Survivor Game Changers Episode 5: Why Sandra Diaz-Twine Was Voted Out

“If they think I’m not going to take control of the situation they don’t know the queen” – Sandra Diaz-Twine before she almost turned it all around on Tai.

Why _ Was Voted Out is going to be nearly impossible this week as very few people in the history of Survivor have played such an incredible game and still gone home pre-merge like Sandra Diaz-Twine just did this season. Sandra is a true legend of this game and in playing a way that nobody expected her to, proved to have every aspect needed to win this game a third time. This incarnation of Sandra on the show was perhaps the most memorable yet and every single moment she appeared on our television screens, there was never a dull moment. In Episode 5 titled “Vote Early, Vote Often”, the two-time winner truly did not deserve to be voted out and there was very little she could do to save herself. That being said, Sandra Diaz-Twine has been voted out of Survivor Game Changers and it is now time to discuss why.

Her Past Reputation 

It is clear for all to see that above all else, Sandra was voted out due to her past reputation as a two-time winner. If no one was even talking to her about the vote, then there was clearly hardly anything else she could do! Sandra did all that she could do to try and stay in the game as she always does and at one point it almost looked like it was going to happen. But Zeke and Ozzy weren’t about to be bamboozled by Sandra like so many others have before. The Millennials vs. Gen X contestant even dubbed the two-time winner as “the most dangerous player in the history of Survivor”. With that kind of reputation there was never any reason to vote off anyone else. Unfortunately, Sandra is a victim of her own amazing play in both Survivor Heroes vs. Villains and in Survivor Pearl Islands and that played the influential role in her elimination from Survivor Game Changers.

The Swap

The swap is part of the game and something that you have to deal with. But Sandra was at the very least set up very nicely on Nuku. That probably wouldn’t have kept her in the game for too much longer after the merge given how decimated original Mana had become; but at least she probably would have made it there if a swap didn’t occur. Tavua were just so seamless in the previous set of episodes and they’ve been such a solid alliance that making any in-roads in that group was always going to be tremendously difficult for her. As she feared, her tribe-mates didn’t really take the time to get to know her and instantly sent her packing without really considering anyone else.  For that reason, she would have been better off being on Mana as at least in that case she would have had more people that were desperately looking for allies like Troyzan, Brad, even Hali! Sandra would have had a lot more wiggle room on Mana as opposed to Nuku where she was stuck with a group who had already been so tightly-knit together. It’s probably pretty obvious to say this, but she also would have been better off being on exile island and likely wouldn’t have been seen quite as big a threat right off the bat if that had been what occurred to her. Unfortunately for Sandra though, the swap is one of the key reasons as to why she was voted out.

The Architecht of Her Demise 

Zeke Smith had every right to be afraid of Sandra in the game and from the edit and the story we were given, he was the one who was leading the charge to eliminate the two-time winner. Zeke hasn’t been totally out in the open this season about his strategy but he was absolutely on fire confessional-wise this episode and did not want to give Sandra a chance at staying in the game. It seemed to be the Millennials vs. Gen X star who brought the idea up in the first place and it was also him who brought up and narrated the idea of using Tai as a decoy vote. On the surface, Ozzy may seem like the leader of that core group from Tavua now on Nuku, but as evidenced by tonight’s vote, Zeke has a lot more power than what has been shown. Even when things got out of hand, the majority group stayed calm and were prepared to leave paranoia aside and just take out Sandra. So, Zeke Smith has the very lucky honour of being the architect of Sandra Diaz-Twine’s first time being voted out of Survivor.

Pre-Season Thoughts and Predictions 

Shot In The Dark Prediction: 20th place.
Thoughts: For both Sandra and Tony, this season will either be a real test to their abilities as players, or will be one to forget as they become early boots due to their historic reputation. As the only ever two-time winner of the game, Sandra is bound to be instantly targeted and might be the most obvious choice to go home first if her team loses immunity. However, who wouldn’t want to take a multi-millionaire to the end? Sandra certainly has some game left in her and if she isn’t one of the first voted out it will be incredibly fun to see her back on the show again! I just really do not have high hopes for her going into this season but I am really excited to see a Sandra and Tony alliance and am crossing my fingers that one happens.

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In my pre-season predictions for this season, I truly did not give Sandra enough credit for the amazing game-player that she is. Of course on paper it looked obvious that she should be the first person voted out, but with her ability to always stay out of danger, it was never going to turn out that way. Sandra made it a whole lot farther than I initially thought she was going to and I am so glad she did because she was a pleasure to watch every single episode. She certainly enhanced her reputation as an amazing player and as far as a Tony-Sandra alliance goes, I think we got more than we bargained for in that department.

Conclusion and a Sandra Sendoff

Sandra Diaz-Twine is a legend of this game. She is arguably the greatest player to every play Survivor and the fact that it took 94 days to get her voted off of Survivor is a true testament to how amazing she is. Sandra very well should have been the first person voted off of this season due to her massive reputation and as Mana became more and more decimated, you just felt it was only a matter of a time before the majority alliance sent her packing for being the threat that she is.

Although she didn’t win, I loved this incarnation of Sandra even more than her first two times on the show. She was just so much fun in every single episode and always had something hilarious to say. In addition, she played such a good game and every single person that she targeted went home yet somehow up until the swap, she was still able to fly under the radar.

Sandra is a true legend of this game, only enhanced her reputation as an amazing character and player this season and Survivor Game Changers will not be the same without her. Sandra you will be dearly missed and The Mastermind cannot wait to see you back on Survivor again!

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