Big Brother Canada Week 7 Monday HOH Recap

Following the back-to-back evictions of Sindy and Neda, Kevin and Bruno were left in incredibly vulnerable positions. Then once Demetres won HOH that was only amplified, with the two former “six” members bound to go up on the block. But luckily, two POV’s are still in play this week and there is now the potential for the both of them to be safe. Let’s get right into the latest episode of Big Brother Canada 5 and all the happenings inside of that Odyssey.

Post-Sindy Eviction and HOH Competition

Following Sindy’s eviction, Ika immediately started to yell at Kevin for trying to give her a hug. Minutes later, the pressure and the thought that he would be in danger of going next started to get the poker player and he had to be comforted by William. Kevin tried to tell William that hanging out with him would only make William a bigger target but the French Canadian was still willing to comfort his friend. Nonetheless, Kevin and Bruno were destined to go on the block and all they could do to save themselves was win HOH.

So at the HOH Competition, with a number of different challenges, it made for a very nervous situation when it came down to Demetres and Bruno. Demetres winning would seal Kevin and Bruno’s fate (William’s secret veto notwithstanding) and Bruno winning might even do enough to seal Demetres’ fate as the father of two would have definitely put Ika and The Greek on the block. But in the end, Demetres won power, giving him the chance to call all the shots for another week.

Kevin and Bruno Form A Plan 

After Demetres won power, Bruno decided the only thing that they could do was make a pitch to Ika. The fact that only three returnees remain in the house and the rest of the house-guests are all new players needed to be addressed and Bruno planned on doing exactly that. But the letter shredding BBCAN2 houseguest was just not willing to listen.

Bruno declared to Demetres and Ika, “If we go out this week, one of these five are going to win this game”. The sad thing is, that is probably true. If Bruno and/or Kevin go out this week, Demetres and Ika are sitting ducks next week and one of the five newbies not named Demetres might win the season with ease. I think Demetres would absolutely still have a shot at winning the game but a returnee winning would be practically impossible if Bruno and/or Kevin went home this week. Ika even said that she believed them but that wasn’t enough to stop Demetres from putting the two men on the block.

Unfortunately, in their pitch, they also foolishly started to throw their only alliance member under the bus. Jackie quickly found out and went into meltdown mode once again. This time though it was different, and Jackie now might have a little bit of hope for what is to come in her game for the future.

Jackie Elevates From Peasant to Free Tenant 

Last week Jackie formed a formal alliance with Kevin and Bruno, the only two people in the house that she could truly feel like she could trust. All have-not’s for the week, they decided to call their alliance “the peasants” because that is what Ika calls everyone else in the house, especially those that she sees as being beneath her. But when they threw her under the bus to Ika and Demetres, all trust between Jackie and Kevin and Bruno had been lost forever.

After calling Kevin out she instantly ran to Ika. The BBCAN2 houseguest did excellent in this situation in piling onto Jackie’s beliefs about Kevin and Bruno and winning her over as a potential number. Jackie really is a free agent in this house right now. It looked like Kevin and Bruno did excellently well to pull her in, but after it was revealed that she was only being “used”, she immediately left in their alliance. But Ika made sure to reel her in (Dre did some stuff as well) and the fiery red-haired houseguest finally told Ika and Demetres, “I will vote however you want me to vote, I want those two out”, spelling more trouble for Kevin and Bruno.

Dre Floats Her Way To The Top 

Dre Gwenaelle and William Laprise-Desbiens looked like just about the only two capable new players in the house for a large section of the game (Demetres as well of course). But when Dre found herself on the block next to Gary a couple of weeks ago, some of the moves she was making were just ridiculous and a capable player suddenly started to look like a not-so capable player.

Since then, she’s kind of just floated her way through the game and now that Kevin and Bruno are on the block, she is in an even more powerful position. Dre wants a newbie to win this game and she is leading that large pack of new players as she simultaneously bounces back bounces back in between Kevin/Bruno and Ika/Demetres. All of the new players are practically pawns for her game at this point and she has absolutely every single one of them wrapped her fingertips. Even Jackie, who weeks ago was only willing to work with Kevin and Bruno.  The editors were very subtle with this during this episode, just giving us a brief glance into her mind for a moment or two before moving back onto the drama. But make no mistake, Dre is positioned amazingly well right now and has a very clear path to the end of the game.

POV Spoilers 

At the POV Competition, William Laprise-Desbiens won the Power of Veto, making this a very exciting time inside of the Big Brother Canada house. With a secret veto in his back pocket, William now has the potential to take both Kevin and Bruno off the block, while also keeping himself safe in the process. Right now the French Canadian seems most inclined to use his secret power to take Kevin off the block, in hopes that everyone will think that Kevin did it himself, while saving the other veto for a rainy day, leaving Bruno on that block. Whatever he decides, this week is definitely sure to be interesting and who that replacement nominee would be if Kevin were to go off the block could shake up the entire game entirely.


This was a highly enjoyable episode, possibly even one of the best of the season. With Kevin and Bruno in such a bad spot, this week could have been very simple just like last week was with the eviction of Sindy Nguyen. But there was so much drama centering around the whole Jackie situation and still so much intrigue into what William is going to do with his secret veto that it has made for a very exciting week inside of the BBCAN Odyssey. One thing is for certain in my mind, if Kevin and Bruno remain on that block this week until eviction night, one of the new players will win this game. Thanks for reading and I will see you back here again on Wednesday night! See you soon!

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