Big Brother Canada 5 Week 3 Wednesday POV Episode Recap

Are you against Cassandra Shahinfar at this point in Big Brother Canada 5? You should be! Although the BBCAN4 star has had to play the role of the underdog this week, she’s put herself there from some terrible game-play and deserves to be evicted this week.

Cassandra has just been all over the place this season and is beginning to become the hero of her own narrative, believing things that are entirely untrue. After Monday’s nomination ceremony, Cass jokingly called Neda a bitch and then claimed in the diary room that Neda’s nomination was all about jealously. The only person that’s been jealous between the two of them is Cass who is annoyed that the BBCAN2 houseguest stole away the fan vote for safety until jury.

After the ceremony, she then ran around the house trying to spread even more lies, making the damage even worse. This was especially evident when she tried to convince Jackie something that the BC native knew was 100% untrue, trying to convince her that she hadn’t thrown Jackie’s name out as a possible nominee. The Winnipeg native actually has quite a few options and quite a few people who might be willing to save her, but she’s just making all the wrong choices and as a result will with certainty be evicted tomorrow night.

Although Cassandra is well and truly out this week what she hasn’t managed to do is make an enemy out of Ika who out of nowhere wasn’t all that happy with Neda’s nominations.

Are The Love Goggles Blinding Ika? 

During a post-nomination discussion with Ika and Sindy, Ika implied that she wasn’t all that happy with Neda’s nominations by saying “It’s your nominations”. This was just ridiculous for Ika to say as just like Neda pointed out, everyone in their alliance wanted Cass out this week.

Rightfully, this didn’t make Neda happy at all. She even claimed afterward to Bruno “It’s literally to the point where I would want to backdoor Ika”. It seems as though Neda truthfully can’t trust anyone in the house except for Bruno and Kevin. Or as Neda put it to Kevin and Bruno, “You guys are the only people I trust”. Luckily for Neda no matter what she does this week, she likely won’t receive any negative repercussions for this HOH reign whatsoever.

But I don’t know what Ika was thinking this episode. Actually I do and it wasn’t her being blinded by her newfound love for Demetres. Ika recognized how stellar of a job Neda was doing at pulling in Emily and Dillon and that instantly began to worry her. But the wrong thing to do was to point that out to Neda, which is what she essentially did by acting unimpressed with the nominations that they had all decided on together. Ika’s only making herself a bigger target by getting involved in a romance with Demetres (who is seven years her junior), but if she keeps opening her mouth like this, that target is going to grow so large that she could be out before jury.

POV Competition 

Big Brother Canada is generally considered the cream of the crop in reality TV challenges and they continue to prove why with some super fun POV competitions. This time, the non-participating house-guests acted as models, wearing different outfits, some even from past POV competitions, to which the participating house-guests had to try and memorize. After three separate rounds, Wiliam took home the Power of Veto! The French Canadian certainly didn’t need to win the accolade and it only seemed to make his life more difficult but someone’s gotta win it right? Nonetheless after William won the veto, a massive scramble began in which you had Gary on one side telling the French Canadian not to use the veto and Cass on the other side begging him to use the power on her.

Crying Never Works 

I love Cassandra Shahinfar, but she has seriously let me down this season and the fake-crying was just one more ridiculous measure she’s taken in the game to try and…well I don’t even know what she’s trying to do. It didn’t work for her last time when she tried it on Nick Paquette and it certainly wasn’t going to work on William this time around either. I don’t think fake crying would ever work on anyone. Who wants to hear and listen to someone cry? The only person I ever want to see cry again is the very hilarious crier Nikki Grahame. That’s not for evil purposes, she’s just a very funny person. Fake crying can’t possibly ever work though and certainly not in the way that Cassandra attempted to use her insincere tears to get William to use the veto on her.

Cassandra may have been dreadful in her approach with William but Gary on the other hand was masterful.

Gary’s Game Smarts 

Whether or not Gary knew with certainty that he was going to be the replacement nominee if William used the Power of Veto is unclear. But he must have felt the heat given how well he played this off in front of William in convincing the French Canadian to not use the veto. In this instance, Gary elegantly used one of my favourite reality TV strategies, the scare-tactic. The Toronto native put the fear in the mind of William that if he was to use the veto, Dre would be the replacement nominee even though that actually wasn’t the case at all. Everyone in the house loves Dre and current HOH Neda wasn’t ever considering nominating her. But Gary recognized that he could use that story-line as a way to deceive William into not using the veto and pulled it off wonderfully well. He told the POV winner “When she gets hit in the gut like that she will want to hit you right back and she knows what is most important to you”. So out of the fear that Gary planted that Dre would be the replacement nominee, William did not use the POV to save Cassandra. This was just brilliant work from the BBCAN1 runner-up and although he could be in danger soon, he is really showing off quite a bit of social and strategic chops inside of the house this year that I think a lot of us had no idea that he had.

Backwards Week? 

After the episode came to a close, Arisa revealed a very strange twist. Next week is “backwards week” which apparently means it will be played entirely in reverse! Reverse? What the heck does that mean? Who knows? But The Mastermind will be there to cover it for you all week long. Maybe we’ll even do our articles backward!

I will say that if it is a twist to save Cass like Jordan Parhar proposed, I will not be happy because that level of bad gameplay does not deserve to be rewarded.


It was another incredibly fun episode of Big Brother Canada 5. This Wednesday night show had an amazing POV competition and a stark contrast in both great and terrible game-play from two of this season’s biggest characters. Like what you read? Make sure to follow us on Twitter! See you soon!


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