Big Brother Canada Week 5 Monday HOH Nominations Recap

Another week begins inside of the Big Brother house and sadly the rebellion against ‘the six’ that had been advertised all week long barely got off the ground. Let’s get right into the latest episode of Big Brother Canada 5, otherwise known tonight as The Ika Show.

Ika Becoming The Star Of The Show 

With the eviction of Gary last week, Ika has well and truly eclipsed everyone else as the new star of the show. This episode was in fact practically The Ika Show, even despite it being William who was in power. The episode started off with the BBCAN2 houseguest describing how she was playing in the middle between the two sides, hoping to keep it that way so that when the impending war between the two factions occurs, she’s in the key spot. This kind of behaviour from Ika is what has led Neda to have so much distrust in her former ally but at the very least, it continues to keep her and Demetres out of danger with ease.

After playing to the people on the bottom almost Rob Cesternino styled for weeks, Ika was always going to have a big role to play in who went up this week at the hands of William. All week long she was really in William’s ear, trying to get him to put up Dillon and Emily or at the very least her nemesis Jackie. She was so confident that she had kept her pal Bruno off the block that days before nominations the BBCAN2 houseguest told Bruno that he was completely safe, hoping that would keep him loyal to her for the short term.

Ika is pretty terrible at competitions, but if she continues playing like this, she won’t even need to win a single one! She has Demetres, Dre, William and Karen all under her thumb and every single time one of them wins a competition, it will basically be her with all the power. She’s playing a little too sloppily for my liking by constantly changing her mind and making an enemy out of Neda; but out of all the players in the house, you’d have to say she’s playing one of the best games. And above all else for the short term, she certainly had a major role to play in William’s nominations this week and deserved the positive edit that she was given.

Karen and Kevin’s Secret Task

Pretty much the only other noteworthy thing this week was Karen and Kevin’s secret task. The two were given the task of getting seven of their fellow house-guests to give them one item of clothing. If they failed the two of them would become have-not’s but if they passed, everyone would be haves for the weeks. Karen was pretty aggressive in her approach, barking at people to give her shoes, desperately asking Demetres to take his shirt off and even spilling alcohol on Dillon. Kevin on the other hand was a little more delicate and stealthy, sort of manipulating William into giving him his shirt for sexual purposes as well as oddly enough convincing Bruno to change bathing suits with him in the middle of the hot tub.

So all and all, this secret task was pretty funny but very weird. It was like they were trying to re-create the magic that occurred in Jon and Allison’s ‘don’t let anyone figure out you’re drunk task’ of BBCAN2. But nothing will ever be able to re-create that magic.

Dre’s Distress 

“There really is no morals here. I will use my sexuality and my flirtation to do whatever I have to out here” – Kevin Martin

Noticing that William was beginning to get a little too close for comfort with Kevin, who was clearly playing him, Dre started to warn her French Connection ally about all the dangers that Kevin and Bruno posed in the game. Dre really wanted to see Bruno go on the block this week but thanks to the work done by Kevin throughout the season so far, that was never going to happen. This is exactly what Kevin has been hoping for all along since he first started to play with William’s heart and this is the week where the relationship he cultivated with the French Canadian has finally paid dividends. Seriously, if it hadn’t been for Kevin, Bruno might have gone on the block this week. William doesn’t trust the father of two an inch and not for the first time in this game, Bruno did a terrible job at lying to him in a conversation. When asked about who he would have put on the block if he had won power, Bruno declared he would have put up Jackie with Dillon or Emily. William saw right through that and rightly so, but because he didn’t want to lose his friendship with Kevin, he refrained from putting up the poker player’s closest ally.

To be fair however, Kevin quite enjoys William’s company and as much as he wants to play it up for the Diary Room, it’s more than just game from the poker player in what he’s doing.

Emily and Dillon….A Showmance? 

For weeks this partnership seemed like a one-sided crush but then almost out of the blue, Emily declared in the DR that she had feelings for Dillon too. This Big Brother house sure makes for some pretty weird romances. James and Natalie, Sarah and Willow, Sindy and Jordan…the list goes on and on and Dillon (30) and Emily (23) are the next in a line of very weird Big Brother showmances.

Andy Herren, winner of Big Brother 15 has always said that being around the same people in the same house for so long and having no contact with the outside world makes you start to be attracted to people that you would never ever go near in the real world. And sorry Dillon, but I have to feel that that is what is going on out here. She can declare you to be “perfect” all she wants but girls like Emily in the real world don’t go for guys like Dillon and that’s the unfortunate truth. Nonetheless, for the time being they are for all intents and purposes, a showmance and that only increased the target put on them by other players like Ika.

In the end, their strong partnership with one another also seemed to contributed to William’s decision to put the two of them on the block together. It seems as though everyone in “the six” this week was hoping that Jackie, their seventh, would be the one to go on the block. Kevin even said to Dillon at one point, “As long as it’s Jackie, we’ll send her home”. But under the advice of Ika, William refrained from wasting his HOH on sending Jackie home and made the right call in putting up Emily and Dillon for the second week in the last four.


Last time these two were on the block together, Dillon won the POV and took himself off the block, which led to Dallas being evicted unanimously. This time I have to think the vote is going to be a whole lot closer. It would be pretty pointless for “the six” to send either one of them home at this point and they may find themselves arguing over which one to keep around. It may even become the battle of the sexes as you have to think Bruno and Kevin will be pushing to keep the big target that is Dillon in front of them in the house, while Sindy and Neda will be arguing for Emily to stay, knowing that they can gain full control of her if Dillon is out of the picture.

This means that the POV competition this week is going to be absolutely massive; perhaps the most important of the season so far. To find out who wins the POV and what else is going on inside the Big Brother Canada Odyssey, be back here on Wednesday night! Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see you next time!

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