Big Brother Canada 5 Week 4 Monday Nominations & POV Recap

Although the producers of Big Brother Canada would probably like to have taken several twists back over the years, Season 5’s Backwards Week is certainly not one of those. The new twist is proving to be one of the best in the show’s history and is providing for some amazing drama as one very large character on the show looms desperately close to elimination. Let’s get right into our recap of all that went down on Monday night’s Nomination and POV episode as part of Backwards Week.


The episode started where we left off last Thursday, with the dangerous possibility of Gary and Dre going on the block thanks to the new twist. As the nominations started to roll in from the house-guests, it became more and more evident that Gary and Dre were in some serious hot water. Here is how every contestant voted in that thrilling nomination part of the show.

  • Neda: Gary and Dre.
  • Dre:  Dillon and Emily.
  • Emily: Gary and Dre.
  • Kevin: Gary and Dre. 
  • William: Dillon and Bruno. 
  • Dillon: Gary and Dre. 
  • Bruno: Gary and Dre.
  • Jackie: Gary and Dre.
  • Demetres: Dillon and Jackie.
  • Sindy: Dre and William.
  • Karen: Jackie and Kevin. 
  • Gary: Emily and Dillon. 
  • Ika: Emily and Dillon. 

In the end, Gary received six votes and Dre received seven, putting them up on the block, narrowly ahead of Dillon who received five and Emily who was given four. I still really like this twist from a TV perspective but I really worry about someone we all love in Gary getting evicted. A few interesting things to note about the nominations besides Ika’s priceless reactions; Kevin was the one who wanted to keep his nominations a secret the most. Probably wise, given that he had the most to lose in nominating a key cog to his game-plan in Gary. But Arisa ruined that as she revealed Karen, the person that Kevin was lying about voting for, to have had zero votes along with Ika, Demetres and Sindy. Fortunately for him, after he fessed up, everyone was back on board with no issues at all with the poker player. Ika’s nomination also led to more passive in-fighting between her and Neda. Now, she is starting to suck up more and more to the people on the bottom, only alienating herself from the core group more and more as they continue to replace her and Demetres with Dillon and Emily. In a way the “core-six” has stayed intact but has just changed two of its members with Demetres and Ika no longer quite as solid with the group as Ika continues to make an enemy out of Neda. If Ika can get out of this spot in the long-term, Neda will be her main target as she has outlined a couple of times now in her DR’s. But for the mean time her loyal ally in Gary, was up on the block and feeling out of the game.

What Can Gary Do? 

Neda is the one in the majority group who is pushing for Gary to go home the most. But with Kevin and Bruno using her as a shield, they also have to go along with her wish even though it might not be in their best interest long-term. Kevin felt really bad for nominating Gary; especially since he could have been quite a crucial cog for Kevin’s game long-term. Ika and Demetres seem to be on board with keeping Gary but if the house wants him out, they’ll always be prepared to go along with it. So after they conversed and Ika told him he’d be the one to go (and a late night pillow fight), Gary asked Bruno to help him out, to which he obliged. Unfortunately for Gary though, there isn’t much he can do if Neda decides he should be the one to go as it seems like at this point, everyone is blindly following her to jury.

POV Competition & Neda’s Villainous Edit 

After not much time to deliberate over the two nominees, Arisa came back on the screen to announce the next POV competition. At the fun but short competition which involved a constant change in weather patterns and spelling, Neda won the final round by default after both Kevin and William incorrectly spelled their final words.

Fun moments from the POV included Emily spelling the made-up word ‘casty’ for no reason, Gary dropping one of his letters in a large rain puddle and not being able to find it until the last second and William managing to make it to the final round despite not even having English as his first language.

But since Neda won the veto, nominations are almost certainly set to stay the same and Gary could be in serious trouble. If Gary were to get evicted this week it would be devastating from a TV perspective. He’s been amazing this season, as a character and as a player and it is far too early for him to leave the competition. On the flip side of the coin, interestingly the edit continues to make Neda look like the villain of the season; a strange choice given that she won the popular vote by Canada for the first twist of the season. This might be because they are desperate for a shake up in the game, knowing that it will make for amazing TV.  If another fan vote comes along and someone like Ika were to find themselves in power, the producers would probably be over the moon given how they have portrayed the BBCAN2 fan favourite in recent weeks. Every time someone against her says something at all, they show her rolling her eyes. Ika has also been made to look like the main protagonist on the show these past two weeks, making Neda the antagonist all the more. The six could seriously be set to turn on each other sometime very soon; especially if the pawns being moved around by specific sets of the six, begin to become the targets. Luckily for Neda, she still has safety for another two weeks.

Who Is Playing The Best? 

Backwards Week has certainly shook up the game, but one contestant continues to fly under the radar with simplicity. Sindy is playing such an amazing low-key game right now and no one is coming after her whatsoever. She’s barely on the show at all and that’s because she’s not making any waves at all. This is just so surprising for someone that was seemingly on the block or winning competitions every single week she was in the house (and even one outside the house) in BBCAN3. Hiding behind Neda has proven to be the perfect strategy for the bold and daring Sindy and if she continues to play like that, she’ll cruise into jury with limited issue. Sindy Nguyen is flying so far under the radar right now she’s not even showing up on the map. She’s in an amazing spot and right now looks like an almost guaranteed lock for the final five.

So there it is! The Mastermind’s recap for Week 4’s Monday episode of Big Brother Canada! Thanks for reading and we will see you next time! Check out more articles on Big Brother Canada right here!

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