Big Brother Canada 5 Week 4 Thursday Eviction Episode: Gary Levy Evicted

Well there was hardly anything he could do the moment backwards week came into effect and sadly Gary Levy, one of the stars of this season of Big Brother Canada 5 has been evicted from the house. Nonetheless, the episode that unfortunately sent him packing was still very entertaining even if his eviction from the game was inevitable since the moment he was put on the block.

After Demetres Giannitsos won the HOH in the previous episode, he was given the power of having the sole vote to evict. In a different season, Demetres might have been inclined to keep Gary as the BBCAN1 runner-up is one of the few players in the house who could match The Greek‘s physical presence in challenge and would always act as a bigger target than him. However, with the house all gunning for Gary, The Greek was never going to go against them. That is even despite telling the Toronto native that he would save him “100%” if he won power. People go back on their words all the time in the house but this had to have been a hard pill for Gary to swallow.

Neda Getting On The House’s Nerves

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Neda Kalantar is undeniably the villain of this season of Big Brother Canada 5. Our latest poll demonstrated that the fan-base by in large is still backing the BBCAN2 third place finisher up but it seems episode by episode she is slowly but surely accumulating more and more hate among the fan-base. Now after sending Gary Levy home, a fan-favourite, the week after sending another fan-favourite in Cassandra home, Neda is really making an enemy out of the Big Brother community.

When Cass appeared on the screen for a second after that strange task, Dre claimed that Cass was the villain of the season. This prompted Gary to reply “Oh honey, you don’t know the villain until you watch the show” before the cameras zoomed in on Neda. Gary absolutely nailed it and he’s not the only one that isn’t clueless to Neda’s villainous ways as of late.

Her social game has been tanking week by week since she gained her immunity advantage and this week for some strange reason, Neda got bored and decided to play a game. The name of that game was “Say Something Mean About Sindy” which unsurprisingly didn’t go over well with the beauty queen who after the fourth or fifth thing said, began to tear up in the comfort of Ika. What Neda is doing here I’ll never know and honestly despite having complete control over the house, her social game has been atrocious since she gained that advantage. The whole house is slowly starting to turn on the BC native and the man that could have been set to lead that rebellion, was unfortunately also the man who was set to be evicted.

Gary Fighting For His Life 

Gary Levy BBCAN5 Demetres's Image

Even after being put on the block, Gary still thought he had the numbers to stay in the house. But Ika quickly put that to bed when she told him to “snap out of it” and start fighting for his life. A lot of Gary’s belief that he would stay in the house this week revolved around the fact that he is tremendously close to Kevin Martin inside the house. But despite the fact that Kevin wouldn’t have ever directly gone after Gary, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t going to pile onto what everyone else wanted inside of the house. The only person who truthfully would have kept Gary in the house this week if they won HOH would have been Karen. So the second Karen didn’t win, Gary was gone.

But that didn’t stop the Toronto native from fighting for his life and he had several good arguments and points that he raised to Demetres in trying to save himself. He told The Greek that he would always be a bigger target but more importantly that he would always be loyal to Demetres and Ika and that he would be the one coming after Neda and her group the second he could. Gary raised the point that the house needs to flip against them and that someone has to step up to do it. Demetres even took well to his arguments and he and Ika definitely took the time to consider keeping him in the house.

The main reason why Ika and Demetres were considering it so strongly though is because of how much they are beginning to distance themselves from Neda. Ika and Neda have been practically avoiding each other all week and “Demika” are even beginning to realize how far on the bottom of “the six” they are. At this point they’ve certainly been replaced by Dillon and Emily in the group and keeping Gary in the house might have given themselves more wiggle room to try and strike back.

But the problem is that even though Gary might have been the better person to keep in the house, everyone else wanted him gone and if they honestly felt like they wouldn’t have the ability to rally the troops against Neda’s alliance at this point in the game then they can’t keep Gary here. In addition, Ika and Demetres are also pretty tight with Dre and William and given who won power tonight, keeping Dre around was not a bad thing by any means at all.

HOH Competition 

Throughout the night, the house-guests were woken up on several occasions, forced to study videos sent to them by the three eliminated house-guests so far this season. Then they had to recite specific facts about the videos in a quest to win Head of Household. Before disclosing the winner, one interesting thing to note was that the live studio audience cheered when Neda was eliminated from the competition. That proves in itself how far the fan-base have turned on the BBCAN2 legend.

In the end, after getting the closest answer without going over to the final question, William became the new Head of Household!

After Dre, his closest ally was just on the block, winning HOH this week was absolutely massive for the French-Canadian. This is the first time this season that core group “the six” hasn’t been in control and so finally, someone like Bruno could be in trouble. Neda’s obviously the biggest target in the house but since she still has immunity and he and Kevin still have a really close bond, Bruno could be the next target in William’s mind. Jackie could also be in trouble for her terrible game-play since being put up as the pawn against Cassandra.

Whatever William is set to do with his new power, it could seriously be set to shake up the game.


Well Gary is gone from the house but I still have a high amount of optimism about where this season is going to go. Surely this is the week that the collapse of “the six” occurs; especially with William now being in power. Gary is gone but at least we still have Ika! At least we still have Kevin! It’s not all doom and gloom inside the Big Brother house and several people are still playing very good games.

Let’s hope that the letter shedding queen of Big Brother Canada that is Ika will lead the rebellion against the dominant alliance in the house and get in William’s head significantly this week. Thanks for tuning in and I cannot wait to see you here this time next Monday! See you then!

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