Big Brother Canada 5 Week 7 Wednesday POV Recap

With a secret veto, a real veto and two real gamers on the block sitting next to each other, this was always going to be one hell of a week inside of the BBCAN Odyssey. This season has been absolutely on fire as always and Week 7 might be one of the most enthralling of all. Let’s get right into the latest episode, celebrating the POV competition and all that it entailed.

Kevin The Target 

As soon as the show began, Demetres was quick to declare Kevin to be his main target. Ika agreed with this sentiment, calling Bruno “not all that bad” and saying how he could still be of great use to her. This also went along with her recognizing that having the only other veterans still in the game out of the house was terrible for her moving forward. Ika, Bruno and Kevin are the only three remaining returnees still in the house so having them gone would make her the very next target.

Demetres’ thinking in putting them both on the block (not that he needed to explain such a decision), was that by putting them up together he could guarantee that one of them would be sitting there on eviction night. Unbeknownst to him, there was not one but two vetoes in play this week, meaning that there was every chance that both of them could be off of that block come eviction night.

POV Competition 

In a repeat of that iconic BBCAN3 challenge, contestants were crammed inside of a narrow coffin and given the task of pressing their buzzer after 100 minutes had passed. But not only did they have to count to 100 minutes, they also had to stay in the coffin while sustaining forms of low-key torture. Every once in a while “angels” would enter the room to give them a series of distractions. This ranged from hearing their family members laughing, to mice crawling on their toes. Hilariously as illustrated by the photo above, Ika also had a major freakout when a bunny entered her cage. She didn’t even last a second after the rats were released! Kevin seemed to have it the worst, seemingly being bitten by the rat at one point! But he, and the rest of the participants, stayed inside the coffin the whole time.

Credit again has to be given to Trevor Boris, executive producer and challenge director of Big Brother Canada. Not only were the costumes and design of this challenge flawless, it’s also just a really good competition. It puts the house-guests in a tough situation and requires them to really fight for their lives in the game if they want to stay.

William was the first to buzz in and was absolutely spot on compared to the rest of the houseguests who all went way over the time. So after William won power, it was all about what he was going to do with not just that veto, but his other veto as well.

What To Do With The Veto? 

“I have to do everything I can to make sure he saves me” – Kevin Martin. 

Although Kevin was beginning to question his relationship with William at the beginning of the episode, he knew that there was still a large shot that the French Canadian would use the POV to save him. But Dre and Ika were adamant that Kevin had to go and began to use scare tactics to try and get him not to use it. The BBCAN2 contestant threatened that the wrath of Ika would come out if he saved Kevin while Dre declared that Kevin was full of deceit even though she was actually the deceitful one. Ika and Dre decided to then convince William not to use the veto by telling him that Kevin would stay no matter what. William saw right through that, calling his best ally in Dre “sketchy” as he recognized that Kevin absolutely would be the one going home.

In the end, William decided not to use the real veto, but indications suggest that he did use the secret veto to save his bud Kevin from eviction, stopping him from going out in 9th place just like he did back in BBCAN3.

I have to hand it to you William, this is a job well done. Using the secret POV to save Kevin was a great move. The French Canadian can now potentially play it off as if wasn’t him that burned the bridge and saved Kevin even though it was. On top of that, keeping Kevin was absolutely a requirement for William’s game to advance this week and for a second there, it really looked like Dre and Ika had convinced him otherwise. Luckily, the French Canadian kept his head up, realized what was needed and did the right thing in using that veto.

Then the show ended on the cliffhanger of “Will the secret power of veto be played?”. This was a really lame cliffhanger to give given that we had already seen and heard the sirens after the ceremony ended and Demetres being called into the diary room. The show isn’t fooling anyone and it is clear that Kevin will be safe come tomorrow night.

So Who Is Going On The Block? 

Since Demetres’ main target, Kevin, is now presumably off of the block, he would have been given the task of naming the replacement nominee. But with everyone on his side, naming someone as a replacement was always going to be tough. But then again with some on his side more than others, The Greek might find comfort in nominating Jackie for eviction one more time. She’s already been on the block several times and she is very likely to stay. Even if she doesn’t stay it wouldn’t really matter to Demetres’ long-term game. Although it would probably piss Jackie off for good, it seems like it could be the most logical thing for Demetres to do at this point in the game.


This was another very fun episode of Big Brother Canada 5. That POV competition never disappoints and the intrigue of what one player would do while in possession of two different forms of power made this week and this episode all the more interesting. Who will be going home tomorrow is still up for debate and I cannot wait to cover it all for you back here on The Mastermind tomorrow night. See you then! 🙂


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