Big Brother Canada 5 Week 3 Thursday Episode: Cassandra Shahinfar Evicted

After three weeks of lies, deceit and just all-round bad gameplay, Casandra Shahinfar was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

I have been very harsh on Cass this season and that is mostly because she’s one of my favourite Big Brother houseguests of all time and it is so disappointing to see her play so poorly on her second go-around. However, on her way out the door, Cass finally started to play decently well again and gave us a reminder as to why we all fell in love with her on Big Brother Canada 4.

Does Cass Have The Votes? 

Thursday night’s eviction episode was all about the editors trying to convince us that Cass had a shot to stay in the house when in reality she never had any shot at all. The first conversation that arose about keeping Cass in the house came out between Dre and Jackie, when the Montreal masters student revealed she was tired of all the fakeness. But hasn’t Cass been the most fake person in the house this season? Nonetheless, the French Canadian was considering keeping Cassandra in the house. She wasn’t actually going to keep her, but oddly she revealed to Jackie that she was certainly open to it. Dre was a lead vocal artist in trying to get Cass to stay this week but she just has almost zero power in the house at actually making that happen, so it became a quest of Gary convincing Ika to lead the others to get the BBCAN 4th place finisher to stay, which was a very tough ask.

However, Cassandra finally answered my call and started to actually play well on her way out the door. She went to Karen and told her “If you keep doing what the house wants you’ll get picked off”. The exact perfect thing for her to say and what we had been asking her to do all week long. She then tried to rally Dre, Ika and Gary to keep her in the house, all of whom were actually on board in doing so. However, six votes was always going to be a very tough ask for Cass and it became impossible when Jackie threw her under the bus and told Ika that the BBCAN4 house-guest told her that they couldn’t trust her. This ticked Ika off to no end and from there on out she was never going to toss a vote the Winnipeg native’s way. Getting six votes would have relied on Karen, Demetres and Ika all voting Cass’ way which was never going to happen.

Core Six Starting To Get Found Out 

A massive revelation this episode was how aware the rest of the house is about the existence of the core six. Cass outlined that there was a line in the sand without realizing that Ika and Demetres were on the opposite side of the line from her, while Gary also started to realize that once Cass is out the door he could be their next target.

The core six have been a little bit too relaxed this week. They’ve isolated themselves far too much and after putting Cass on the block, it was like that was it and there was nothing anyone else could do. Bruno, Sindy and Neda almost exclusively hung out with each other while Demetres and Ika were attached at the hip all week long. So it’s no surprise that the rest of the house is starting to realize that they hold all the power. The edit also purposefully started to make the core six or at least the core four look like villains. And they weren’t terribly nice this week, particularly to Cass, and just completely alienated her. Neda even had some decently unkind words to say about Cass’ nomination speech.

But fortunately for them, they sit surrounded by the numbers, particularly Kevin and Bruno who have been criminally under-edited this season. Kevin and Bruno have done excellently well at pulling in Dillon and Emily and even a new alliance between them + Neda has formed; one that doesn’t include Sindy, Ika or Demetres. In doing this, it keeps Ika and Demetres loyal to them as they know they could easily be replaced by Dillon and Emily should they ever decide to flip.

Kevin and Bruno have also begun to pull in Jackie and they probably benefit from Cass leaving the most because they are equally responsible to Neda but the fashion designer was the one who had to get all the blood on her hands. This leaves, Dre, William and Gary on the outside looking in and as we saw at the end of the episode with the twist and Neda’s nominations, she clearly feels the most threatened by Dre and Gary. It’s a shame Gary has found himself so desperately on the wrong side of the numbers because he’s actually played a really solid game and has been possibly the best social player in the entire house. But his role in trying to flip the vote in Cass’ favour may prove to be absolutely detrimental for his stay in the house in the long haul.

Backwards Week Begins 

Arisa left us all very confused when she briefly mentioned that “backwards week” would start after the eviction, but it didn’t take long at all for her to reveal what it actually meant. This upcoming week, the entire week will be played in reverse. First the house-guests will each choose two nominees for eviction. Then the two house-guests to receive the most votes will go on the block. After that a POV will be played and if someone on the block wins the POV the person with the next highest number of votes will go on the block. Then the HOH competition will occur and the person who wins will get the sole vote to evict.

This week is set to be absolutely amazing and I actually for once really like the idea of this twist. The end result could be deadly with the eviction of one of our favourites but it will certainly be fun to watch. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see you again sometime next week! See you soon!

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