Survivor Game Changers Why Debbie Wanner Was Voted Out

Debbie Wanner has been voted out of Survivor Game Changers and this season just got instantly better. If you are a Debbie fan, you might want to skip this one. Let’s get right into Why Debbie Wanner Was Voted Out of Survivor.

Over-Confidence and Saying Far Too Much

Debbie is a crazy beach 

Regardless of Sarah Lacina going back to her old group, this vote could just have easily been Brad or Sierra. But for one, Debbie is just so hard to work with, for another, she just got far too overconfident in her position in the game. Quotes such as “We have complete control over this game” and “We’ll pick the five of them off one by one” highlight just how overconfident she was feeling. This excessive self-assurance led her to making the exact same mistake she did last time in Survivor Kaoh Rong except this was even worse. Debbie for whatever reason decided to try and trick Aubry by telling her that they were voting for Michaela. She thought that this would somehow earn Aubry’s trust. You know, like how when you tell someone to vote for someone and then everyone else votes for a different person…that kind of trust!

Don’t worry, I don’t follow Debbie’s logic either. But she made it even worse in telling Aubry that Sarah wanted to violently “cut her throat”, something Sarah never said. This ticked Sarah off right away and so it was no surprise at all when the group decided to put their votes on the crazy lady whom Peter Baggenstos is still trying to count how many cats she has. When someone is just that in your face about how much better they are than you, how can you not want to vote them out? How Debbie doesn’t see that I will never know and it really makes me wonder what kind of show she thinks she is on.

The Abi-Maria Factor 

Image result for Abi Maria Gomes Survivor Second Chance

Let’s be truthful, Debbie would be horrible to live with on an island for 39 days. She just has that Abi-Maria Gomes factor about her where sure you want to take her to the end of the game because you think you can beat her but but then she ends up annoying the heck out of you until you finally crack and take her out. She just looks so tough to be around and needs constant attention or as Sarah would say “grooming”. This is just like Abi, who in both of her seasons was taken out halfway through the merge simply because no one could stand her anymore. (She was also on the wrong side of the numbers both times). To continue the trend of being truthful, the comparison is actually pretty unkind to Abi, as Debbie for my mind is way worse. Just look at the way she acted a few episodes back in her explosion at Brad Culpepper. I’d take Abi any day of the week over Debbie but the reason for eliminating the both of them is pretty much the same.

One of the main reasons for Abi-Maria’s elimination from the game in 7th in Survivor Cambodia was that she was taking up a spot in the final three. You kind of get the feeling that this might have been the case for Debbie as well as it seems both Brad and Sierra had plans of taking her all the way to the final three. In Sierra revealing this to Sarah, the police officer must have been thinking somewhere along the lines of “Really? Sierra is going to turn on Brad for me?”. So in eliminating Debbie, that is one more spot in the final three that is up for grabs, even if Debbie was someone that was never ever going to win the game.

A Pivotal Sarah Lacina Swing 

Image result for Sarah Lacina survivor game changers

It was technically the side she was already on to begin with but last episode it seemed as though Sarah Lacina had officially flipped sides after she wrote Ozzy’s name down. That left her in a crucial position between the two groups this episode where she was able to decide where she wanted to go and who she wanted to take out. Sarah has talked a lot this season about “having options” and given what happened this episode, she seems to be accomplishing exactly what she wants to in the game.

But Debbie deciding to bring up Sarah’s name as someone she didn’t want to work with, telling Aubry that she wanted her in the group of six instead, seemed to be crucial in her ultimately deciding to go with her original group. The trust was already there and she never burnt down any bridges by voting with the majority to take out Ozzy, so there really was no harm in switching back. But without her vote, Debbie, rather annoyingly stays in the game and Andrea goes home instead. So Sarah’s role in sending Debbie home is absolutely pivotal.

Pre-Season Prediction & Thoughts For Debbie 

Debbie Wanner

Shot In The Dark Prediction: 7th place.
Thoughts: In Survivor Kaoh Rong, Debbie was the kind of character that instantly made the season better. She gave killer/ hilarious confessionals, and although her sociability is always close to being a train-wreck she showed a fair degree of stategic awareness during her season as well. I virtually see no way that Debbie doesn’t make it to at least the merge. She’s good in challenges, she can be a loyal enough soldier if you tell her how to vote, other people will think that they can control her and she won’t start losing her mind until the merge hits. I think she’ll always be used as a piece to the puzzle for other players and kind of get dragged along, maybe even all the way to the end. She’ll be really fun to see back again and her return comes as a pleasant surprise given how she said in every exit interview that she gave after Kaoh Rong that she would not return. In terms of her chances, I don’t think the mom of two has winner’s upside. She likely won’t be targeted early but her erratic behaviour will likely cause people to feel like she is too untrustworthy and vote her off the island sooner than expected. 

It seems as though coming out Survivor Kaoh Rong, a part of me actually seemed to really enjoy Debbie as a character on the show. I even claimed “It’ll be fun to have her back!”. How much that has changed is as crazy as Debbie herself! Any bit of confidence or overconfidence she had in her first season was amplified and multiplied this, skyrocketing to new heights. Every confessional she gave made absolutely no sense and was just annoying to hear. It was annoying to hear her talk about the game as if it was only her who was playing for a second time, it was annoying to hear her talk about how good she was at balancing when she seemed to be the worst out there and it was annoying to hear her misuse the word “democracy” every single episode. I’ve soured on Debbie so much as a character and I really hope she never makes a return to Survivor.

As far as my pre-season prediction goes for her, it is pretty close to being spot on. 7th place was maybe a little generous but in terms of what I said apart from her being fun, everything else came true. To end the paragraph I said “She likely won’t be targeted early on but her erratic behaviour will cause people to feel like she is too untrustworthy and vote her off the island sooner than expected”. This is pretty much exactly what happened. Debbie for all her quirks and all that makes her impossible to live with, she’s never even been close to going home pre-merge either season. But once the merge hits, she is just on another level of overconfidence and as Aubry said “She starts to make mistakes”. She starts to slip up and do and say things that are really annoying and people start not being able to take it any longer.

Conclusion & A Debbie Sendoff 

Image result for Debbie Wanner Survivor Game Changers

Please Survivor producers, never send Debbie back on this show. She is crazy in a bad way and I think we’ve seen all there is to see of Debbie. In the end, she goes home third after the merge for the second season in a row and if she were to come back I would highly doubt she would be able to go any further. I wish Debbie the best of luck in her future, I just hope that future does not involve her having anything to do with future Survivor seasons.

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