Big Brother Canada 5 Double Eviction Recap

How did this happen so easily? The moment Neda’s immunity was lifted, she was always going to be the primary target in the house. But, somehow she managed to go out under the thumb of one of her best allies in the game, Sindy Nguyen. Let’s get one thing straight, Sindy just made one of the worst moves in Big Brother history. Emily Hawkin’s eviction from the game means absolutely nothing for what is to come moving forward in the Odyssey but Neda Kalantar’s eviction means so much more and has potentially just shifted power in Ika and Demetres’ favour for the long-term. Let’s get right into this entertaining double eviction episode.

More Dillon Stupidity But The House Is On His Side 

After the POV ceremony, Dillon Carman continued to act like a rather sore loser. He was still very annoyed about Kevin not using the POV to save him but then just stupidly started to tell Bruno and Kevin, the guys who are doing all they can to keep him in the house, that if he stays he will be coming after them. What kind of logic is that? Dillon, are you trying to get yourself to not stay? Why would telling Kevin and Bruno that you are coming after them if you stay in the house want to make them keep you in the house? Just sheer stupidity.

But luckily for the pro boxer, Bruno in particular really wanted to keep Dillon in the house, stating the obvious in saying “As long as he’s around people will be looking at him before they look at me”. The core group of “the six”, that’s Sindy, Neda, Bruno and Kevin, all wanted to keep Dillon around so then it was just about persuading Ika and Demetres that that is what had to be done. Thing is, they didn’t even need their votes. Yes they want to make sure their alliance is still good for the long term, which it wasn’t, but they already had the votes locked up, especially with Karen and Jackie prepared to go their way.

In the end, when the final vote came in, Emily Hawkin was evicted from the Big Brother Canada Odyssey over Dillon by a vote of 8-1. Dre was the only vote to save Emily.

Ika Turns On Neda and Sindy Makes A Blunder 

After Emily was practically unanimously evicted, we finally got into the good stuff with the double eviction. Shortly before the Head of Household competition, Arisa announced that jury would start here, meaning Neda’s immunity would now be over. Eventually the Before or After competition to decide who would become the next HOH went down to just Kevin and Sindy. By being on the same side of the house and working in tandem with the same set of people, neither of them really needed to win at that point. Sindy might have even been trying to throw it as she looked momentarily upset after answering the first question correctly and then put up what seemed to be a ridiculous and purposeful underestimation for the second question. But after Kevin went over with his guess, Sindy became the new HOH, something I don’t think she really wanted.

So when Sindy won instead of Kevin you might have thought that she was going to stick by the wishes of her alliance and put up Dre and William. But nope, instead, she decided to gun for two members of the outskirts of her alliance and put up Dillon and Jackie. Obviously she had very little time to think about her decision or deliberate with Kevin and Bruno over what the best course of action to take was, but why she didn’t just put up Dre or William I don’t think I’ll ever understand. In the grand scheme of things, losing any one of Dillon, Jackie, William or Dre would not have been a big deal for Sindy or her alliance. At this point they were all pawns being moved around by better players and so at first it wasn’t a terrible move that she made with her nominations. But what was to come was absolutely a terrible move and just tanked the games of four separate people.

POV Competition and Ika Takes Control 

Whoever took home the honour of POV had the substantial power to make a massive impact on who would become the first member of the jury. The goal of the POV competition was simply to untie oneself from a series of ropes that were attaching you to a very strange structure. In the end, the fit and nimble Jackie won the POV, and was given the right to take herself off the block. I still can’t believe Sindy actually wasted all the good work done by her allies in pulling in Jackie for weeks by rashly nominating her in the first place. And the situation was made all the worse when Ika had a word in Sindy’s ear towards the end of the HOH competition. Ika very simply told Sindy to put Neda up for eviction.

This caused an uproar between the two BBCAN2 houseguests during the commercial break in which they engaged in a very catty screaming match. This fight included Neda calling Ika “trash”, Ika saying that Neda would be the one that would destroy the alliance and then finishing up by saying “I promise you are going home”. The letter shredding queen that is Ika Wong had every right to try and destroy Neda’s game. She and Demetres were quickly put on the bottom of “the six” the moment it was formed and Neda honestly did a terrible job at keeping Ika in the know. She also never made her feel valuable to the alliance, so it wasn’t surprising at all when she stealthily changed sides. So Ika, beyond a few choice words that I’m sure she’d have back, was never in the wrong here.

The person that was in the wrong was Sindy. In the blink of an eye, she just tanked her own game and the games of Bruno, Kevin, and most notably Neda. The beauty pageant queen was playing so well up until this point and winning this power tonight could have been the thing that solidified their stance in the game long-term. But she just decided to throw it all away by nominating her best ally, someone that was never going to turn her back on her, up for eviction.  Just because Canada wants someone gone, it doesn’t mean it’s a good move for your game and I think Sindy fell victim to that mistake and made a horribly rash error tonight.

The Live Vote 

Interestingly Kevin, who was first to vote, walked into the diary room, did some quick math in his head and said in a slightly annoyed tone as he shook his head, “they have the votes to do it, I vote to evict Neda”. As it turned out, they clearly did have the votes to do it and after Sindy made such a horrible blunder in putting Neda up for eviction, Kevin and Bruno had to go along with it. The only person to toss a vote Dillon’s way was Jackie, which just shows how out of the loop she is in the house.

So after a season in which she was immune from being voted out the entire time, the moment she lost power, Neda was evicted by a vote of 7-1. I get where the live-studio audience is coming from in cheering for everything that went against Neda tonight, but I think they have to take a good hard look at themselves and remember that they did this to her. Neda didn’t just ask for immunity until jury, she was given it by Canada and the fact that the studio audience was cheering and celebrating that she would be evicted from the house in such an inglorious manner after giving her the power in the first place was a bit sad to see.

At the same time, Neda deserved to be evicted the moment she lost power because of her terrible social game during her run of immunity. It just shouldn’t have happened at the hands of Sindy.


Sindy Nguyen just made one of the worst moves in Big Brother Canada history and now Kevin and Bruno have some serious damage control to do in repairing everything they have worked towards in the past thirty days. The result of this double eviction episode is that Emily Hawkin and Neda Kalantar have both been evicted from the BBCAN Odyssey, both will only 1 vote to save them. The jury starts here and Neda will now be the queen of the jury house and will have a massive role to play from the sidelines in who wins this season. Now that Neda is gone, a massive shift in power looks set to take place with Ika and Demetres looking likely to take control. What’s to come in the next few weeks could be absolutely massive in deciding who wins this season.

Thanks for reading and I will see you next Monday for another BBCAN5 episode recap. See you then! 🙂

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