Big Brother Canada Week 8 Monday HOH Nominations Recap

“Bruno set me up in the best position to succeed and I really appreciate it” – Kevin Martin 

Those were the words of Kevin Martin towards the beginning of this episode. Unfortunately for Kevin, how wrong could he be? Turns out Bruno might have done a whole lot more damage than good.

It seems as though the recently evicted house-guest managed to persuade Dillon and Karen into not putting Kevin up if one of them won HOH. But he probably wasn’t thinking that Kevin was going to actually work with them if he found himself in power! Now the poker star has nominated the only two people who could really help his game advance past this week and is looking destined to go home in the triple eviction. Let’s get right into our latest episode recap of #BBCAN5.

HOH Competition 

In a Survivor individual immunity-esque challenge, the newest HOH competition made house-guests hold their arms straight against two metal plates. Karen, Ika and Jackie were the first three out, followed by Dillon whose lame attempts to distract the others proved ineffective. Once it got down to Kevin, Dre and William, the poker player was able to convince Dre and William to step off, despite being desperately close to dropping out himself. William and Dre obliged and Kevin won power!

Dre did however try her best to make it look like a fabricated fall, but after the competition ended, Ika and Demetres weren’t buying it.

But one more order of business to take care of, Kevin Martin winning HOH, means he is officially screwed for the upcoming triple eviction on Thursday. Why? Because he can’t compete for the next HOH which will be taking place that night. So he’ll be going up on the block and unless he wins POV, without a single ally in the house, he is going home without a doubt.

Kevin’s Foolish Nominations 

Make no mistake, Kevin’s nominations of Ika and Demetres are not good for his game. If Kevin was going to stay in this game until the end, Ika and Demetres were absolutely necessary. This is especially true when you look around the house and see a set of people that are never going to be willing to work with him in Dillon, Karen, Jackie and Dre.

What was even more stupid was how Ika and Demetres were completely resigned to just going on the block. They admitted that they had it coming for being the ones to nominate Kevin and Bruno last week, even though Kevin and Bruno spent all of last week begging Ika and Demetres to keep them around so they could work together. Now, the three of them are going to be relying on the POV to save them all. Otherwise they could be all gone by Thursday night in that triple eviction.

So the house wants Ika and Demetres out, even including Dre, but that doesn’t mean it is in Kevin’s best interest to nominate them! Kevin thinks that moving forward he can work with Dillon, Karen, William, Dre and even potentially Jackie. But none of this is true. All of them want Ika and Demetres gone but then after the two of them, everyone still wants Kevin gone next! So it’s kind of frustrating that he’s just letting Dre completely fool him into thinking it’s a good idea to put Ika and Demetres on the block. The reality is that Dre is a whole lot closer to Karen, Dillon and Jackie than she is letting on and the only person that is actually going to work with Kevin after this week is William (and whichever one of Demetres or Ika stays until they go out in the triple).

Pre-Nomination Scrambling 

After a series of stupid dares and ten minutes of my life I will never get back, Jackie disclosed to Kevin that she wanted Ika out of the house. Jackie claimed “she scares the $#*! out of me!”. This resulted in the two of them finding common ground again in how much Ika has manipulated the rest of the house in recent weeks.

Next up it was Karen’s turn and despite speaking complete nonsense, Kevin somehow left their conversation feeling like they could work with each other. I have to believe that this is because of his trust in what Bruno did on his way out the door. Unfortunately, I don’t think Bruno did much to help Kevin’s game.

Finally, before nominations, Ika started to go crazy. She started bashing Karen, then Jackie, then herself and started rampaging around the house like a rhino. She even said at one point the delightful little phrase “If you leave me in this house I will be your worst nightmare”. So you know, that’s exactly what you want to say to the group of people that might vote to keep you safe.


At the POV competition, it all came down to Kevin and Demetres. So recognizing that he didn’t need any more blood on his hands, Kevin threw it to Demetres and The Greek took it home! Now Demetres has a tough debate about what to do with the veto. Use it on himself and be safe, or use it on Ika in an attempt to try and save them both. What will Demetres do with the POV? Find out Wednesday night right here!

Can Their Relationship Be Repaired?

Kevin and Demetres’ relationship is still salvageable and (assuming he takes himself off the block this week) if The Greek is smart, he won’t put the poker player up on the block if he wins power in that triple eviction. Keeping Kevin off the block and nominating someone like Dillon, Karen and Jackie for eviction would take Demetres game into ecstasy. He’d still remain the biggest power player and biggest target, but at least he’d have an obvious pairing out of the house and still have a loyal guy in Kevin around. The two of them would then also be able to bounce competition wins back and forth between each other and possibly be able to take it all the way to the end.

But if Demetres doesn’t win HOH in the triple and is sitting next to Kevin on that block, the only shot either of them have at staying is by winning the POV. Even then, the other will still be going home.


Ultimately, this week could be very, very bad. We seriously could lose Ika, Demetres and Kevin all on Thursday night and be left with a lot of the worst players of this season remaining in the game. If that were to happen, Dre or William would be our only hope of this season actually turning out with a desirable result.

It’s a scary time right now in the BBCAN Odyssey, and I am not looking forward to seeing what goes down in that horrible triple eviction twist. I am however looking forward to covering it all for you right here, including our recap of Wednesday night’s POV episode. See you then!

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