Big Brother Week 6 Eviction Episode Recap: Sindy Nguyen Evicted

The writing was on the wall the moment she put Neda on the block for eviction. Sure, we could all see that Ika and Demetres were no longer actually part of the six while she must have thought that maybe there was still something there, but nominating Neda was still always going to be the wrong move to make. But beyond Sindy’s eviction from the game tonight, there is still a few things to discuss about where the season goes from here. So let’s get right to it, talking about the latest eviction episode of Big Brother Canada 5.

Bruno Feeling Down In The Dumps

He was smiling before the game but Bruno is certainly not smiling now. With Sindy on the block, Bruno was starting to recognize that a twist wasn’t going to be his downfall in the game this time but instead that Sindy’s foolish move was going to be. Luckily for Bruno he still has good allies in the form of Jackie and Kevin. In fact, Bruno and Kevin were the only one’s who were even willing to give Jackie the time of day until Ika started to yesterday.

Bruno has done really well to maintain a good relationship with Jackie, comforting her when she felt like she was going home when he knew there was no way that was going to happen. Unfortunately, the professional pizza maker is the least powerful player in the house and even if a fire was lit underneath her you-know-what, she still wouldn’t really start playing the game. So Bruno and his best ally Kevin have every right to feel down in the dumps right now. They are two very strong players but they have just been played by Ika and by Sindy’s silliness last week.

Sindy Tries To Sway William and Dre 

She was never going to get the votes to stay this week, but that didn’t stop Sindy from trying to pull in William and Dre! The beauty pageant queen told William all about how Ika was running things and was playing the middle before doing the same to Dre and adding in “If you keep me this week you will have my jury vote”. These were big words from Sindy Nguyen and probably words that were true. Unfortunately, the problem was that William and Dre had a very different viewpoint on the direction of this vote. William does not like Ika at all anymore while Dre loves Ika and sees her as one of her best allies. So this caused a major problem for the two that have been working together so closely in the game. While William saw a path to the end by siding with Kevin and Bruno, Dre saw a different path to the end by siding with Ika and Demetres; so they left each other in a really though spot. In the end, Dre got her way and when the vote came in it was 6-1 for Sindy, with Kevin being the only vote for Jackie.

To be blunt, after making what I regard to be one of the worst moves in Big Brother history, Sindy deserved to be evicted this week.

HOH Competition & New HOH Spoilers  

At a challenge to get contestants to run around the house frantically, Karen won an advantage for the upcoming HOH competition. I know this isn’t the most fit group of contestants ever seen, but Karen won this? Really?

The upcoming competition then involved even more running so it looked as though Karen was in a great position to take advantage of her advantage and give herself a new advantage in the game in the form of Head of Household. But in the end Demetres ended up winning the HOH competition. This now puts Kevin and Bruno spiraling out of control right down a black hole which leads right out of the house. So what on earth can they do to save themselves now?

What Can Kevin and Bruno Do Now? 

Now more than ever, with Dillon turning a blind eye this week, William and Dre will become more important than ever before to Kevin and Bruno. If the two men are to find themselves on the block, which you can almost guarantee they will, William becomes essential in their quest to stay. Not only does William have a secret veto that can save one of them, he also has a solid relationship with both Kevin and Bruno and is actually on board with taking Ika out. The dilemma then becomes about whether or not he is strong enough to disregard the wishes of his best ally Dre and unfortunately for the two BBCAN3 players, I don’t think he is.

Since Neda’s eviction, Bruno and Kevin have been gunning for Ika and that is what they need to continue to do even now that Demetres has the power. Logistically it makes sense to stick with one specific target but Ika is also just about the only person in the house that they could really rally some kind of coalition to take out. They need to start to rally everyone else, William, Karen, Dillon and Dre against the pair that is Demetres and Ika so that when the chips fall where they may next week that those are the two everyone is talking about. Even then, getting Ika out would require her to be on the block next to someone who would have been a vote for her to stay, like Dillon, Demetres, Karen or Dre. Illustrating further how well positioned Ika is in the house at this point.

With William’s secret power of veto in play, Bruno, Kevin and Jackie now all of the ability to stay safe this week if one of them can come out with a POV win. Jackie winning the POV would be the optimal scenario for the alliance. She would take one of them off the block and William could then take the other one off the block. But Demetres would be unable to nominate William or Jackie for eviction, causing him to have to turn on two members of his own alliance. The problem this brings about is that if William doesn’t get to name the replacement nominee himself and takes down Kevin or Bruno, there’s no guarantee that Dre won’t be the person going up. So William might not even want to use his power at all.

Basically no matter what, they are in a really tough spot that will take some incredible circumstances to keep them alive. Unfortunately for the poker player and the father of two, practically all they can do to stay alive this week is win the POV. They’re certainly in a precarious position and it will be very interesting to see if they can work their way out of it this week.

So Big Brother Canada 5 continues to impress and although it was a bit of a dull episode and Sindy’s eviction had long been a foregone conclusion, there is still a lot of intrigue about where we take off from here and specifically how Kevin and Bruno get themselves out of such a sticky situation. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and I will see you back here next Monday for another episode recap! See you soon!

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