Big Brother Canada 5 Week 4 POV Ceremony & HOH Recap

With a strange way of putting people on slop, a fun HOH competition and a whole lot of drama, Big Brother Canada 5 was full of surprises and entertainment tonight as Backwards Week continues to be a hit. Let’s dive right into this Wednesday night spectacle.

POV Ceremony

It was probably a poor decision on the producers’ part to leave us with the cliff hanger of “will Neda use the Power of Veto???”. Because obviously, the BBCAN2 third place finisher was never going to use the POV to save either Dre or Gary.

Was it the right move? Yes. Even though Gary and Dre are both willing to work with Neda to some extent, obviously they were her main two targets and it would make no sense saving them now. At this point it’s not just Neda who wants Gary out, it’s the whole house and so using the POV on either one of them would have been a terrible move for her to make.

At the ceremonial speeches, Dre threw Gary under the bus and dissed his make-up which was not taken kindly. Gary however tried his best to give a composed reason as to why Neda should use the POV on him, to which she was never going to use. Unfortunately for Gary all his speech did was lose allies rather than gain them, especially when he said he was playing the game for himself. This made Ika, who was just about the only person (besides Karen who has next to zero poll in the house) willing to stick their neck out on the line for Gary feel like he wasn’t in it for her. The explosive Ika went off of Gary for a couple of minutes and then was basically right back in his corner a few hours later. But still the BBCAN1 runner-up just has such limited options in the house that it was always going to be a difficult week for him after being put on the block.

Slop Vote 2017

As a way of deciding the have-nots this week, Big Brother decided to force people to put a cookies into the boxes of people they wanted to see as the have-nots, forced to eat slop all week long. Then after this was done, they decided to show the rest of the houseguests every single thing that was said and done during this process, completely exposing the games of several individuals. Bruno for example, who had been working very hard to try and get Jackie onto his side, was shown putting cookies into her box, to which she did not take kindly to. Jackie also found herself completely annihilated by Ika who put all of her cookies into the pizza maker’s box! I guess Jackie knows she can’t trust her anymore!

They didn’t show this to the audience, but quite interestingly, Kevin even put some on himself which was very embarrassing when it was revealed to everyone else that he wanted to come across like a victim by putting some on himself. Oh Kevin, what a guy.

It was at this time that Demetres also made a joke that Ika didn’t take kindly to. The joke was “I like seeing Ika in misery but I also want to sleep in the same bed as her”. Somehow this very playful and innocent joke ended up nearly breaking up their alliance!

The final tally then came in and it was revealed that four houseguests had received 0 cookies: Demetres, Bruno, William and Emily. But because it was backwards week, these were the houseguests that were put on slop. This was despite Gary receiving 48 cookies, which almost seems mathematically impossible! How many cookies were they giving these people?

In the end, Kevin and Bruno were a little ticked off that their strategies were so blatantly exposed, while a little innocent joke nearly destroyed the alliance known as “Demika”. Luckily, the two quickly made up at the HOH competition.

HOH Competition 

At this fun HOH competition, contestants had to hang on for dear life as they spun around in circles. Not only is it hard to hold your arms in that uncomfortable position while lying down; it’s also tremendously difficult to not throw up as a circular platform spins you around in circles. Somehow, Emily and Demetres lasted more than an hour of the torture. After it becoming just a battle between the two of them, Emily could not longer take it and Demetres won HOH. That means that The Greek (whose nickname has all of a sudden disappeared) will now have the sole vote to evict this week and will decide which one of Gary or Dre go home.

So Who’s Going Home? 

Gary. Gary is going home. The whole house wants the BBCAN1 runner-up out of the house (against the wishes of the fan-base by in large) and so Demetres is never going to jeopardize his relationship with the rest of the house to save someone he’s not even all that close with. Gary has played a great game this season but it is a formality that he will be evicted from the Big Brother Canada 5 house tomorrow night.


Big Brother Canada 5 was a whole lot of fun tonight and this alien costume is definitely one for the history books. It will be sad to see Gary go and the show won’t be the same without him but even with him gone, this season will still undeniably be one to remember for a very long time.

Will Gary be sent packing tomorrow night? Tune in tomorrow to hear our recap on all that goes down! See you then!

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