Big Brother Canada 5 Week 6 POV Episode Recap

Following a two hour spectacle of Survivor that was absolutely on fire, Big Brother Canada did not disappoint one bit either and delivered with another killer episode. I’ve made it no secret that this is my least favourite of the BBCAN seasons so far, but it still produces a highly entertaining show with so much to speak about. So let’s get right into our latest episode recap, all about this week’s POV competition and all that went on before and after, including an incredible secret veto discovery.

Does Dillon Get This Game?  

Does Dillon get how to play Big Brother Canada? No. If he did, he wouldn’t tell everyone in the house that Karen was his best ally and was his “new Emily”. If he did, he wouldn’t think that Jackie was the mastermind behind taking Emily out of the game. “I’m just going with my gut” so he says. Well sorry to break it to you Dillon but your gut is wrong.

The good thing for Dillon is that he’s actually in a pretty good position right now. It’s hardly down to his own doing and yes, I did give him a whole lot of credit for how he played in this week’s Monday episode but every time we are given a look into his thoughts, it always leaves me scratching my head.

Nonetheless, there was a POV competition to get to, the results of which had the potential to drastically change how this season will play out.

POV Competition 

In a revamped version of the Dallas Cormier kick a cardboard cut out competition of last year, contestants had to roll a ball and then catch it, 300 times in a row to be precise. After pepping Sindy up to win the competition, Kevin and Bruno were thoroughly disappointed with her performance in the competition. Sindy was dreadful, while Jackie and Demetres were the two that had the most amount of comfort with the competition, convenient given that they were the two on the block fighting for their lives in the game. But in the end, Jackie was no match for The Greek and Demetres hit 300 in a row and won the POV. For Demetres’ sake, it is a really good thing he won. Although Jackie was Dillon’s target, no one would have wasted a vote on Jackie who looks to be destined for the finale at this point. So Demetres winning had the potential to change the course of this game drastically (if last week didn’t already).

Sindy The Target 

As soon as Demetres won the power, Sindy became the obvious replacement. Ika did her magic in persuading him against going after her but ultimately Ika hardly even needed to do anything given how ridiculous Sindy’s conversation was with him after the POV competition. She started to throw Kevin and Bruno under the bus while simultaneously telling him to get out Demetres and Ika. It just made no sense and Dillon again for the second episode in a row, saw right through it, calling her “shady”.

Bruno fought and fought and fought to try and get Ika on the block. He told Dillon that this had to be the week to take her out otherwise she was going to run the game. But Dillon neglected to go that direction, going with his gut and nominating Sindy for eviction instead.

Unfortunately for Sindy, this all goes back to her terrible decision to nominate Neda in last week’s double eviction. By doing this, she threw away her own game and destructed the games of Bruno and Kevin in the process. This isn’t just in hindsight, this was clear as day in foresight for Sindy and was something that she should have been able to predict. Sindy got caught up in the heat of the moment, wanting to make a big move and thinking Ika was still on her side and as a result made a terrible decision that will prove to be her own demise in the game this week.

At one point in the season I claimed she was playing the best game in the entire house. Unfortunately, the old Sindy of BBCAN3 has re-emerged and she now has a 0% of chance of winning this game, probably even a 0% chance at staying in the house this week. I am trying hard not to get too worked up over this stupid decision by Sindy that I knew would destroy her game and the games of Kevin and Bruno. But it really is hard not to get worked up because you can’t even begin to explain what was possibly running through her mind in sending Neda home. I called it at the time, this was one of the worst moves in Big Brother history and one week after making this stupid move, Sindy is going out the door and will be joining Neda in jury. At least next week’s jury segment will be incredibly interesting…so that’s something.

William Finds A Secret Note with a Secret Power

Above all else this episode, maybe even this season, this was the moment that had us all clinging to the edge of our seats. While the house was given a cleaning task, William found a secret note about a secret power in the game. The best thing for William was that he could continue to just pretend like he was cleaning when he was actually looking for more clues. The French Canadian found clue after clue and finally was told to press the blue star in the pantry. After finding the blue star, a robotic arm appeared and took about an hour too long to hand William his next hint. But eventually, the robot revealed that what he was looking for was hidden away in a secret little tunnel that could be accessed from one of the walls in the backyard. After a long and dark crawl through the tunnel, William finally found his secret power of veto, which he can use at any of the next two ceremonies. It is unclear if this ceremony this week was included in that. If it was included, then he will have to use his power next week.

This whole scene just made this episode so much better and it was so entertaining to watch. You would have to think that after going through all the work of finding the clues that at the point where the pantry is changing colours that Big Brother is not letting anyone else discover William in his attempt to find the secret power. But it was still tremendously entertaining to watch him crawl through tunnels and jump at the sight of a robotic arm, just wondering if he was going to get caught or if he was going to pull it off and find what he was looking for.

But after going unnoticed the entire time, Karen caught him at what could have been a vital time had Big Brother not stepped in to save the day. Once the French Canadian got out of the secret tunnel, Karen spotted him and asked him what he was doing. She then proceeded to open the secret passageway herself before Big Brother came onto the mic and said “Karen! Stop that!”. Luckily for William his secret will stay safe for now but once he uses this power, if Karen is clever enough, it won’t be too long before it is discovered that it was him that made the move.

So William now has a secret power in the game, a veto which he has to use at the next veto ceremony or may be able to use the week after depending on the rules. William may have this secret power but who is playing the best game inside of the Big Brother Canada Odyssey? That is the question!

Who Is Playing The Best Game? 

Believe it or not, Ika, yes Ika Wong, is playing the best game of Big Brother Canada so far this season. After realizing she was on the bottom of Neda’s ever-powerful six person alliance, she immediately flipped sides but did so in a way where every single person in that six person alliance still thought that she was working with them. This has resulted in her being aware of everything that is going on in the house at all times and simultaneously has given her the knowledge on what every single person in the game wants to have happen. In addition to always having a bigger target in front of her that is Demetres Giannitsos, Ika has also managed to pull in the likes of Dre Gwenaelle, William Laprise-Desbiens and most recently Dillon Carman, securing her a steady position within the house where she doesn’t look to be in danger anytime soon.

Her mindset in the game right now is great, claiming that Demetres being on the block is a victory simply because she’s not there next to him. Somehow, she even managed to convince Sindy to nominate her best ally in the game, Neda, for eviction, which led to the house sending Neda home and has since put Ika in the most powerful position in the house. Of course that’s always a dangerous position to be in, but there are still far too many bigger fish to fry. Bruno and Kevin have caught on to her stellar gameplay; but if they were to gain power and put her on the block, Ika is so well-insulated just like Bruno was a couple weeks ago, that she would never be the one to go home.

Ika Wong may have gone home super early in Big Brother Canada 2 but this season she has been the star of the show and more importantly, the season’s best player. If she makes it to the end of this game, she wins hands down.


Sindy is on the block and Sindy is going home, no question about it. The intrigue now lies with what on earth Kevin and Bruno are going to do to get themselves out of this tough spot and how William is going to play his secret veto in the upcoming week(s). In addition, it will interesting to see if Ika can hold onto her stable position in the house or if a new contender will emerge and send her packing. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see you back here again tomorrow to talk more about Sindy’s eviction and how bad of a move it was to nominate Neda last week. See you then!

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