like her. Instead, she just continues to get into quarrels with her fellow houseguests and continues to lie and deceive instead of playing a true, honest game. It seems that everyone has just completely turned against Cass at this point and she looks absolutely hopeless at actually staying inside the house. This has frustrated live-feed watchers across the country as she’s been the primary narrator of nearly ever episode this season despite never actually having a firm grip over her stance in the game at all.

William Laprise-Desbiens won the POV out of nowhere and thanks to some brilliant work by Gary, the French Canadian did not use the POV. Gary, due to his own intelligence and intuition and a tip from Ika, recognized that he was going to be the replacement nominee if either Jackie or Cassandra was going to come off the block. So the BBCAN1 2nd place finisher did an excellent job at persuading William that his closest ally, Dre, would be the replacement nominee instead. As a result, William refrained from using the POV.

That’s all for tonight! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again sometime very soon! Be sure to check out more great posts on Big Brother Canada right here! And be back here late next Wednesday night to get another update on all that is going on inside of the house. See you then!

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