Survivor Game Changers Episode 7 Why Hali Ford Was Voted Out

“I don’t have any intention of working with Sierra. Our trust is pretty much gone” – Hali Ford in her pre-season interview with Gordon Holmes.

Hali Ford is officially the merge boot of Survivor Game Changers. From a game-play perspective it makes almost zero sense to get rid of someone who was just a complete non-factor so early on in the merge. Hali was completely on an island all by herself and could have been used as a number for whoever wanted to use her. But due to not making the necessary bonds when given the chance, Hali didn’t have anyone that was willing to save her and as a result was sadly eliminated from the game.

Not Making The Necessary Bonds

Hali had plenty of time to work herself into the group over at Mana but was just never able to. Aubry and Cirie both seemed to work their way into that group with ease. So why wasn’t Hali able to do the same? That is the question that has to be asked. In her post-game exit interviews, Hali has noted that she just simply didn’t want to work with Brad, Sierra and Debbie. That is a major shortcoming of her game this time around as sometimes you just have to roll with the people you get stuck with, especially if you have no other options available to you. Essentially it got down to a point where there was virtually no one else for her to work with but she still didn’t make an attempt to work with the only group that would have been willing to work with her.

It appears as though Sierra has been pretty hostile towards Hali this season. The quote at the very top even illustrates that for whatever reason the two of them just don’t have a good relationship. Why else would they both be so adamant against working with each other? But still, that doesn’t mean that she couldn’t have tried to make it work with Brad, Tai and Debbie. Brad seemed to be open enough to working with her and they kept her around at that first vote for a reason. So it is a little baffling that she made almost no attempt at all to try and work herself into that group despite having twelve days to do so. Ultimately, going into the merge Hali desperately needed allies to save her, but nobody was willing to stick their neck out on the line to save her. That suggests that she just did not do enough to win friends and assimilate into Brad and Sierra’s group when she was given the chance.

Mana’s Longstanding Demise 

This will always be secondary to the reason above, but Mana’s longstanding demise in the game does play a small part in Hali getting eliminated from the game so early on. Of course it is a very small reason because there were three other original Mana members who all survived both votes tonight – Michaela, Troyzan and Aubry. But still, Hali just ran out of options of people she could work with. In the early days of the game she seemed to be in tight with Troyzan but once the merge hit, the One World contestant instantly jumped at the opportunity to take her out, highlighting again how she was never able to make the necessary bonds to stay alive. But she also seemed to be in good with Jeff Varner, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Malcolm and even Caleb to an extent. But every single one of those players was eliminated from the game, giving her a lack of people still left in the game that she wanted to work with. Again though, sometimes in Survivor you have to work with people you don’t like. If you can’t manage to do that, then you always run the risk of being voted out.

A Late Shift In The Vote 

Recognizing that Michaela was probably the bigger threat and the more dominant personality over Hali, Brad’s Mana group originally looked content with sending the Millennials vs. Gen X star home. But somewhere along the way, whether it was under the influence of Zeke or Cirie or was something that Sierra and her group changed around on their own behalf, Hali became the primary target. This is evident from Zeke’s conversation with Sierra when she was in the hammock with Debbie where he expressed his confusion with where the votes were headed. He didn’t understand why if they were afraid of Hali having an idol why Hali was to be given less votes. So possibly to end the suspicion that Zeke and Cirie had, Sierra’s group decided to change things around. It is unclear exactly when things changed but from the edit we were given, Cirie did a massive job in ensuring Michaela’s safety. She was certainly integral in pulling Michaela onto her side and in the process of doing that disregarded Hali Ford, but why Hali become the target instead of Micahela is a little bit fuzzy. Nonetheless, a late shift in the plan is another factor to consider when discussing Hali Ford’s elimination from the game as the surprise merge boot.

Pre-Season Thoughts & Prediction For Hali 

Shot In The Dark Prediction: 4th place.
Thoughts: The majority of fans seem to love her but besides her being pretty is there any real reason why? Jeff Probst has certainly been one to objectify her in the past and I kind of have to wonder, as harsh as this sounds, if her looks are a central reason as to why she was brought back. Hali didn’t show much from a strategic standpoint in Worlds Apart at all and although she is very smart and oddly enough a dark horse to win, I really dont know why she should be given a chance to return instead of Natalie Bolton, Natalie Anderson, Danni Boatwright or Carolyn Rivera. Its kind of ridiculous to me if I’m honest, but at least she isn’t the most ridiculous returnee on this cast…so that’s something! She’s fine and she’ll either do well or extremely well. I am actually quite optimistic about her chances in the game and decently interested to see how well she can do, I just don’t know if I would have ever chosen her to return and I certainly don’t think she deserves to be on the season instead of her fellow Worlds Apart castaway Carolyn Rivera. 

It seems as though I was pretty harsh on Hali pre-season, saying how she was basically only on the season for some eye-candy. At the same time, I was overly optimistic about how well she would actually perform. I thought that being an attorney, she would have the brains to navigate her way through some tricky situations in the game. Unfortunately, she instead got caught up in wanting to work with people that she liked rather than those that she didn’t like, and made a massive blunder in not ever really making any kind of social relationships that could keep her in the game. A dark horse to win was certainly an overstatement and although I actually enjoyed her on this season, I still firmly stand by what I said about rather seeing Nat B, Nat A, Carolyn or Danni Boatwright. If one statement above turned true more than anything else it was “She’s fine and she’ll either do well or extremely well”. She’s fine and she did well but she didn’t really need to be on this season in my point of view.

Conclusion and a Hali Ford Sendoff 

Although I would have probably been advocating to keep Hali around because of how little influence I feel she would have had on the remainder of the game, it’s hard not to send her home when it just seems like she made no relationships that were meaningful enough to save her. I enjoyed her this season more than I expected to and I feel as though she made a decent enough mark on Survivor Game Changers but I think it is safe to say that this is the last we will see of Hali Ford on Survivor.

So there it is! Why Hali Ford Was Voted out of Survivor Game Changers. Don’t forget to be back here soon for Why Ozzy Was Voted Out as well as our Survivor Edgic coming to our latest episode recap very soon. Thanks for reading and see you then!


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