Big Brother Canada 5 Week 6 HOH Nominations & Double Eviction Fallout

We are now entering the jury-phase of Big Brother Canada 5 and after Neda’s eviction from the game, this season is now well and truly heating up again. With Sindy’s foolish mistake of sending Neda home, the core three of the supposed “six” that has now become five has suffered a severe impairment in the game. But, luckily for them the winner of the new HOH ensured that they’d all be safe for another week. Let’s get right into our latest recap of Big Brother Canada 5!

The Build-Up To Neda’s Unfortunate Eviction 

At the beginning of this Monday-night spectacle the show replayed for us all that went down in the second half of that entertaining double eviction episode and all the behind the scenes footage. Turns out, Neda and Ika’s fight extended all the way up until Big Brother gave them a third warning to take their seats. Neda even continued to bash Ika to the rest of the house during the live vote in hopes that she could put Ika’s game on blast on her way out the door. The most interesting thing from this segment was how much Bruno and Kevin fought against Sindy’s desire to do this terrible move. I still don’t know what Sindy was thinking and her diary room explanation of “having to get Neda out at some time” is absolutely stupid when now, with so many players still left in the game, was clearly not the right time to do so. Bruno and Kevin fought and fought to keep Neda in the game as she continued to engage in a screaming match with Ika, but Sindy wasn’t having any of it and foolishly nominated Neda for eviction, effectively sending her home.

The Fallout from Neda’s Eviction 

Instantly, Bruno, Kevin and Sindy are in a worse spot and are just struggling to keep their heads above water at the moment. Sure they still conveniently have Dillon and Jackie on their side, but that’s about it and if anyone else were to win power, two of the three of them would go on the block.

Meanwhile, Ika and Demetres are pretending like they are still on board to work with Sindy, Bruno and Kevin and that Neda was just the only reason keeping them from working with them before. In reality, Ika and Demetres have been with the other side of the house for a long time and could easily re-brand “the six” with all new members of their own.

Now that Neda has left the house, Sindy is now the big target that Bruno has begun to hide behind, telling her “you are what I care about”. But more notably, Dillon has replaced Emily with Karen. Who if you ask me, is certainly not the most rational player to have on your side as a ride-or-die.

HOH Competition 

At the HOH competition, house-guests had to press a button at the sound of the buzzer, an endurance competition that would make James Huling jump for joy. The last person to press the button after the buzzer occurred, would be eliminated from the competition round after round. As Dillon made an attempt to distract everyone else, Demetres was the first one out, without even getting a chance to engage in what was to come. As the competition went on, the BB producers began to tempt the contestants with food, money, have passes and more. At one point Dillon even started to run back and forth to the food and then returning to his buzzer, successfully each time.

After four hours had gone by, only Ika, Demetres, Karen and previous HOH Sindy were out of the competition. After five hours had gone by, Dillon started to make a deal with the rest of the house, telling them to go get the latest BB temptation of 500$ and leave the competition without returning afterward. In return, he promised not to put anyone up. Bruno was the only one not to fall victim to the temptation of having the 500$, as Dre, William, and Kevin all left their positions to go and claim the money.  But when Dre and William started to return, Bruno got nervous and pressed the buzzer, resulting in Dre and William doing so as well. With Dillon offering to keep all of them safe, Bruno should have just let the boxer have the power. With the pro boxer in power, Bruno would not only be safe but one would have thought he would also have quite a bit to say about who would go on the block. But in the end all Dillon’s first attempt at a deal did was eliminate Kevin from the competition.

But he wasn’t done there. After seven hours, Dillon told Dre and William that Ika and Demetres would be the one’s going up and that he would keep them safe. After being noticeably tired of having to participate in the competition, they took the bait and as a result Dillon won his first HOH of the season.

Dillon’s Got The Power 

Immediately after Dillon claimed power, Bruno tried to convince Ika that she was safe, but deep down, she knew that she wasn’t. Ika instantly went to Dre and disclosed her disappointment in the fact that she stepped down from the HOH competition. Dre thought that Bruno had Ika’s back, but sadly, she was wrong. If William and Dre are out of the equation for eviction as produced by Dillon’s deal, than that would leave just Karen, Jackie, Ika and Demetres up for grabs. So even though it had been seven hours in the competition and they were all exhausted, this was pretty poorly thought out by Dre and William who need Ika and Demetres in front of them if they are going to continue to stay safe. How they couldn’t even conceive that Ika and Demetres would be the likely nominees is incredibly peculiar, especially given the fact that Dillon even told them that was exactly what he wanted to do.

Nonetheless, Dillon was still keeping his options open and was considering nominating Sindy and Jackie. After all Sindy did just nominate him for eviction. But in addition to that, she hadn’t even talked game with him all season long until this episode and every word she said to try and keep herself off the block seemed a little bit desperate. It was almost like she didn’t know how to have this kind of conversation; which I guess is one of the downsides of being completely anonymous in the house for six weeks.

But after a talk with Demetres, Dillon disclosed that he would be foolish not to put The Greek up after their low-key fight in the first week. But Demetres did do a decent job in convincing him to put up Jackie alongside him. This was pretty good from Demetres. If you can’t keep yourself off the block, at least ensure the person sitting next to you could be someone that could go home and in this instance not only did he do that, but he kept his showmance in Ika off of the block as well. After running it by Dre and Dre complying with the idea as well, that was what looked likely to happen.

Dillon As A Sympathetic Character 

Although The Mastermind has been harsh on Dillon’s terrible game-play this season, the edit has never made him look like a bad guy. This episode he was even made to look like a sympathetic character. He was shown as a lovable goofball in the HOH competition with his antics to get some Chinese food into his mouth and even had some sweet words about taking turns with his mom in the act of raising his 4-year old niece. Although he’s clearly not a fan-favourite, the edit has not shied away from trying to turn him into one and hey, maybe this is the week that it could happen. Although he’s got the power, Dillon is still playing the role of the underdog in the house and if he were to make it to the end of the game he might have what it takes to claim the money.

As previously mentioned he’s also doing some interesting things with his game now that Emily is gone. Miraculously, Karen has become his new favourite. The boxer even told Karen “I want you to be my new Em”. Again, Karen isn’t exactly the most level-headed person in the house to have as a close ally but she is a piece of the puzzle that needed to be picked up by someone and Dillon made a smart play by finally being the one to do it. Karen even proposed backdooring Kevin, to which Dillon wasn’t entirely opposed to.

In the end, the episode came to an end with Dillon’s solid nominations of Demetres and Jackie. Demetres and Dillon haven’t gotten along all game long. This all began when Demetres under the influence of Cass made a horrible game-move in intentionally picking a fight with the boxer for no reason at all (see Week 1 Eviction Episode Recap for more information). But the nomination of Jackie is a little more puzzling. She doesn’t have a good standing in the game and not a single person really feels like they can trust her. That being said, Dillon thinking that Jackie had a lot to do with Emily’s eviction is a little outrageous to say the least. Jackie has about as much say in the happenings of the BBCAN Odyssey as Marsha the Moose!

Nonetheless, these are really solid nominations from Dillon and he actually played his power pretty well this week, using it to gain more trust and more information from just about every single person in the house.


So far Dillon has actually done pretty well as the Head of Household. He’s not as smart as he thinks he is, but we can let that slide for the time being because of his solid nominations and use of his power to gain information this week.

With Jackie and Demetres on the block (and a secret veto possibly coming into play), this week looks set to be a big one. Jackie going home wouldn’t really effect too much but Demetres going out certainly would and would do wonders in putting Bruno, Kevin and Sindy back in good standing in the house. Whatever happens, it is sure to be entertaining!

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see you next time!

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